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Meet Bemi

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Where We Live

San Francisco, CA

Favorite Holidays

Every holiday

Happy Places

Anywhere with family

Best Vacation

Most recently Bali

Fun Facts

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Thank you for taking the time to learn about me as you consider adoption for your child. I can only imagine everything you are going through and admire your strength and courage in making such a difficult and loving decision. I have personally dreamt about being a parent for as long as I can remember so it is exciting to be at this point and to be able to look forward to  welcoming a child into this world with unconditional love and support.

About Me and My Family

I was born and raised in the bay area and come from a large, extremely close family; some of which live near me in San Francisco. After spending 10 years in sunny San Diego I eventually returned to the bay area. I have been in San Francisco for 14 years now and it’s officially the place I can call “home”. Being in the bay area I am able to spend more time with my two sisters, their families, my parents, close friends and extended family – I consider myself quite lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing and compassionate people. My family has all been very supportive in my decision to adopt and look forward to the day when I welcome a child into my home.

My Home and Neighborhood

My home in San Francisco is between two great neighborhoods. Both have a close knit neighborhood feel with blocks of small shops including bakeries, grocers, books stores and so much more. Almost everything is within walking distance. On Sundays there is a farmers market at the end of my street, which is bustling with families, music and of course an array of seasonal produce. I am also within walking distance from several parks and playgrounds where I’ve seen my nephews play many baseball games.  When I saw my home I knew it was the one. It has a lot of natural light flowing throughout. I have a yard that I share with my downstairs neighbor. I envision playing in this yard with my child and as they grow older I plan to spend time gardening together so we can see the beauty in things we create together. I enjoy hosting friends and family for dinner parties or for weekend stays. It’s always casual and enjoyable – everyone is welcomed. Recently I have started “family dinner” every forth Saturday of the month with my sister and her family. We look forward to it and it’s special because we all sit around the dining room table, with no distractions, spending a few hours just catching up. It is irreplaceable quality time.

My Hobbies

LIVE MUSIC • I appreciate all sorts of music, it’s a powerful escape and I admire the talent of the artists, as they are able to evoke emotion simply by sound.

NATURE • I enjoy going on hikes or long walks and honestly need to make more time to do these on a regular basis.

FOOD • I am a wanna-be foodie. I try to stay in the know of new restaurant openings and am always itching to try them out before they become old news.

I look forward to the day where I can share these experiences with my son or daughter. I can see us dancing in Golden Gate Park every October listening to the sounds from the blue grass festival, to spending weekends exploring the trails that lead us from the city, through the forest and eventually to the beautiful city beaches. It will make these experiences, and new ones we create together, all the better and even more rewarding.


Fun Facts

I am known to have a dry sense of humor

I like to try new things from learning to sail to snowboarding to boxing

I like dogs especially my dad’s dog “buddy” and my sisters dog “ouzo” – both labs

I have an admiration for good design whether it be interior space or architecture

I am a list maker and enjoy being able to cross off a task no matter how small

I am scared of heights and falling

I keep a journal

I am a vegetarian that eats fish because I love sushi

I am secretly sentimental

I want to be a florist when I retire

Work Life

I am loyal, determined and passionate. These same characteristics carry over into my work life. I spent the past decade building a career in real estate working with residential developers who build homes in urban environments like San Francisco. I’ve lost track of the number of communities I’ve been involved in but take a lot of pride in the work I contribute and the reputation I have established. The best part of my job is mentoring my team members. It takes time and a lot of patience but is so gratifying to see them grow and become experts in what they do. I have worked with some great people throughout my career and developed lasting friendships along the way.

Message to YOU

I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to learn more about me and I do hope that we get to meet so I can learn more about you and your journey. I know this cannot be an easy decision for you but know there are so many people, like myself, out there that are full of love and would take care of your child with an open heart and provide unconditional support. One of the main reasons I chose open adoption was to ensure there was access to their entire family, which includes you. There is no limit to the number of people that can love someone and with all that love the possibilities are endless. Whatever you decide I truly wish you the best.