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Meet Aaron & Aaron

Where We Live

A block away from the beach in San Francisco

Favorite Hobby

Aaron E: Writing
Aaron H: Watching reality TV

What We Wanted to Be When We Were Kids

Aaron E: Paleontologist
Aaron H: Veterinarian


Aaron E: Ellen DeGeneres
Aaron H: Kamala Harris

Where We Grew Up

Aaron E: Nebraska
Aaron H: Michigan

We are Aaron and Aaron, a loving couple in our 30s who live a block away from the beach in San Francisco. We’ve been together for more than 10 years and dream of being adoptive parents.

Adoption is already a big part of our family history. All four of Aaron E’s sisters and brother are adopted.

We are big believers in open adoption. We want our child to know the whole story of their life and that includes knowing you.

A Tale of Two Aarons

Our friends introduced us more than 10 years ago. They knew we would hit it off, and of course they thought it was funny we have the same name. They were right.

We’re both into doing things that are out of the ordinary.

We have a long list of places where we’ve traveled together and a longer list of places we still want to go with our family. Last year we crawled in glacier caves in Iceland and washed elephants in Thailand. We also try to go to Mexico at least once a year where Aaron E can practice his Spanish speaking. We know that having a child will add some extra planning to these trips, but it will also make them so much more special.

But don’t think that we are extreme adventurers in our everyday lives. Most nights after work we just come home, make dinner, walk our dog to the park, read, and watch Netflix. If it’s warm outside, we’ll go to the beach to watch the sunset.

We have a lot more in common than just our names. We both are big fans of politics, books, hiking, and music. We also share the same deep values that guide the way we live our lives: kindness, humor, and equality.

We are so excited to start growing our family.

Meet Aaron H (by Aaron E)

Aaron H brings so much joy to everyone in his life. That joy is going to be unstoppable when he’s a Dad.

He’s outgoing and loves trying new things. At the dinner table, he’s the one telling stories that make everyone laugh. He likes to make plans and fill up every weekend with activities like hikes to secret beaches, trips to new art shows, tickets to random plays in little theatres, and vacations to exotic places he’s never been like Iceland and Japan.

I love that he puts so much care and effort into making a normal day special. I can’t even imagine what he will dream up to do with our child.

Although he loves new adventures, he also loves getting together with old friends and holds those relationships closer than most people do. On so many occasions, he’s the one his friends call when they need a ride to the hospital when they’re sick or for advice when they had a tough day. He’s going to be there every minute for our child.

Aaron H doesn’t sugarcoat what’s on his mind. That open communication has been key to our great relationship. He will do the same as a father, and our child will be a considerate person who cares about other people and makes good decisions.

Meet Aaron E (by Aaron H)

I have never met anyone who hasn’t liked Aaron E. In fact, most people ask how I landed someone so warm and genuine. He’s modest, so let me elaborate on some of the points he won’t say about himself:

He’s spent his whole life and career focused on helping other people – including adopted children. When we first started dating, he worked for a nonprofit called Global Action For Children and had just published his book about adoption, from which he donated all proceeds to an orphanage. As if that’s not enough, he has volunteered every week for many years at an organization called ScholarMatch which helps kids be the first in their families to go to college.

He is already an obsessive dog Dad. Any time our pup has a limp or upset stomach he is ready to rush her to the emergency room. The past years have just been a glimpse into what he will be like as a Dad, and I honestly can’t wait.

Aaron means so much to his 4 adopted siblings. He’s there for them when they show up on our doorstep after a fight with their boyfriend, and he’s talked on the phone for hours when they have problems at work. Being able to have Aunts & an Uncle who were adopted too will be awesome.

Our Home

We live in a quiet neighborhood by the beach that feels like its own small town in San Francisco. We can walk 5 minutes to a library, parks, movie theater, and ice cream shop.

Our place looks out at the ocean and you can hear the waves. The living room is full of books and big comfy couches. One of Aaron H’s hobbies is indoor gardening and every room has pots and pots of plants.

We have a dog named Cow that we’ve taken care of since she was a young puppy. We love going for walks with her in the sand and at all the huge parks by our place. Even though we live in the city, we’re lucky to be surrounded by nature.

We both work normal daytime hours and are home every night and weekend. We also are lucky to be able to take off almost a whole year of parental leave from our jobs so we can stay at home and raise our new child.

Our Close Family

Aaron E’s family also lives in the Bay Area and cannot wait to be grandparents. Having family nearby is going to be wonderful. And they’re going to add even more love (and toys and books) to our son or daughter’s life.

Our friendships are very important to us and we’re lucky to have a close family of friends in the San Francisco Bay Area and across the country. In the past few years, many of our friends have become parents so our child will get to grow up with lots of children around. Our friends’ kids love Aaron H because he makes them laugh and they like talking with Aaron E because he’s great at connecting with them about what they care about.

Our Wish & Love

Thank you for getting to know us.

Having a child together was one of the earliest conversations that we had in our relationship. More than a decade later we are ready to be the kind of parents we’ve always wanted to be. We can’t wait to share our love, and do everything we can to provide him or her a home and life that is full of happiness and opportunity.

We are also excited to include you in our child’s life. From our own family, we know how important it is for adopted children to know their story and understand the deep love that went into your and our decisions to choose adoption.