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Meet Allegra and Mike


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Where We Live

In the California Bay Area.

Favorite Holidays

Any holiday with family time and good food!

Happy Places

The mountains on a hiking trail.

Best Vacation

We love living and traveling in Europe.

Fun Facts

Mike rides a unicycle and Allegra worked as a Page in Congress in her early years.

Hello! Hola! We are honored for the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you! We are both San Francisco Bay Area natives in our thirties who are overjoyed to be parents again. Allegra will be a stay-at-home Mommy (just as she was with our first) and Daddy Mike works ten minutes away in the same town where we live. We are a Christian practicing family and our family values are based on love, justice and peace. We are an open-minded couple who cannot wait to expand our family to a family of four!

Our Story...

We’ve known each other for ten years and have been married for seven years. We are both originally from the Bay Area, have lived around the world and are now very happy to be settled in Livermore, CA. We each come from big families with kids and new babies on each side. We have both always wanted to adopt and are thrilled to be expanding our family through adoption!

While living in Switzerland for Mike’s job, we gave birth to our first daughter, Meylina. We do not take her birth for granted as the pregnancy was extra hard on Allegra’s body but certainly worth the while. She is now a thriving and healthy four year old and oh so excited to be a big sister!  Meylina is very kind and has a compassionate soul. She loves to play doctor and help anyone who is sad or not feeling well. She also loves to play with her cousins, eat blueberries, and swim.

We have a very friendly Bernese Mountain Dog named Johnny Muirko who is also a part of the family. He is six years old and showing signs of slowing down but will never turn down a hike in the rolling hills or a pet-down. We actually picked his breed based on how well they behave with babies and young ones. He tip-toed around Meylina when she was a baby playing on the floor and still carefully walks around her and her endless lego towers on the floor.

Our whole family is excited to welcome and love another baby as our own!

Meet Allegra (by Mike)

Allegra is the most compassionate and caring mother I have ever met. She lives up to the meaning of her name in Italian… cheerful! I hope you’ll get a chance to meet her and you’ll see it in the first five minutes! Allegra keeps our family and herself healthy and humming along like a hummingbird in springtime.  She is a true hostess and loves opening up our home and sharing food and laughter with friends. Both of us have a strong moral compass and want to contribute to leaving our world in a better condition for the next generation by raising caring children.

Allegra’s patience with children always amazes me. She is committed to early child development and will be a stay-at-home mother for this baby as she was for Meylina. Having worked at a cooperative nursery school, she has the tools and patience to love a child and help them learn at the child’s individual pace. She listens, supports, and loves our daughter Meylina and always encourages her to think through actions.  Allegra organizes each day for Meylina with activities including playgroups, gardening in the back yard, trips to parks, gymnastics practice, and language lessons.  But she also leaves time for Meylina to rest, enjoy the house, and work on art projects.  I know that Allegra is enthusiastic to raise and nurture another baby with the same patience and love she devotes to Meylina!

Meet Mike (by Allegra)

Mike is the most vivacious and loving person I know. Because he comes from a very large and loving family, he has always wanted to have a large and loving family himself. I see this every day in his fatherly actions towards Meylina and other young children. At social gatherings when a baby is crying, we joke that he is the “baby whisperer” but really there is truth to this. He can coddle, bounce, and whisper to a baby so that the crying quickly turns to “cooing” and then smiles. I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that his younger sister was born when he was sixteen and his paternal instincts have stuck with him for life.

He has an unending love for life and a sincere passion to do good in the world. On Christmas Eve last year, he took us out without telling us where we were going, bought twenty deli sandwiches, and we hand-delivered them to a nearby neighborhood in need. Mike loves meeting new people and cultivating relationships. Because he is fluent in Spanish, he loves speaking to people in Spanish to practice but to also really get their story and perspective in life. His sense of humor, approachability, and outreach to others is a foundation in our family and in Meylina’s words, “Daddy is funny.”

Mike works as a Software Marketing Strategy Manager here at a local business in Livermore. He is an active guy so he can ride his bike to work a few minutes away and is always home for dinner and bedtime book reading with Meylina. He will continue this with baby number two as this is a sacred time of day for our family as we all wind down and relax, read bedtime books, and get in as many cuddles possible. We are really looking forward to continuing this quality family time with baby number two!

Our Home

Our home is prepared to have a family of four thrive in it. For us, the most important thing about our home is that it is a safe space for a child to grow and play. Meylina’s favorite activities at home are to help tend to the garden with Mommy, decorate the patio with chalk drawings, work at the art table, and build legos in the family room. Our first child thrives in our home and we are certain that our second child will also thrive.

We live in a comfortable and spacious home with a fenced-in garden and in a very safe neighborhood that has a greenbelt in the center, a pool, and a playground. Our house backs up to an open space of rolling hills where we are always on the look-out for wild turkeys, deer, birds, and wild flowers.

We love filling our house with loved ones – for us, a house full of family and friends laughing, and kids running around having fun is what defines our home.  We thoroughly enjoy holidays and decorating the house for special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, and Halloween. Because we love to feed people healthy and wholesome food, we enjoy having our friends over for dinner regularly, play dates for Meylina, and gatherings with each set of grandparents who come to visit often.  Mike’s parents live less than ten minutes away here in Livermore and Allegra’s parents live about 45 minutes away. We also really enjoy our down-time and for all the playing we do, we like to relax just as much.

As we prepare the house for a newborn, we are getting more and more excited and ready! Most importantly, we have so much love ready to give to this new baby!

Thank You!

We cannot emphasize enough how grateful we are to you for taking the time to learn about us. We look forward to the opportunity of learning more about you (too!) and we wish you the very best for you in your journey!

Warmest wishes,

Allegra & Michael Williams