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Meet Alan, Jennifer & Ava

Where We Live

We live in a family-oriented neighborhood in San Francisco and can walk to the beach and Golden Gate Park.

Favorite Holidays

We love Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine's Day :)

Happy Places

Anywhere in nature where we can camp in our campervan. Eating ice cream.

Best Vacation

Wherever and whenever we can swim, whether it's ocean, lake or river. A pool would do too.

Fun Facts

Our dog and cat totally get along. And Ava can't wait to be a big sister.

We’re Jennifer and Alan and we are looking forward to expanding our family once again through Adoption Connection. Our daughter Ava has been with us since the day she was born. Together, we are living a beautiful life and are so grateful everyday. Thank you for checking out our profile. We look forward to meeting you.

Our Life

We love our life together, especially here in San Francisco where we met and got married. We’re grateful to live in a city that has lots of nature within it. We can walk to the beach and Golden Gate Park in 5 minutes. This especially has been a saving grace during the pandemic.

We love to travel and Ava has been accompanying us since she was 3 mos. old. Her first flight was to Italy for a special wedding. We enjoy exploring new places and meeting people around the world.

Jennifer is the director of Community Well, a wellness center that focuses on health equity and social justice which she co-founded. Alan is CEO of his plumbing company that he started up with a good friend. It’s important to both of us that we’re of service to the greater good and impacting the world with lots of heart and integrity.

We also enjoy eating well, going to concerts (hopefully again soon), seeing movies, being outdoors camping, swimming, SUPing, snowboarding, and most of all we enjoy being with Ava and being her parents.

Jennifer as A Mother, by Alan

Jennifer is the love of my life. She is an amazing mother with the most exceptional, kind and loving heart who is always present, engaging and supportive. She is a very compassionate, spiritual woman who is always willing to help others. I love when I come home from work and Jen and Ava are in the kitchen baking cookies or making dinner together. Ava loves helping mom. She loves getting up on her little 2 step ladder to get herself up to the counter height. Jen is always happiest when she is cooking with Ava.

She has a wonderful way of communicating with Ava and an exceptional joy for reading with her. It melts my heart to see them together in those moments.

Alan as A Father, by Jennifer

I knew when I first met Alan that he would be an amazing father, and he has proven me right! He is loving, kind and has a great sense of humor. He is generous in all ways and his charming smile is contagious. He makes Ava laugh all the time with ease. He is incredibly willing to do all parts of parenting, even when it isn’t easy.

Alan loves making time for projects with Ava and also with all of us as a family. It is very sweet to see Alan and Ava together, and he truly can’t wait to have another child join us.

Our Home

Our home is cozy and sweet. Ava can’t wait to share her large bedroom with a younger brother or sister. It’s big enough for the crib as well as Ava’s full sized bunk bed. There’s even space for the play kitchen and a chest of toys. Our backyard is a great place to play and hang out. Both our dog, Pablo and cat, PJ usually follow us around. We like listening to music, dancing, cooking, baking and reading books on our “cuddle couch.”

Our  community of people around us are excited that we’re adopting again. Our family, neighbors, school community, work friends and close friends all can’t wait to welcome our new family member and help us out when he or she comes.

As Parents

We have a stable, loving home and continually work on our marriage to be the best partners we can be for each other. We are open and honest and are also committed to being the best parents that we can be.

We believe that every child has their own life to live and we want to love, listen to and support him or her to fulfill their highest potential. Sharing ourselves to the best of our abilities and capacities is the greatest gift we can give to each other. We so look forward to this with a new family member.

Thank you

Thanks again for reading about us. We honor you and the big decisions you are making. Our first experience with open adoption was wonderful and hope to share this with you. Please contact us if you’re feeling a spark of interest or inspiration. We’d love to talk with you and learn more about you and your dreams, or answer any questions you might have.