Adoption Connection takes its screening of our adoptive parents very seriously. Our Adoptive Families

  • Completed an adoption homestudy and all have been approved to adopt.
  • Completed a minimum of eight hours of education on open adoption, on how to talk to their child about adoption, and on birthmother relationships.
  • Understand the joys and complexities of transracial adoption. Many want to adopt a child of a race/ethnicity different from their own and/or their partner’s.
  • Most often chose adoption as the way to create their families because of infertility. Typically, they have not been able to have a biological child on their own.
Get to know our waiting adoptive families by viewing their Parent Profiles.

To complete a homestudy, our adoptive families provide:

  • Criminal background check and FBI clearances
  • A complete medical report that demonstrates that they are healthy
  • Interviews with a licensed caseworker
  • References from non-related close friends
  • Employment information that demonstrates that they are financially secure
  • Proof of successful completion of eight hours of educational preparation on open adoption

Birthmothers in our adoption program can rest assured that the family they choose to work with is 100% ready to welcome a baby into their home.