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Meet Brandon & Jorge

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Where We Live

San Francisco, CA

Favorite Holidays

Any one spent our extended family in North Carolina!

Happy Places

Sandy beaches

Best Vacation

Nice, France - it has rocky beaches, but still gorgeous

Favorite Food


We are excited to introduce ourselves to you – and welcome you into our lives.  Through the years we have gotten to know each other, gotten to know our town, and developed a very rich life with one another.  Now we are ready to share this with you and instill all that we have learned into the life of a child.

Our Life

We’ve been together for 16 years and have learned a lot about each other in those years.  We are at a point in our lives and relationship that we know we are ready. Ready to love a child, provide for them, and offer them all the opportunities possible.  We believe it truly takes a village to raise a child, and that village includes you!  We can’t wait to meet you and get to know you. Show you the endless love we have to offer… while also hopefully having some fun along the way.

We learned once that the “cap stone” is the final stone placed in an archway.  It’s the stone, out of all the other others, that completes the arch, and also provides the integrity of the entire structure.  We have been building our family & life “arch’ since we met in 2005.  I guess one would say that we feel like the “cap stone” for us would be our relationship with you.

About Brandon

I grew up in a small town in the South.  I went to college to become a nurse, and spent over 10 years working with families who were facing serious conditions in the hospital.  I feel my strongest skill is building these families up and providing them comfort during their most fearful moments.

This skill is something that has been a part of me from a very young age.  When I was only 6 years old, my class was supposed to take a field trip to the local hospital, but unfortunately, I was out of school due to a case of the chickenpox and could not join my classmates on the trip.  When my mother told me I was going to miss the trip, I was devastated!  I cried for hours…. All because I could not go to the hospital!

I have held on to that fascination for my entire life, and after taking care of thousands of people and their families I felt there was more I could do, more people I could help.  This is what became my motivation to go back to school.  I went on to earn my doctorate and now work as an executive in healthcare.  My professional goal is to do what I can to make healthcare more accessible to everyone – regardless of their ability to pay.

The unbridled ability to dream big and shoot for the stars came as a direct result of my parents.  They allowed me to aspire to whatever I wanted and to dream as big as my imagination would let me.  I am looking forward to being able to offer my child the same thing!

About Jorge

From my earliest memories, my house was full; full of laughter, people, and most importantly, love.  Growing up in the Bay Area, I was raised in a multi-generational home consisting of my grandparents, parents, and my sister.  I learned so much from my loved ones around me and I look forward to sharing those same experiences with a child.

I have worked in the optical field for my entire career, helping others make sure they are able to see the world around them clearly. I think my best skill is helping someone transition from being uncomfortable about having to wear glasses all the time, into a person who uses their glasses to help flaunt their personality! I myself have accumulated an eyeglass collection that reflects whatever mood I may be in for each and every day!

Personal expression is something that I find very important!  This is what gives us that little something special when compared to our peers.  I very much look forward to finding that little something special that I can foster and grow in my child!

Our Home/Community

We have lived in San Francisco since 2005, in a variety of neighborhoods, but have settled into the Ingleside neighborhood now. We love exploring our city, San Francisco, and really taking advantage of what urban life has to offer.  We love trying new restaurants and exploring new neighborhoods, but we also take great pride in our backyard.  Jorge is the creator of our backyard oasis where we love to relax and spend time together with each other and friends and family.

Every San Francisco neighborhood that we have lived in has shaped us and helped us to create the vision for how we want to raise a child.  The diverse cultures we’ve experienced in each neighborhood helped us to build our home now.  Having lived in Condos, we feel the power of a backyard should never be overlooked.  We have found a great hobby in making this one of the most desired hang-out (socially distanced) spots around!  During our time spent around the fire pit in our backyard, our multicultural friends have gotten closer and more connected. We look forward to introducing a little one to all our loved ones someday.

Thank You

We look forward to meeting you, and hopefully, having you as part of our loving circle. We are ready, able, and want to give a loving, accepting, and energetic home to a child and also allow you to live your best life with us cheering you on! We feel it hard to express in words our respect for the position you are in, but allow us to try and show you with our actions.  We feel you are one of the strongest women out there for getting to this point where you are now reading family letters.  Please know we are here with you and prepared for the journey that we can hopefully take together.