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Meet Blake & Clarissa


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Where We Live

San Francisco

Favorite Holidays

All of them!

Happy Places

Our kitchen, our garden and the beach across the street.

Best Vacation

Camping in Mexico with our family every Christmas.

Fun Facts

Clarissa likes anything pickled, and Blake loves ice cream cake.

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read a bit about us. We are Blake and Clarissa, a San Francisco couple for over 15 years. Living a happy life full of family, friends, and lots of beach time. We would like nothing more to raise a baby together in our happy home.  As we cannot fully understand what your journey is taking you through, and how you landed on adoption, we are grateful for the opportunity to care for and love your child. We thank you for considering open adoption.

A Day in the Life of Blake and Clarissa

We live a block off of beautiful ocean beach where we spend daily time, walking the dogs, swimming, surfing and sunning. We have a community of friends and family who live right in our neighborhood.  We can’t take a walk outside without seeing a friendly face. At home we love to entertain (at least before covid). Our home has always been full of friends and family. We love to cook good food together, read, play dominoes, listen to podcasts, garden, and be anywhere outside. We would love to raise a strong and kind child in our home with our village. We find so much joy in the environment we have created, and are ready to build a bigger family with a wonderful joyful little one.

Clarissa By Blake

I met Clarissa when she was turning 21 years old and she is still the very same loving, authentic, and creative person I fell in love with many years ago!  One of the defining factors in our relationship was her family. Her mom and dad were so welcoming to me.  My mother in law is the most loving person and that’s where Clarissa gets it from!  Clarissa is a loyal friend and family member and values relationships greatly. She is also very active, spending time climbing with friends and also working in her ceramics studio that we built from scratch in our backyard. Did I mention Clarissa is a 3rd generation San Francisco teacher! She embodies everything it means to be a teacher. She loves being a kindergarten teacher helping little ones learn and grow. I am looking forward to parenting with my loving, loyal, and kind wife.

Blake by Clarissa

Blake is a fiercely loyal, genuine, and giving person. He loves to spend time with friends and family and is always the life of the party. We have many young kids and babies in our community, and I am always impressed with how quickly they take to Blake. I think it comes from his being genuinely present with them.

Blake is a video editor and is one of those lucky people who get to work in their passions. He loves to create short films, mostly about people and their lives. He stays in contact with friends and family constantly. Blake makes everyone’s life fuller.

As a father, I can imagine Blake taking a little one on daily adventures to the beach and around the neighborhood. I know he will teach a child how to open up about their thoughts and feelings, as he himself learned as a child from his best friend’s father. Blake will always create fun in everything and they will always know how much they are loved. I am looking forward to being a parent with my husband.

Our Family and our home

Our family and friends are very important to us. Blake’s family is based in Los Angeles, and Clarissa’s family is based in San Francisco. Clarissa grew up in San Francisco and is a fifth-generation native. Therefore, we have a strong base of family and friends right at our fingertips. One of Blake’s three sisters lives in San Francisco as well. We also live in a two-unit condo, with Clarissa’s good friends from high school, Sophie and John living in the unit below. Sophie and John have a newborn and a two-year-old. We have “Family dinner” on Sunday nights with them. We have a huge extended family and love spending time with them sharing stories, eating, and laughing. We would love to raise a child to be a part of what we think is a strong community.

Our Wish for You

Two wishes we have for you are that you feel supported and cared for throughout this process, and that you find a loving and warm home for your baby. We thank you for taking the time to read about us and look forward to connecting further.