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Meet Andy & Nicole


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Where We Live

Sonoma, Calif.

Favorite Holidays

Both of us say Christmas!

Where We Work

At home!

Favorite Activities

Cooking or riding bicycles

Dream Vacation


Hi! We are in our mid-30s and live in a log cabin in a teeny town with a bit of an old hippie vibe. We’d love to show you around some of our favorite spots.

Thank you for taking the time to consider us as part of your new family. While you are considering your future and that of your baby, we already love and respect you so much.

A Bit About Us

We met at Fordham University in New York City in 2001, becoming fast friends as well as co-workers on the school yearbook. A few years later our romance blossomed, and DAYS after Nicole returned from a semester abroad, we started dating. We were married in 2008 and lived in New Jersey until 2016, when we moved to Nicole’s hometown of Sonoma, California.

We are lucky to work from home, which will give us the flexibility to be active parents at school and have nightly family dinners.

We were each raised in Catholic families and identify most with the Church’s messages of love, compassion, and empathy. We go to church most Sundays and practice our faith by treating others as we would ourselves.

We feel honored to be building our family through open adoption. We have close friends who live nearby with their six-month-old daughter who joined their family through an open adoption. Their experience informed our choice to pursue open adoption for our family, as we came to learn about the benefits for all involved. Having this young friend to grow up with will be a huge bonus for our child!

About Andy

Andy is curious, energetic, and joyful. From him, our child will learn how to not hold a grudge. He’s level-headed and the best at letting things go.

He loves to learn how things are made and work. He’s always bouncing between different projects, like fixing up old speakers and maintaining our bicycles, and he’s so excited about tinkering on these projects with our child, just like his Dad did with him!

He leads a team of chemists who are developing a specialized kind of paint. His job takes him on occasional trips to factories all over the country. As soon as he gets home, he can’t wait to get on his mountain bike and hit the hills. He can’t wait for the day he can put a child carrier on his bike and share his love of fresh air and cycling with our child.

Andy loves a challenge in the kitchen and spoils family and friends by making all kinds of treats from scratch—even our favorite ice creams for our birthdays!

About Nicole

Nicole loves doing crafts and inventing make-believe games with friends’ kids and our nieces. She’s pen pals with our six-year-old goddaughter and is always excited to shop for hip clothes, books and toys for our young nieces and friends’ children.

She is an environmental scientist, thrilled to work on making the earth a little bit cleaner every day. She enjoys making our home comfortable for us and inviting for friends and family to visit.

Nicole always tries to make sure that we are setting a good example for other kids around, making sure we use the sidewalk and wear our bike helmets! From her, our child will learn to look out for the feelings and needs of others, and to see things from others’ perspectives.

She can’t wait for hikes with our child in the hills around our house, working in the garden while watching our little one play nearby, and getting together with friends for trips to the playground.

Our Home & Community

We bought our home with the hope and plan to raise a family here. There is space indoors and out to play, including a big tree swing! Our child will have his or her own bedroom, with views into the trees so it feels like a treehouse.

Our neighbors look out for each other and can’t wait to hear the happy shrieks of a new little one. We’re a short walk away from our teeny town, and just an hour’s drive through vineyards and horse farms to San Francisco, where we can’t wait to take our child to visit museums, see live music, and go on sailboat rides.

We're Animal People!

We each grew up with pets and love animals. We will plan to have a pet for our child to exercise and play with, dress up and confide in.

The Family Life We Imagine

We like to spend a lot of time outside and can’t wait for family walks and bike rides, birdwatching, and running around the sprinkler on hot afternoons. Inside, you’ll find us reading with our child, getting messy with crafts involving clay and glitter glue, having dance parties in the living room, and cooking up a storm together.

Our family is bicoastal, which means our child will be a young frequent flyer! We tend to alternate where we spend holidays: Nicole’s family in California enjoys the hometown 4th of July parade and watching the fireworks from her parents’ porch. Andy’s family in New Jersey makes week-long events of baking delicious traditional Polish treats for Easter and seven Italian fishes for Christmas Eve.

We also have wanderlust and look forward to exploring some of the world’s great wonders with our little one, from admiring the architecture of the gothic cathedrals in France to sharing s’mores and admiring the vast night sky while camping in Colorado.

Thank You

Thank you for reading all about us. We can’t wait to get to know you!

One thing we know for sure is that we have something in common already—we have love for a baby that we haven’t met yet! We want you to know that we are committed to raising your child to never doubt your love—or ours.


Please call or text Adoption Connection at (415)355-4636. We’d love to talk soon.


With a huge hug, Andy & Nicole