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Meet Anjali & Bronwyn

Where We Live

Berkeley, California

Favorite Holidays

Anjali- Thanksgiving
Bronwyn- Halloween

Happy Places

Anjali- A cozy night at home
Bronwyn- In our garden

Best Vacation

Anjali- Scotland
Bronwyn- Our cross country road trip


Anjali- Cooking, reading
Bronwyn- Hiking, puzzles

Hello! We are Anjali and Bronwyn, a married couple in our 30’s from Berkeley, California. In the fall of 2018, we were so lucky to welcome our son, Devan, to our family through open adoption. We love being parents! We are ready and excited to grow our family again though open adoption. Devan is ready to become a big brother!

Our Story

We are both in the medical field; Anjali is a doctor who spends most of her time researching ways to improve healthcare for people with diabetes, while Bronwyn is a nurse who currently works on projects to improve the care provided to patients in the hospital and to people living with mental illness.

We met in 2011 while working on the same floor of a hospital in Philadelphia. We quickly became friends, started dating 6 months later, and have been inseparable ever since.

Our relationship has been filled with exciting adventures and so many amazing, and silly, memories. One favorite memory is our engagement story. Bronwyn was eager to propose to Anjali, but her desire to make the moment perfect caused her to keep delaying. Anjali quickly caught on! After the passing of weeks and Bronwyn still not proposing, Anjali took matters into her own hands. That beautiful evening finally came when both declared they had a surprise for each other, and just as Bronwyn pulled out an engagement ring, Anjali reached into her backpack and pulled out a ring too! We were both ecstatic…and relieved! We said YES and were married within a few months.



About Bronwyn, by Anjali

Bronwyn is the best person I have ever known–I feel so lucky every day to have her in my life. Bronwyn is funny and spontaneous. She is warm, genuine and will do anything for other people. She is always ready to help a stranger in addition to “showing up” for friends or family who need something. Bronwyn has so much love to give that growing our family just makes sense! Bronwyn loves to work in our garden and plays softball in a local league with friends. She has unlimited energy and enthusiasm—she is seriously like the energizer bunny! She loves all sports and is a natural athlete.

I always knew that Bronwyn would be an amazing mother. Since Devan’s arrival, she proves me right on this every single day! I fall in more love with her whenever I watch her with Devan.  She is patient, kind and loving. She makes every moment fun for him…. even changing his diaper!  She dances and sings with him, is the first to crawl through a playground tunnel, and is always ready to whiz down a slide with Devan. She cannot wait to teach Devan, and hopefully another child, how to play soccer and basketball (two of her favorites sports).

About Anjali, by Bronwyn

Anjali is the kindest and most patient person I’ve ever met, and I feel fortunate for her daily. She is compassionate and selfless and is always thinking about others. She is thoughtful and never rushes to judgment. The quality I love about her most is that, during a challenging situation, she will always pause before forming an opinion. Anjali is so smart and witty and truly has an astounding memory for people, places, and random facts. When we watch Jeopardy, I am always thinking she should be a contestant! Anjali loves cooking, movies, traveling, music and reading. She is also an expert at finding fun and adventure, from the Oakland Zoo, to local farmers’ markets, to weekend getaways.

When Devan was born, I saw Anjali naturally become the kindest and most patient mother. She is calm with Devan and adores him at a level that is amazing to watch. When I see Devan and Anjali together, it warms my heart. She “shows him” her love and affection, not just tells him.  She reads to him for hours. Like me, Anjali always delivers on a song for him to dance to. Anjali teaches Devan, and hopefully another child soon, the beauty of a great story and the joy of using your imagination.

Our Home

Living in the Bay Area has been wonderful because of its diversity and the ability to explore and experience so many restaurants, museums and cultural events. There is an endless amount of natural beauty that surrounds us. Our favorite weekend activities are road trips or taking in a breathtaking hike.

We have friendly neighbors, including families with young children, and live close to great playgrounds. Our Tennis Club right down the street also has a beautiful, child-friendly swimming pool that we visit frequently when it is warm.  We love spending time outside in our fenced-in yard while we barbecue, or Devan plays with his water table. There are lots of plants and flowers that make the yard bright and colorful. We grow our own fruits and vegetables, and although our thumbs are not as green as we hoped, we haven’t given up! Our recent HUGE success is the lemon tree we planted when we first moved in.  It’s finally giving us lemons, so now we make a lot of lemon-centered recipes!

Our Extended Family

We are very fortunate to live close to family. We have dinner or go to the park at least twice a week with Anjali’s younger brother, his wife and two children, our niece who is 4 and our nephew who is 10 months old. Although Anjali’s parents live in New Mexico, they visit every few months. During their visits, Anjali’s mom loves to cook for us and often leaves our freezer filled with homemade Indian food. Bronwyn is the youngest of 13 siblings and we have 28 incredible nieces and nephews on Bronwyn’s side of the family, ranging from 8 months to 22 years old. They all shower Devan with so much love and affection and are all excited to add another cousin to the bunch.

Our Wish for You

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We are truly grateful to you for your consideration of us. We cannot completely know the depth of this choice you are considering for your child, but as parents to Devan, we know now that we can promise you that we are able to provide your baby with a safe, nurturing environment that is filled with love, fun, and acceptance. Please know, we hold so much respect for you as you navigate this process and prepare to make this important choice for your baby.

With gratitude, respect and peace,

Anjali, Bronwyn and Devan