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Meet Caitlin and Doug


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Where We Live

We live in a sunny little beach town near Oakland, California


Our house is a happy zoo! Chickens, two tortoises, two retired racing pigeons, and a big friendly cat live here.

Happy Places

Anywhere we can be together. And eating. Together and eating!

One Of Our Favorite Spots

Our local beach! It's only a short walk with ice cream on the way.

Favorite Holidays

Thanksgiving, and the tradition of family camping that weekend.


We live in Alameda, California, a little family-friendly beach town right next to Oakland.

We’re in our 30’s and thrilled about being stay-at-home and work-from-home-parents.

We are hoping that someone will pick us to parent their little one. Adoption is a cherished part of both our families’ stories. We’re hoping it can be part of ours, too.

Our Life

Caitlin is a violinist and violist, and teaches music lessons in our home studio. We keep the whole room open for teaching, playing music with friends, making blanket forts, or assembling huge puzzles and toy train routes.

Doug works as a software engineer at a company made up of three friends, all whom are also dads. Built into their company mission is an emphasis on balance. Everyone gets out of the office in the early afternoon to spend time with their families. Doug is able to stay home at a moment’s notice when needed.

We both have super flexible schedules and one of us is always at home. We can both take off months and months to be with a new baby.

We have really great memories of camping when we were kids. Amazing family friendly camping is just a short distance away. Our little camping trailer is always packed up and ready to go on an adventure.

We have a little flock of super friendly chickens. We get really fresh eggs for breakfast!

We love parenting and having two young sons, but our family doesn’t feel complete. Two big brothers can’t wait to show a little one how to gather chicken eggs for breakfast and pick blueberries from the bush, and we can’t wait to show how the hose makes a perfect lawn water park in the summer, and how awesome the swim lessons at our neighborhood pool are. We have so much room and love and time to share.

About Caitlin, By Doug

My first spark of romantic interest in Caitlin happened while we were mediating a catholic high school forum full of freshman boys and girls. The topic: sex. What should have been an impossibly awkward conversation was instead filled with tons of laughter and openness. Shortly after, our first date was to a live comedy show, but I think we laughed more just from our conversations. Even today, if Caitlin buys, say, a poorly fitting pair of pants online, she won’t just put the pants back in the box to return. Instead, she’ll hike them up her waist for maximal wedgie, and then strut around the house like some bow-legged t-rex to keep us all laughing.

Caitlin’s impossibly kind. She’s often the first person people turn to in times of crisis, and I understand why. She will always lend an empathetic ear and helping hand, without judgment or strings attached. She’ll even take the time to move slugs and worms off a wet sidewalk and onto safer soil. It may be strange, but I just love her more for it.

I’m awed by Caitlin’s courage and thirst for growth. Our cross-country move, the purchase of our house that we love, and the art that fills it all happened through Caitlin’s initiative. As I write this, she’s sitting and reading a Child Development textbook “just for fun”.

Caitlin fills our family with uninhibited color, and I can’t imagine having a better partner on this parenting journey.

About Doug, By Caitlin

Doug is the most thoughtful, kind, steady, and smart human I know.

​I met Doug rowing in college. On our small, tight knit team it was easy to see that he was a kind, trustworthy person. After graduating, he was hired to coach. He inspired unparalleled devotion from his rowers- they loved him, despite daily practices in the cold, damp, 5am dark. Doug’s secret superpower is a rare mix of humor, expertise, and empathy.

Within the year he had created one of the fastest teams in the school’s history. Having known Doug just shy of two decades, I have to admit it’s par for the course for him. He is earnestly devoted to the people around him and whatever work he does, and that in turn brings out the best in everyone he works with. From the moment we started dating, I felt like I had a teammate.

​Not long after we were married, Doug mentioned the saying “death by a thousand paper cuts”. He aspires to do the opposite of that, to have a partnership that thrives because of consistent little kindnesses. That is how he actually lives. He’s the one to make coffee so that it’s waiting and hot when I wake up, or drop everything to help a neighbor move something heavy. He makes sure “hug quotas” are met, or diffuse any drama with humor or a hefty dose of empathy, depending on what’s needed. He does nice things with consistency, thought, and love.

​We have built a relationship on love, for sure, but also on a hefty dose of humor, dependability, collaboration, and kindness. I can’t imagine a better partner. I’d high five myself pretty much daily for marrying him, but really I’m just lucky to have met such an awesome best friend.

Our Home

We live in a light filled victorian close to the library, schools, parks, and playgrounds. Our house is surrounded by fruit trees and friendly neighbors, just blocks from the beach. We have trees to climb and a grassy lawn to play on. Persimmon, peach, cherry, plum, guava, bananas, blueberries and raspberries are all in our yard, along with garden boxes full produce, all ready for little hands to pick and eat straight out of the garden.

We love doing things together as a family and being outdoors, so where we live is perfect for us! We have lots of kid-friendly kayaking and sailing spots in the lagoons surrounding our island. Our neighborhood is diverse, family friendly, and walkable, with a playground just down the street.

Adoption is Cherished in Our Family

Adoption and transracial adoption is cherished and normal in our family.

Doug’s little brother, Jordan, is adopted from Paraguay and his little sister, Jocelyn, is adopted from the Dominican Republic.

​Caitlin’s uncles and many other extended family members are adopted. Living close by are her dad’s cousin, Brian, and his brother, Scott, as well as her mother’s brother, Bruce, all of whom are adopted.

We take pride in the diversity of our community, friends and family.

We promise that if your baby’s ethnic heritage doesn’t mirror our own, it will be honored and celebrated. We will ensure that they are surrounded by a loving community of “mirrors” so that they will grow up proud of their heritage.

The wonderful people in our lives who can’t wait to meet a new baby: Two sets of grandparents, four sets of aunts and uncles, two sets of cousins, two big brothers, and about a zillion friends and neighbors. Most of all, us.

Facts and Figures

Caitlin and Doug are exactly the same height. They never have to adjust the driver’s seat or any mirrors, which is the best.

​Doug grew up in New Jersey, and Caitlin grew up in Colorado. After spending the last decade in California, we both agree that we’re home!

Both Caitlin and Doug started violin when they were four.

​Caitlin and Doug originally met on the rowing team in college (we’ve been together for over 16 years!).

​Caitlin and Doug agree on the best activity to do while traveling: EAT.

​Neither Caitlin nor Doug can get through an episode of So You Think You Can Dance without getting teary-eyed.

​There are few things in this world that can gross out either Caitlin or Doug. Very few.

​On Saturdays in the summer and fall, Doug will walk with the kids to the farmers’ market down the street. It’s almost impossible to get through the market without running into at least one neighborhood friend.

Every winter, we try to visit Caitlin’s parents in Colorado. We don’t get snow where we live in California, but we don’t feel like winter’s complete unless you’ve gone sledding at least once.

Our Promise To You

We will support whatever connection and relationship you want, and your baby will know their history with a sense of pride. We will to be respectful of your needs, and your desires, and support them however we can.

Whether it is regular updates and pictures, a close relationship, or a mix that changes over the years, we are up for that. For always.