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Meet Bryan & Nathan

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Where We Live

Downtown Oakland around Lake Merritt.

Favorite Holidays

Christmas! There's nothing better than snow and holiday music!

Happy Places

Our home, but the beach with sand, sun and a hammock is a close second.

Best Vacation

2018 trip to Barcelona and Venice. We got engaged!

Fun Facts

Bryan has an identical twin. Nathan was a college cheerleader.

Hello! We are Bryan and Nathan. We’ve been together for 7 years and can’t wait to be dads!

When we imagine an ideal life for a child with us, it will be one where they are surrounded not just by us but by a diverse community of adults and other children who love and support them. We want them to have opportunities to travel and learn to follow their interests as they discover themselves and grow into happy, healthy adults.

About Bryan, by Nathan

Bryan will make an amazing father because he’s incredibly caring, hard-working, and a meticulous planner. Over the 6 years I’ve been with Bryan, I’ve learned that he has the most caring personality. He is always thinking of others and regularly signs us up for community service projects on Saturday morning.

Bryan yearns to learn new things. He loves reading, watching documentaries, and has a guilty pleasure for reality television shows, particularly shows on Bravo! He is such a quirky trivia whiz and keeps me informed on useful (and useless) pop culture and historical happenings. He’s a gentle prankster who filled my days with joy and laughter. I can’t wait to witness him light up a child’s life with his fun and whimsical personality.

About Nathan, by Bryan

Nathan is going to be a fantastic dad because he’s patient, dependable, and incredibly supportive. He has such a positive attitude and accomplishes anything he puts his mind too. In social settings, Nathan’s the life of the party! He’s also got an infectious laugh that can make anybody smile, even on their worst day.

He has been a fabulous role mode to his niece and nephew and would move mountains to support them. I can’t wait to raise a child with Nathan – future family vacations, educational experiences, and cultural learnings. I am beyond blessed to have a loving, supportive husband like Nathan. I long for the day when I get to watch Nathan share his amazing gifts with the child he is raising.

Our Life Together

We live in a spacious two bedroom apartment in a luxury apartment building located in downtown Oakland. We are both public servants working for government agencies. Bryan has worked in finance and banking at the same agency for over fifteen years.  Nathan works in human resources for a local municipality. Both of our jobs afford us family-friendly work cultures, flexible schedules, and a comfortable lifestyle.

On the weekends we enjoy playing in a LGBTQI kickball league. We value the friendships that the league has provided in our lives. In addition to our athletic endeavors, we enjoy exploring the mountains, forests, and beaches that Northern California has to offer.

Our Extended Family

Nathan’s family lives in Alabama. Bryan’s family lives in Missouri; although his gay twin brother, Ryan and Ryan’s partner, Rene, live in Arizona. We visit both sides of the family a couple times per year and call and text daily.

Growing up we both spent lots of time around grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins and we will strive to give a child that same family dynamic.  We are looking forward to providing a child big family celebrations, holidays spent around the table, and an annual extended family vacation to different areas of the world.

Our Wish for You

We’re humbled by the change to raise your child and are in awe of your courage.  As you consider all your options, we hope that you find one that feels right for you.  One thing we can promise – your child will have a village who supports them as they grow up and become all they are meant to be. We promise to love your child every minute, and tell them every day that they are loved, including by you.