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Meet Allwyn and Cecille

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Dear Birthmother,

We are Allwyn and Cecille from Alameda, California.  Thank you for taking the time to read about us.  We acknowledge the courage it takes to consider an open adoption, and are grateful that you are considering us to be adoptive parents to your child.

We would love to talk with you!

Allwyn & Cecille

About Cecille

I grew up in the Philippines and am the classic Filipina.  I come from a family of eight.  Being the eldest girl, I was the default second mother to all my siblings.  Motherly instincts have always been strong in me and I have always wanted to have a big family of my own.  My parents migrated to America in 1995 with three of my sisters.  Slowly the rest of us followed, except for one brother who is still holding the fort there.

Today, most of my family live in the San Francisco Bay Area, so we get to see each other often (practically every week), which is great.  My siblings have families of their own already.  I have seven nieces and two nephews in the Bay Area and when anyone needs someone to look after their kids, I am the first to volunteer.

I work as a facility coordinator in an insurance company in San Francisco.  Actually, I don't consider it work because I truly enjoy what I am doing.  In my spare time I take care of our garden and do the never-ending house chores.  I love going to the gym and do Zumba and Pilates at least four times a week.

Though I am grateful to be an aunt, I can't wait to be a mother!  (I never thought that getting pregnant would be a problem for me because my mother has eight kids, and I have an aunt who has a dozen!)  I can't wait to read each night to our child, take him or her to the park, walk with him or her to school, and listen to our child's first words.  I will teach our chld how to sing and dance, watch his or her first recital, and be with him or her every step of the way as our child grows up.

About Allwyn

I grew up in a small town in India.  Like Cecille, I too come from a large family.  I am the fourth child in a family of six.  I have three brothers and two sisters.   My dad used to refer to his kids as a sandwich.  A girl on the top, a girl at the bottom, and his four boys in between – the lettuce, tomato, ham and cheese.  I don’t know to this day which part of the sandwich I was supposed to be – perhaps the tomato because I grow red easily 🙂

I work as a software engineer in the Silicon Valley.  My passion, when I was young and to this day, is knowledge.  I love reading just anything.  Whether it is based on science, history, or simply mystery, I get engrossed in it.  I love stories and can’t wait to share these stories with our child.

I also have a passion for the outdoors.  I love hiking, camping, backpacking.  I used to do a bit of rock-climbing when I was younger, and have even climbed some really high mountains in the Himalaya, but that is in the past.  Today I get my thrills from car camping and short day hikes and can’t wait for our little one to be at a campfire for the first time!

I love kids.  When we go to parties, I usually leave the grown-ups and hang out with the kids.  Kids seem to love me too.  There is nothing more pleasurable than hanging out with kids, playing games with them, reading to them, or just watching TV with them.  Perhaps hanging out with kids brings out my inner youth, which is why I find it joyful.

Smita, my 17-year old daughter, is the joy of my life.  She gives me life, she gives me youthfulness, she gives me strength.  I am looking forward to becoming a father again through open adoption.  I have so much love to give and will love my adopted child as much as I love Smita.  I look forward to helping my new child grow, to continue my own journey of growth with him or her, to bring out my youthfulness all over again.

Our Home

We live in a beautiful home in the enchanting island of Alameda, California along with Allwyn's 17-year old daughter, Smita.  Ours is a close-knit community with friendly neighbors.  Within walking distance we have schools, parks, stores, gyms, movie theatres and restaurants.  We are only a short drive from San Francisco.  The majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains and the rugged California coast are our playing grounds when we want to venture a little further away on weekends.  We can't wait to have our home filled with the laughter of a child.

About Cecille by Allwyn

Cecille has already talked about herself.  I just want to say it is all true.  I see in her the potential to be a really great mother.  She takes care of her stepdaughter Smita like she was her own.  She makes sure Smita has something nutritious to take to school for lunch, and something nutritious to eat when she comes back.  A few servings of fruit are always part of our family’s everyday diet.

Cecille is a bundle of energy and is constantly doing something.  She works tirelessly for her family.  She is the backbone of the household.

Cecille goes out of her way to make sure we stay close and connected as a family.  When we were married she hated the outdoors, as in camping and hiking.  However, she always came with Smita and me.  At first she continued to hate it, then she was able to put up with it, now I believe she looks forward to these trips.

Cecille will be a great mother to our little one.

About Allwyn by Cecille

I met my husband, Allwyn, in October 2007 and we got married five weeks later.  It was a sudden decision, but one I have never doubted or regretted.  The minute I laid my eyes on him, I knew and felt right away that he was the one.  He has the kindest smile I have ever seen.  It was nighttime when we met, but I felt the sky brighten that night.  For me, it was an assurance that he was God’s answer to my prayer.

Allwyn is not only a husband but also a friend and a teacher to me.  I had never done hiking or camping until I met him.  He gave me my first bicycle.  His caring ways are one-of-a-kind and very endearing.  He may not always give you what you want, but is way ahead in giving what you need.  He is dedicated, protective and works very hard for his family.

I admire the patience that he has with my stepdaughter, Smita.  I have never seen any father who is as dedicated as him.  He is a hands-on parent and sees to it that he is always there for her.  He is very positive and praiseful even in little things that she does.  He spends a lot of time with her: hiking, backpacking, camping, watching plays, long drives.  Because of his loving ways, Smita considers Allwyn not only a father but her best friend.

The good qualities of my husband give me the confidence to adopt and raise a child with him.  I am sure he will be a loving dad to our child.