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Meet Anjali and Bronwyn


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Hello! We are Anjali and Bronwyn, a married couple in our early 30’s from Berkeley, California! We moved to California from Philadelphia almost two years ago. Anjali is a doctor who also does research, and Bronwyn is a nurse who works on projects to improve mental health care. Our ability to work from home and to set our own hours will allow us to be present and hands-on as first-time parents! We want to acknowledge the difficulty of the decisions you are currently facing. We have so much respect for you as you navigate this process and prepare to make this important decision for you and your baby. We appreciate you taking the time to learn about us!

About Us

We met in 2011 while working on the same floor of a hospital in Philadelphia. We became fast friends, started dating 6 months later, and have been inseparable ever since. Our relationship has been filled with exciting adventures and so many amazing, and silly, memories.

One favorite memory is our engagement story. Bronwyn was eager to propose to Anjali, but her desire to make the moment perfect caused her to keep delaying. Anjali quickly caught on to Bronwyn’s secret scheming—Bronwyn has the world’s worst poker face! Days turned into weeks and Bronwyn still hadn’t asked. As our three-year anniversary neared, Anjali decided she needed to take matters into her own hands. One evening after a long day of work, Bronwyn declared that she had a surprise for Anjali. Anjali quickly replied, “I have a surprise too!” Bronwyn didn’t believe her and called her bluff. Just as Bronwyn pulled out an engagement ring and began to pop the question, Anjali reached into her backpack and pulled out a ring too! We were both ecstatic and relieved! And, of course, we both said YES! We didn’t waste much time with wedding planning and were married a few months later. We can’t wait to say to our next adventure of co-parenting together.

About Bronwyn by Anjali

Bronwyn is the best person I have ever known–I feel so lucky every day. She exudes warmth and she will do anything for other people. She is always ready to stop and help a stranger and is the first person to volunteer when friends or family need a favor. Bronwyn also has a lot of hobbies. She loves to work in our garden and play softball in a local recreational league with friends. She has unlimited energy and enthusiasm–she is like the energizer bunny! Bronwyn is funny and spontaneous. She comes up with creative games to play with kids and loves to dance. She is definitely the favorite aunt among our 26 nieces and nephews! I know she will be the most phenomenal mother. Bronwyn cannot wait to read to our baby and share her love of The Berenstain Bears and the Little Critter. Bronwyn is a natural athlete and loves all sports. She cannot wait to teach our child how to play soccer and basketball (two of her favorites).

About Anjali by Bronwyn

Anjali is incredibly kind and her compassion for other is remarkable. I am so blessed to feel her love and energy every day. As a doctor, she is naturally warm and always willing to spend the extra time with patients. Anjali is always thoughtful in how she reacts to challenging situations. When I think about Anjali as a mother, I know how patient and calm she will be with out baby.

Anjali is very smart and witty. She is easygoing and can make a quick joke in any situation.  She is looking forward to taking our baby on family vacations and adventures. She cannot wait to read and sing to our baby. Anjali was involved in music throughout her life and is excited to share this interest with our child. She is an amazing wife and I know she will be an incredible mother. I cannot wait to raise our baby together.

Our Home

We were so lucky to buy our first home last year. Our top priority while hose hunting was finding the right place to start our family. We fell in love with our home right away! It is filled with lots of light, has a fenced in garden, and is located in a diverse, child-friendly neighborhood in a great school district. All of the bedrooms are on the same level, and there is a bedroom right next door to our master bedroom that will be perfect for our new baby. We have already hung the first piece of art in the room, a beautiful painting of whales and ocean life. This painting was one of our first joint purchases and holds special meaning to us both.

Our home has an open floor plan. Bronwyn is a busy bee and this layout allows her to move from room to room doing various household chores. Anjali’s favorite things to do at home are cooking, listening to music, and catching up on current events. When Anjali can get Bronwyn to sit down, we love to catch up on TV or watch a movie.

We love spending time outside on our patio while we barbecue or sit and admire the birds. One of the first things we did when we moved in was plant plenty of trees and flowers to make our yard bright. Coming from Philadelphia, we were excited to take advantage of the California climate and grow our own fruits and vegetables. While we are still gardening beginners, we did just find the very first lime on our tree!

We love our new neighborhood. We have friendly neighbors, many of whom are families with young children. We live close to two elementary schools (with great playgrounds) and belong to a tennis club right down the street that has a beautiful child-friendly swimming pool. We can’t wait to go play and swim with our child. We live close to the University of California at Berkeley and can take advantage of all of the on-campus events, especially the sports.

Living in the Bay Area has been wonderful. We love the diversity of people and cultures and the ability to explore so many new restaurants and museums. We are also enjoying the natural beauty of the Bay Area. We consider ourselves pretty spontaneous–we are always up for a scenic road trip, a weekend getaway, or a breathtaking hike.

About our Family and Traditions

We are very fortunate to be near family. Anjali’s younger brother lives nearby and last year he and his wife had a their first child, our niece who is now 18 months old. We see her at least twice a week to have dinner or go to the park. We are thrilled to be so involved in her life and we know she will make a wonderful big cousin to our future baby.

Although Anjali’s parents live in New Mexico (where Anjali grew up), they visit every couple months. Anjali’s dad is quite a character. When he visits us, he loves to work with Bronwyn in our garden and explore the neighborhood. Anjali’s mother is sweet and kind. During her visits, she loves to cook for us and often leaves our freezer filled with homemade Indian food. But, the thing they love most about their visits is spending time with their granddaughter (our niece). They cannot wait to have another grandchild to visit!

Bronwyn is the youngest of 13 children and grew up just outside of Philadelphia. Bronwyn’s father passed away nine years ago, but Bronwyn remembers his generosity and funny personality every day. Bronwyn’s mom is truly one-of-a-kind. She has an uncanny memory for numbers and everyone she has ever met. She is busybody (Bronwyn clearly inherited this from her) and is always volunteering for her church or her community. We have 25 incredible nieces and nephews on Bronwyn’s side of the family, ranging from one to 19 years old. They are all excited to add another cousin to the bunch.

Over the past five years together, we have taken on some traditions from each of our families’ while also creating new traditions of our own. We travel to New Mexico twice a year, once for a big Thanksgiving celebration with Anjali’s extended family and once in the spring. We also go to Philadelphia twice a year, once for Christmas with Bronwyn’s enormous family and once during the summer. Christmas is especially fun-filled. Every Christmas Eve starts with a family soccer match and ends with a Secret Santa gift exchange. One of our new and most important traditions is our weekly Sunday dinner with Anjali’s brother and his family.

Thank you and Our Promise to Your Child

We are fortunate to have financial stability, family support, and flexibility in our work schedules. We know this is one of the most difficult and important decisions you will make for your child.

Our promise to you is to provide your baby with a safe, nurturing environment that is filled with love, fun, and unconditional acceptance. We value respect, kindness, compassion, and hard work. As parents, we will strive everyday to instill these values in your child, while ensuring they always feel supported and adored. We are honored that you have taken the time to learn about us and we are truly grateful to you for your consideration.