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Meet Carlos & Rodrigo

Where We Live

San Francisco

Favorite Holidays

Thanksgiving and Christmas

Happy Places

Our countries, Brazil and Guatemala. Our music venues, as well as a picnic at the park, our walks across the beach

Best Vacation

New Orleans. It is the most unique blend of Old World elegance and New World vitality

Fun facts

Rodrigo is 6'4" and Carlos is 5'6". We are uneven, but with many things in common

We are a couple whose background and life span multiple nations and experiences. For 6 years we have loved each other, traveled the world, and excelled professionally. Now, we are ready to welcome a new human being into our lives and raising her/him to be a responsible, caring, ambitious person.

Our Life

We met back at the very beginning of 2015 when a friend in common put us in contact in Guatemala City. We met and connected immediately, we started dating and getting to know each other in the backdrop of beautiful Guatemala. We realized that although we’re so different, we have a lot of things in common such as our love for movies, music, food, and traveling. We got engaged after a year (2016) of being in a committed relationship. Carlos decided to propose when we visited Magic Kingdom in Disneyworld. We planned the wedding in NYC for the end of the same year- a small, intimate ceremony with the participation of family and close friends, accompanied by the cheering and celebration of our friends around the world.

About Rodrigo, by Carlos

Rodrigo, whom I call “Gordito,” is – in his own worlds and experiences -a global citizen. He was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and moved to the US at 7. He is a history/English teacher who never knew he wanted to be one, until he discovered teaching middle-schoolers was his blood. I know that his students are ripe for inspiration to learn and grow under his passionate dedication. After getting his Bachelor’s in History and Master’s in Education, it only made sense that his international background would send him to teach in American schools in Lebanon, Bahrain, Senegal, and Guatemala, where we met. Rodrigo’s other passions include reading, museums, swimming, jazz and Classical music, and journaling. I love the way that he’s so perceptive, he can easily tell when I or someone needs a hug or a simple word of affirmation. Above all I admire his enthusiasm as a teacher, his connection with students, who consider him their favorite teacher on many occasions. His smile is the reflection of his beautiful and pure soul.

About Carlos, by Rodrigo

My dear Carlos Eduardo was born in Guatemala City and raised by his parents and a grandmother. Despite the limitations of his working-class family faced, his childhood was full of joy; his parents supported Carlos’s artistic inclinations and gave him the best education they could. Carlos has a Bachelor’s in nutritional sciences, and worked for 8 years fighting against malnutrition in the children of rural Mayan communities. Now, in San Francisco, he proudly continues doing what he loves the mos. He is a health program coordinator for the city’s largest Latinx NGO, specializing, again, in the indigenous community. Among his other passions are dancing, playing the guitar/singing, traveling, and watching movies. Coming out was difficult in his youth, but it inspired him to become an LGBTQ+ advocate in his country. It was there, 6 years ago, where we met. Soon after marrying 4 years ago, we decided to come to San Francisco, the city that captured Carlos’ heart when we visited at the beginning of 2018. Carlos said “I want to live here before I die.” 6 months later, out of the blue, life transplanted us here. He’s a dreamer, and his deepest wishes always become a beautiful true.

Our Home and Community

We live in one of the most geographically beautiful areas of San Francisco, which overlooks the bay, Angel Island, Marin Headlands, Alcatraz, and Golden Gate Bridge. It is an affluent, safe, family-oriented residential area with restaurants and shopping. We enjoy jogging/picnicking along the waterfront at the Marina Green, hiking the endless trails of the Presidio, and eating clam chowder in Fisherman’s Wharf. We also love walks in Golden Gate Park and visiting the De Young and California Academy of Sciences museums. Our exciting neighborhood and active lifestyle would be safe and interesting for a child to grow up in.

Our Extended Family

As two people who are international by blood, it is natural that our extended family straddles the globe. Rodrigo’s closest family are his brother and mother, both of whom are moving from the East Coast to the Bay Area. His extended family is back in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Carlos’ family is in Guatemala and the states, including close relatives, and grandmother – our only living grandparent-  living in Southern California. We both visit our birth countries. In addition, we have a network of international friends that stretch from Germany to China, many of whom we talk through social media.

Our Wish for You

We cannot wait to start this new journey as parents. We are a loving, stable couple who have so much to give a child. Our international and diverse backgrounds will allow us to give experiences to the child that few will have, from growing up in culturally-rich San Francisco to traveling/exploring the world, speaking three languages at home, and a network of family and friends that spans multiple nations across the globe. In short, the child will be a proud American and proud global citizen.