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Meet Brian & Kira


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Where We Live

In a sunny historic district home in Santa Rosa, California


Brian: BA English, MA Teaching, Teaching Credential
Kira: BA English, Art

Happy Places

Around a campfire, Hawaii, the beach, the ballpark, home

Thing We Do Together

Travel, cook, garden, listen to music, read, hike, camp, play with our dogs

What We Do For Work

First Grade Teacher (Brian)
Writer in the Software Industry (Kira)

Hi from Santa Rosa, CA! We’re Brian and Kira, and we are so grateful that you are considering adoption. Our family tree is full of adoption, so we already know how amazing it is! We’ve dreamed about being parents for a long time, and we look forward to getting to know you and what you want for your child.

We’re a couple in our 30s who’ve been together for 12 years and married for 8. Brian teaches first grade, and Kira is a writer who works from home in the software industry.

We will provide a fun, safe, loving, stable home filled with books, education, fun, furry friends, smiles, laughter, sunshine and wonderful family and friends to encourage your child to be a kind, loving, intelligent person.

Please read more and check out our social profile for a deeper look into our lives (and our camping themed nursery)!

Our Story

We’re college sweethearts who met in poetry class. We married in 2011 at a local winery surrounded by family and friends.

We always knew we wanted to be parents, but when we were ready to start our family, we struggled to do so on our own. But we both knew that there was a child out there waiting for us and that a special mom would chose us as adoptive parents.

We are warm and affectionate people who value kindness, family, creativity, adventure, and each other. Education is important to us, but we also enjoy laughing and being silly.

We live an active and healthy lifestyle and absolutely love the outdoors! We get out whenever we can to hike and walk our dogs. We love camping, and we can’t wait to start a family camping tradition. In our free time, you can catch us at a Giants or Warriors game, at a concert, reading, or having a movie night complete with popcorn (Kira’s favorite snack).

We want to share our values and past times with a child and see the world through their eyes by discovering new hobbies and fun activities they enjoy every day!

What Adoption Means to Us

We are so blessed to already know how amazing adoption can be! Not only is adoption the way we’re creating our family, but both of us already have experienced adoption in our lives.

Brian’s parent Deborah comes from a family of four adoptees, and has extended family who have adopted children internationally.

Kira’s family has many adoption stories! Her cousins adopted three children all from the same birth mother, several family members have adopted out children. She herself was adopted by her mom as part of a step-parent adoption, and has a birth-mother she reconnected with in the last few years.

We are so grateful that adoption has shaped our family tree.

Because of our relationship with adoption, we want to honor your child’s history, heritage, culture, and family and maintain a relationship with you and your family at whatever level you’re comfortable.

Meet Brian (by Kira)

Brian is the prince charming in my fairy tale. He is thoughtful and kind, and we are a perfect match.

Brian is an amazing first grade teacher. After working with kids at the Boys and Girls Club, he knew he wanted to be an educator, so he got his Teaching Credential and Master of Teaching.

I love talking with him about his day over dinner. I’m in awe of how much he loves and cares about his students. He truly enjoys being a teacher, and will tell me about his kid’s triumphs, and how he teaches them not only how to read and do math, but how to be kind to their classmates and good citizens in the world. He lights up when he tells me about how a child overcame a struggle, or the fun activity they completed.

He also coaches the boy’s and girl’s basketball teams, and is the school’s Athletic Director. Being a teacher means extra dad time over summer and winter break!

Brian will be an amazing dad. He is so patient and fun. Kids absolutely adore him. He knows all the kid games, and loves reading books (complete with voices for all the characters). He is a wonderful uncle to his nephews, and I can’t wait to see all the fun in store with a child in our home.

Brian is super funny! His impressions will have you in stitches! He loves to laugh and to make others laugh (especially kids). He is caring and dedicated, and will do anything for the people he cares about.

Brian loves playing basketball, photography, reading, hiking, camping, golf, biking, and listening to music. He even cooks!

Meet Kira (by Brian)

Kira is a ray of sunshine and smiles. She handles everything with grace and determination. She is smart and funny. She is nurturing, sensitive, and kind to others. She works hard. She has always been empowered and independent.

Kira loves being an auntie, and can make our nephew Jaxon giggle and smile on cue or entertain her goddaughter Peyton with a book. With her loving and happy demeanor, Kira will be a natural mom. I can’t wait to see her smiling with a child and sharing her many passions with them.

Kira works in the tech industry, and she will have the luxury of working from home after her 6 month maternity leave. Her employer is recognized as one of the best workplaces for parents!

Kira is an avid reader and loves The Lord of the Rings, Watership Down, and Harry Potter. She has a geeky side, and has been a Star Wars and Disney fan since she was a kid. She loves animals, and grew up riding horses at camp every summer. She also draws and paints, and at one time aspired to be an animator for Disney.

In her free time, she enjoys gardening, spending time with her friends and their children, enjoying nature, music, playing tennis, and cooking—especially on the grill!

Home Sweet Home

We love living in Santa Rosa! With access to the ocean, San Francisco, mountains, mild weather, tall tress, and nature it’s a magical place to live and raise children.

We own a charming, sunny home in a historic district, which we share with our two dogs. Coheed is our senior beagle who has been with us our entire relationship. Our husky Nina chose us at a local rescue nearly three years ago. Both dogs love kids!

In spring, Kira’s carefully tended garden explodes with flowers, herbs, fruits and veggies! Our kid-friendly neighborhood is close to parks, the farmer’s market, the library, great schools, a “sprayground”, an ice-skating rink, Safari West, and a children’s museum.

If we aren’t cooking in the kitchen or lounging on our comfy couch, you can find us in our backyard, grilling and playing with the dogs. We look forward to backyard memories like playing on a new play structure or hosting a birthday party!

The nursery is ready and waiting to welcome a little one with warm colors of fresh paint and special gifts from our friends and family. We can’t wait to personalize it once it’s occupied.

Our house is filled with laughter, sunshine, and warmth. We look forward to sharing the home we’ve made.

Our Village

Love and support are a huge part of being a family and raising children. We are blessed with so many friends and family members who are not only there for us, but have already committed to helping us welcome a son or daughter, including five grandmas and three great-grandmas!

We are both close with our families and our siblings. We have two (soon to be three) nephews who are waiting for their newest cousin.

We love getting together with our families for holidays and annual trips to Hawaii, Vermont, Colorado, New Mexico, or other new places. We can’t wait for all the adventures we will have with the newest member of our family.

Our Promise to You

We are so excited to be parents! We can’t express how much attention, joy, comfort, and unconditional support we will offer your baby.

We will encourage them to explore life beyond their own bubbles and find a balance between giving back to the world and finding self-fulfillment. We have no expectations for who they will be or what they will do in their future, and will accept them as their true self. As long as they are happy and kind to others, we will have done our jobs.

The decision to consider adoption is something we cannot fully comprehend. It’s selfless, compassionate, brave, and we imagine, painful. You are someone we will always admire, whether you choose us as your adoptive parents or not. Thank you for considering this incredibly difficult decision, and for being the person you are. We will be forever grateful.

Thank you

We can’t wait to enjoy nature, sports, music, travel, books, and cooking as a family. But most importantly, we look forward to the regular days – the days that seem ordinary to everyone else, but to us, they will be extraordinary because we will have the love of a child to share them with!

Thank you for getting to know us. We hope to hear from you!

Brian & Kira