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Meet Corey and Natasha

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Where We Live

Eureka, California

Favorite Holidays

Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving

Happy Places

the beach, the movies, the forest

Best Vacation

Newberry National Volcanic Monument


A dog named Lola and a bird named Chicken

Hello, We are Tasha and Corey from Eureka, a small town on the coast of northern California. We know that you face a difficult decision, and we are grateful that you would consider us to become your child’s adoptive parents. We would be first-time parents, and we are planning for Tasha to be a stay-at-home mom. Please know that we will love and support your child.

How We Met

We met fifteen years ago through a mutual friend. We were both very young, and committed to being young, but after five months of dancing around each other, we fell in love. We have matured together and supported each other through hard times, and that has strengthened our bond.

Our Home

We live in Eureka, California, surrounded by natural beauty. There are giant redwoods across the street from our house, and incredible beaches just a five-minute drive away. Our home is on the outskirts of the main part of town, and has, within walking distance, a reputable grammar school, store, park with a duck pond, and a zoo.

About Tasha, by Corey

I am continually amazed by my wife, by her ability to make friends, her desire to help people, and her interest in the world. She seems to know everything. She is a personal Google to our friends and family. When our friend’s children have fevers or cuts or trouble at school, they call Tasha for advice. She is open and giving, and always willing to help when she can. She has enriched my life by sharing her love with me.

About Corey by Tasha

Corey is a deep thinker. Because of this, he creates an environment for real reflection and emotional growth. His active imagination is full of humor and interesting ideas. He is great at coming up with solutions when I feel that there are no more options. His calm and peaceful personality is comforting to all people in his life.

Our Family

We are blessed to have most of our immediate family living in the same county. Every Sunday, we eat a family dinner with Corey’s parents. Tasha regularly spends time with her sister, Rachael and her brothers, Bryce and Tyson, frequently pop in for visits. Corey’s brother, Caleb, and his wife, Aby, live in Oakland.

Things Tasha Loves To Do for Fun

Tasha loves camping, crafting and makeup. During the summer, she camps every chance she gets. Tasha often spends time crafting with her sister. And she is always learning and practicing something new about makeup. She has worked as a makeup artist on several local films and commercials. She also volunteers with the Timber Heritage Association, restoring and operating old trains. She does stage management for local music and dance productions, and she makes soap, jewelry, and even prosthetic noses. Halloween is her favorite holiday.

Things Corey Loves To Do for Fun

Corey enjoys playing basketball, tennis, and all yard games. He loves to take our dog Lola on runs at the park and the beach, and loves writing, and playing and recording music, and baking, with varying degrees of success.

Our Promise to You and Your Child

We are not rich people, but we are careful with our money. Should you choose us to raise your child, we promise to support your child and save for their college. We promise to help your child understand and navigate their complicated and ever shifting feelings. We promise to love your child always.

Although we are excited to become parents for the first time, we recognize that with adoption also comes grief. We plan on being honest and upfront with your child regarding their birth history, and we welcome your involvement in their future.