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Meet Becca and Eddie

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We are Eddie and Becca, thank you for reading our profile, we understand this can be an intimidating and emotionial journey and our hearts are with you.

We are a fun loving and energetic couple and are looking forward to being first time parents. We met in college and have been best friends ever since.  After trying to start our own family for a few years we are ready and excited to Adopt! Becca can't wait to be a stay at home mom and Eddie can't wait to be a dad! We have seen the unique love and joy that can come from adoption in our own extended family. We look forward to meeting you.  

We want our child to feel loved unconditionally, that he or she belongs and were meant to be in our family, and that he/she can be proud of the fact that they were adopted. Our child will know that adoption means that they have more people in their lives that love them, not less. He or she will have so many people that love them, not only the two of us, our friends and family, but also you. We want our child to know who you are and to see you (should you be comfortable), and to know that adoption was an act of love on the part of both birth and adoptive parents.

We are committed to raising our child to be self-confident, educated, compassionate, and fun-loving. We're determined to provide our child with all the opportunities in life one could possibly want. Education is one of our highest priorities, above all we will give our child unending love, affection and support.

Love Eddie & Becca 

Our Home

We are so belssed to live in beautiful Sonoma County surrounded by aunts, uncles, cousins and friends, nieces, nephews and grandparents. We live in Santa Rosa, CA and moved here so that our child would have the experience of a wonderful active extended family.  We live in a quiet, child friendly town home in an area called Rincon valley that sits to the back by mountains. We are lucky to be by so many state parks, great trails, lakes, rivers. We have always loved the water and our community has a pool that is always filled with the fun, games and laughter of children playing. Rincon valley is also one of the best school districts in Sonoma county and we back up to an elementry school that hopefully our child can attend. 


Family is most important  to us.  We both were brought up on honest values, love and open communication.We were raised in different parts of the worlds but we are united by the values of our families share, Eddie's and Becca's parents have been happily married for 40 plus years. We celebrate and treasure both their examples of commitment unconditional love and acceptance.

Eddies family is spread from Dallas TX, China, South Africa, Australia and England (where Eddie was born). His immediate family lives in Texas and China. To make the most of of our time with the Stevens' family the whole group often meets at vacation spots, like England, Florida or San Diego recently. The diverse backgrounds will provide a wonderful experience for our child as it has for us. 

Becca's family mostly lives in the Bay Area with some family on the east coast.  She has cousins in Paris and our brother in law is from Mexico with regular trips to home.  Grandpa Shane's house (Becca's Dad) is often the meeting spot for family BBQ's with her brothers and her sisters and all their kids, some speaking Spanish some English, all loud and energetic! It is fun affair with Grandpa Barbequeing in the summer, hot dogs, steaks, burgers, chicken and Grandma making amazing salads, vegatables. The nieces and nephews are always in the back yard, playing soccer, baseball, football, picking tomatoes or filling the paddling pool on hot days. We cant wait for our child to be a part of this big loving family. 

We both have strong family values. Eddie lights up a room with his positive fun energy and jokes. Our nephews and nieces love him because he shows interest in their lives, helps them with the computer, plays games like soccer for long periods of time .He’ll be a great dad filled with love, patience and the tools to take on all situations as they arise. He will have unconditional love for our child, sharing his time and energy. Eddie sees the best of all situations. He is naturally kind, and easily gives. He will give his heart to our child.

Becca is warm, loving, understanding and wears her heart on her sleeve.  She is very empathetic, open and seeks to understand the feelings of others so she can be supportive. Becca will be a dedicated Mom.  We are excited and ready to be parents and will love our child endlessly. 


Thank you

We want to thank you for your courage. We understand participating in the adoption process is difficult. We want you to know this child is special to us and will immediately become a loved and cherished member of our family. We are excited to be first time parents and will do everything possible to make sure our child has a wonderful life full of possibilities and love.  


Eddie & Becca Stevens