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Meet Cindy & Oliver

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Where We Live

Hayward, CA.

Favorite Holidays

Thanksgiving and Christmas

Happy Places

Hawaii, Napa, Disneyland, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe

Best Vacation

Hawaii, France, Italy and Japan

Fun Facts

Oliver use to Break dance when he was younger and Cindy use to Hula dance.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!

We hope as you read our profile that our love for each other, strong sense of family, and our core values will show through our words and photos.

Our Life

We have been together for 13 years strong. Adopting was always part of our future plan, but we didn’t know if it would be the only way for us to build our family. We understand and embrace the fact that not all families look alike but that’s what makes this journey so beautiful!

About Cindy, by Oliver

Cindy is smart, has an amazing sense of humor, a kind, and big heart, and a nurturing personality.  She always takes care of and puts others ahead of herself. She was born and raised in San Francisco and graduated from UC Berkeley. She loves to travel, so she is always planning trips and getaways. When Cindy is not planning our travels or managing our household, she works as an Executive Assistant to Fitbit’s General Counsel, which is now a part of Google. She loves her work because she thrives and enjoys the challenges of an always changing and often unpredictable agenda of managing her Executive and team. And if that wasn’t enough when she’s not working her full-time job she is also a wedding planner.  Her couples love her and her passion shows through her work, her love, and dedication.  She brings reason to every situation and knows how to be the calming force in any storm. She balances all the work with lots of fun in our lives and she definitely brings life to everything. There are many traits about Cindy but if there is one thing I love about her is how she takes care of me and everything for us. Her loving nature is pure and genuine. She is going to be an incredible mother.

About Oliver, by Cindy

Oliver is fun-loving and easy-going. His playful personality makes for an instant connection with kids and babies. He grew up with and surrounded by a large family. They are his core and support system and the reason why Oliver is so energetic and fun. He grew up going on many family trips and has a great love and appreciation for the outdoors.  He enjoys camping, spontaneous road trips, and mountain biking. When he’s not outdoors hiking or biking, he is a graphic designer at GAP Inc. headquarters and a professional wedding photographer. He loves both of his jobs because he gets to do what he loves the most, which is photography. At home, Oliver is the chef and loves to cook up traditional Filipino dishes.  Oliver has a warm heart, a gentle and calm demeanor, but is also quite entertaining with his big kid-at-heart silliness and humor.  He will break into all sorts of dance moves just to make me laugh. I can’t wait until he has “dad moves” and “dad jokes”.  He will be the best Dad ever.

Our Home

We currently live in a gated Townhome community in Downtown Hayward. We have a 3 level townhome with 3 bedrooms.  It is cute and cozy and we love that we made this house our home.  We are within walking distance from a large supermarket, small local shops and restaurants, the post office, a newly built city library, a new park, and a Farmer’s market on Saturdays.  Our community of neighbors is couples, small families, old and young, lots of kids, and very diverse.  It is an active and friendly community and everyone is constantly out walking their dogs, taking a walk, and kids riding their bikes. We have a neighborhood watch program and we all keep vigilant of our homes and each other to keep the community safe.

Our Family

Oliver’s family consists of his Mom and Dad, two older brothers, and a younger sister.  They are all very close and have bi-weekly calls and check in with each other often.  Cindy’s family consists of her Mom and Dad and older brother.  She has weekly calls with her parents and she sees her brother and his family often.  Pre-covid we would have large family gatherings and monthly dinner hangouts.

We have an adorable 11-year-old dog named Bear.  He is a Puggle – half Pug and half Beagle.  He is gentle, loves to cuddle, and plays well with kids.  His favorite pastime is eating and sleeping.  He is the light and joy of our lives.

Our Wish for You

More than anything we want you to know that we will love your child unconditionally and will nurture him or her to grow up to be the best person that he or she can be. We promise to provide an upbringing in which family is a central focus with values such as generosity, kindness, and respect for each other are taught every day. We also promise to encourage your child’s hope and dreams and to provide the best possible education.

Your child will know where he or she came from so that he or she can have an understanding and appreciation for the tremendous sacrifice that you made out of love.