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Meet Arbert & Eric

Where We Live

Elk Grove, California

Favorite Holidays

Arbert - New Years
Eric - Christmas

Happy Places

Arbert - My Garden
Eric - My Home

Best Vacation

Arbert - Philippines
Eric - Hawaii


Arbert - Tennis, Gardening
Eric - Tennis, Swimming

We are Arbert & Eric. We respect your courage in considering open adoption and hope to provide you with support and encouragement throughout this entire process. We are excited to share our lives with you and will embrace the opportunity to expand our family through adoption.

Our Story

Tennis partners for life. We met while Eric was looking for a tennis buddy online. Ironically our first date did not involve tennis, but we have maintained an active lifestyle together by sharing this common hobby. After six years of dating, we had a large wedding and reception with loved ones. We are surrounded with so much love and enjoy spending time together.  We make each other laugh and smile. We hope to someday share with a child all the happiness, love and fun that we have created together in our life.

About Arbert by Eric

Arbert is the most supportive and determined individual that I have known. His academic and career accomplishments attribute to his focus and hardworking attitude. He easily adapts to all situations and is always smiling. He enjoys shooting hoops with our nephews or playing badminton with them. One of the things that I love the most about Arbert is his dedication to everything that he does. I know the child we eventually end up raising together will always feel safe and accepted with Arbert as his or her dad. Arbert is a caring person who loves unconditionally. He is a provider and shows me and our family his love everyday. His can-do attitude will teach a little one that everything is possible. He also loves what he does professionally as a nurse practitioner for a local community clinic.

About Eric by Arbert

People often gravitate towards Eric because he has a very warm and friendly personality that draws everyone into him. My nephews always want to be around their Uncle Eric. They love playing hide and seek, tag, or basketball with him. Eric also loves to cook for everybody, especially Filipino and Japanese dishes. I have no doubt that he will be a great father to a little one who he can teach and raise in a loving and thoughtful way. He is also extremely motivated and well respected at work. He loves what he does as a Scientist and looks forward to showing a child how to be curious about things in the World around them. Eric is a kind leader. He is dependable and passionate in everything he does. Any child will love to call him daddy.

Our Home

Elk Grove, just outside of Sacramento, is where we’re fortunate to call home. We live in a single-family home located in a newly developed neighborhood with many other families. There are several parks nearby and we can’t wait to go down the slides with a child at the playground. Our home is a special place for us and we are excited to see a child jump into our arms in our backyard swimming pool and cuddle on the couch reading stories before bedtime.

Our Hobbies & Interests

Whether it’s enjoying the beautiful Elk Grove weather outdoors or relaxing at home watching tv or movies, we are excited to share our activities with a child. We love playing tennis and can’t wait to share our love of the game and teach a child how to play. We plan to spread our enthusiasm and cheer on a little one in their favorite sport. Splashing around in the swimming pool or playing in the sand at the beach are just a couple of the fun activities we want to share with a child. We enjoy traveling and can only imagine the fun and happiness of experiencing the wonderful places around the world with a child someday.

Our Wish for You

We look forward to meeting you and sharing more with you. We want to get know about you too and learn about your interests and hopes about the future. We are dedicated to sharing our love, commitment, and happiness with a child.  We know the importance of being open with a child regarding you and their adoption story.