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Meet Caroline

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Where I Live

Next to a beautiful park

Favorite Holidays

Thanksgiving (Friendsgiving)

Favorite Food

Burritos from the Mission

Best Vacation


Favorite Movie

Silver Linings Playbook

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to learn a little about me. My name is Caroline, and I feel very prepared and excited about the prospect of open adoption. I have spent my entire career as a teacher, working with children of all ages, so I am very inspired and ready to raise a child.

About Me

I am well-established, experienced, and stable in my profession at this point, and I have time to devote to being a mom. For more than ten years, I have been a middle and high school science teacher during the school year and the co-principal/teaching coach of a tuition-free program for at risk youth.

Outside of work, my favorite things to do are to spend time with my friends, see live music, and to be in nature–either hiking, kayaking, biking, rock-climbing or just relaxing in the sun. I’ve been a volunteer kayak guide for children and adults with disabilities for the last decade. I’m very eager to teach a child to enjoy the outdoors–ride a bike, row in a boat, make a snowman.

I am a city-person, having only lived in Washington DC and San Francisco, and I’ve worked only for organizations that serve very diverse populations. I believe strongly that life is just better–more interesting, more real, more moral–when one interacts with all sort of people from many different backgrounds. I would definitely want to make sure that my child goes to schools and summer programs with a social justice focus and diverse group of children.

Home Sweet Home

I live in a lovely, light-filled home with a large yard and beautiful public park behind it on a hillside in San Francisco. I envision a child playing in the garden, swinging on the rope swing behind the house (when s/he is older), and making friends with other neighborhood kids at the park and playground. I also have a large, furry, affectionate cat named Milo. He gets very attached to babies, young kids, adults, and even small dogs very quickly.

Family, Friends & Community

I have lived in San Francisco for many years. I have an extensive community of friends, many with young children, so there would be plenty of opportunities for playdates, shared baby-sitting, and communal adventures–camping, traveling, going on urban adventures, etc. I have a warm and loving family who have expressed nothing but support and enthusiasm about my dream of parenting. I have four sisters and a total of seven nieces and nephews who would be delighted to welcome a new cousin.

Why Open Adoption?

I am looking only at open adoption because I have two friends who were adopted and have been able to know a bit about their birth parents for their whole lives. They both reflect that they feel more secure and confident because they know that their birth parents’ decision came from a place of love and wanting what was best for their child at the time. I believe that keeping that door open makes everyone involved happier.

Thank You

Thank you so much, again, for reading my letter. I would love to be considered as an adoptive parent for your child. I would look forward to a lifelong relationship with you and I can’t wait to meet and take care of a little one of my own.