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Meet Abe & Megan


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Where We Live & Work

Napa, California
Megan is a stay-at-home-mom and Abe is an attorney

Happy Places

Lake Tahoe, playing on the floor at home, Monterey


Stella, our spotted pup

Can't Live Without

Huggles, laughs, and chocolate

Fun Facts

High School Sweethearts

Hi! & ¡Hola!

We are Abe and Megan and we’ve been in love since high school. Married and in our late-30’s, we live in Napa, California. Abe is an attorney and Megan is a stay-at-home mom. Our daughter Luna, has filled our family with love since her adoption in March 2018, thanks to our deep connection to her birth family. We’ve always wanted more than one child because of the special bond our brothers and sisters shared, particularly our siblings who joined our family through adoption. We’re ready for another child to grow with that same strength and connection thanks to the brave decision you are considering.

Our Story

Young and in love since high school, we knew we would get married. Sure enough, Abe proposed to Megan at his law school graduation in front of thousands of people!

Yet, we fell in love all over again watching each other become parents to Luna. Friends say we haven’t stopped smiling since she joined our family.

We’re learning Spanish and will continue to travel all over California, the U.S., Mexico, and Spain as a family. We love to camp and play in the gorgeous redwood forests, lakes, and beaches that we’ve loved since we were kids.

Our Home & Family

Our home has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms so each child will have their own room along with a playroom next to our warm bright kitchen. Living and working in Napa means there’s a fantastic elementary school just minutes away and parks to explore in every direction. Our family and friends live close by and give us lots of love and support. We have close friendships and regular playdates with other local families formed through adoption.

Megan as a Mama (written by Abe)

Megan shows everyone the best part of themselves, but especially around kids she just lights up, and they shine right back at her! She’s has dedicated her life to helping kids as a teacher and counselor but her greatest joy has been becoming a stay-at-home mom.

Megan happily reads The Hungry Caterpillar and Corduroy again and again with funny voices and sounds. She finds  the cutest baby clothes and makes us healthy and delicious food. She has endless energy for helping, teaching, and loving all kids around her.

Job: Stay-at-Home Mom

Favorite food: Tacos

Favorite place: Home

Can’t live without: Dessert

Best day: BBQ with friends and family either at home or at the beach

Looking forward to: Teaching another little one about the world

Abe as a Papa (written by Megan)

Abe beams around kids and will do anything to make them laugh. Luna and all the kids follow Abe around waiting for tickles and piggy-back rides. Everyone talks about what an adoring and helpful father Abe is. He always makes sure we have what we need and feel safe. He’s looking forward to sharing our family snuggles on the couch and making silly noises with another little one. He can’t wait for another kiddo to toddle along with making tree forts and teaching them to swim in the same pond where his dad taught him. Abe finds the best toys, made our house awesome for kids, and builds great pillow forts. He is his best as a papa.

Job: Attorney

Favorite food: Indian

Favorite place: Yosemite

Can’t live without: Laughs and jokes

Best day: Boating around a lake in Guatemala and making Megan and Luna dinner.

Looking forward to: Snuggles, making messes & adventures with our two kiddos

Luna Grace

What can you say about a dream come true? Luna smiles for everyone and is in love with our dog Stella. She chases and jumps with her cousins during our family dinners and roars like a dragon. We have an open relationship with Luna’s birth family. They say they chose us because we would be fun and supportive parents. We all video chat, laugh, and visit together. Luna makes our hearts grow everyday, her “huggles” for everyone and joy make us certain that another child would fill our days and hearts with even more light, love, and joy.

Us as Parents

● Fun and light-hearted 😜

● Provide a supportive, safe, and nurturing home 🏡

● Teach a love of learning and inspiration to succeed 👩🏻‍🎓👨🏼‍🎓

● Read the hundreds of children’s books in our home 📚

● Bake cookies together 🍪

● Play with many toys, cousins, and friends ⚽️👭

Thank you! & ¡Gracias!

We can’t wait to meet you to talk about opening our home, family, and hearts. We will honor your decision to share our families through open adoption. We want to hear your story and hopes, and to share that hope.

Thank you for learning about us, we look forward to learning about you too.


Estamos ansiosos por conocerle y abrirle las puertas de nuestro hogar, nuestra familia y nuestros corazones. Honraremos su decisión de compartir nuestra familia a través de una adopción abierta. Nos encantaría escuchar y compartir de su vida, sus sueños y sus esperanzas.

Gracias por querer saber sobre nosotros. Esperamos que pronto nos podamos conocer.

Abe & Megan