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Meet Carmen and Jon


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Where We Live

Santa Rosa CA

Favorite Holidays


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Fun Facts

We love to go on family hikes and bike rides.

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and considering us as adoptive parents. We have been married for 17 years and have a welcoming home in Santa Rosa, about 45 minutes north of San Francisco. We are very excited about the possibility of meeting you and sharing a common dream to give your child a safe and supportive environment to grow. We are committed to open adoption and maintaining a relationship with you throughout our lives. We are confident that we can provide a safe, loving and fun environment for a child to grow up in, and we will always respect and welcome you and your thoughts. We have one child, Morgan, who joined our family through adoption 5 years ago. He is a loving, kind, healthy, and confident kid. He is excited to become a big brother and share his family.


Carmen is a third generation Mexican-American who grew up in San Francisco with a young single mom and spent most summers with her Grandparents in Fresno. Carmen’s grandma passed away about 5 years ago but she is still close with her grandpa who is 90. Carmen’s mother lives about 2 miles away and we often trade off hosting family dinner. Family and friends are very important to Carmen and she tries to spend time with them often. Carmen’s little brother was born after her mom remarried. Although Carmen was 17 when her brother was born, they are very close and he is a great uncle. Carmen was the first person in her family to attend college and she hopes this will inspire her cousins to finish high school and attend college.


Jon is the youngest of 4 kids and was born and raised in Fresno. He was the mathorama champion in junior high and valedictorian of his high school graduating class. In high school he was on the cross-country team and he still enjoys running. Jon loves to backpack and camp with his dad and brother. Jon’s sister has twins that are 10 and adore Morgan, and his older nephew is a role model for Morgan. Jon’s family still live in Fresno and host family get-togethers during the holidays. Jon’s families love animals and between them have 10 dogs, 3 cats, 100 birds, and several fish.

Our Family Time

We have a warm, loving and fun home in Santa Rosa. Jon teaches at the junior college, a job that he finds to be extremely rewarding and endlessly interesting. Carmen is a professor and spends her work time advising research students, teaching, and learning. A typical afternoon involves walking Morgan home from school, maybe playing music together or just kicking back, and then dinner together as a family. If the weather is right, we will then take our dogs for a walk around the neighborhood. We love to read together before bed. We spend our weekends and vacations doing projects and going on adventures. A good day off means doing something with one another and with our extended family. Home improvement, yard, and art projects are ongoing at our house, and when we get away from home it is often to do something outdoors

In Closing

We are a young, healthy, active couple with good jobs and a loving home. Our son, Morgan, who join our family through adoption five years ago, enjoys a fun and rich life. We engage in many family activities that include: riding bicycles in the park, camping and canoeing, running along the beach with our dogs and playing in the sand. We play music together and do art projects. We are thoughtful, loving, kind people who will love and cherish all children in our lives. We will always be open and honest with you and with your child. We are close with both of our families and our families are excited about the possibility of another child. We will make sure that the children in our lives are exposed to love, family and educational opportunities.

We are a multi-cultural couple and we believe this has enriched our lives and will enrich the lives of our children.