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Meet Cory and Abby

Where We Live

On Cory's family's horse ranch and vineyard in Saratoga, CA


Abby: Physical Therapist
Cory: Works on the family farm

Happy Places

Abby: Any beach!
Cory: Swimming in lakes


Abby: gardening, cycling, traveling, hikingCory: reading, baking, swimming, rowing

Fun Facts

Abby plays guitar (sometimes) and Cory plays piano

Hello!  Thank you for taking time to learn about us.  We are Abby and Cory from Saratoga, CA.  We’ve been together for six years, married for four.  We value kindness, hard work, a sense of humor and commitment to community.  We are both from big extended families; while we adore our roles as aunts, we have always wanted children to love and raise, and adoption feels like the right path for us.   Our goal as parents is to provide kids with both “roots and wings.” We want to create a loving, safe home to grow up in, AND foster confidence and skills in your child to go out into the world to live their own wonderful life.

Our Life

We live on a farm – a horse stables and vineyard. The farm has been in Cory’s family for five generations. There is lots of space for your little one to explore the world with animals and aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents nearby as they grow!

We enjoy fresh vegetables from the garden, hiking local trails, dinners with family and friends, playing fetch with our sweet pup Zoey, reading books, watching movies and listening to podcasts.

Abby is a physical therapist who works mostly with people with neurological conditions such as stroke or spinal cord injury. She loves what she does. Cory works on her family farm managing the tasting room.  She enjoys working with her cousins, uncles, aunts, and parents; it is very rewarding to be a part of a family business.


About Abby

I grew up in the middle of California in a small town within 15 minutes of both sides of my family. I never had a babysitter that wasn’t related. My parents were both teachers before they retired, and I have one younger brother who is married with a young son.

For me, getting outside, being active, and connecting with friends and family are all hugely important, and I strive to prioritize

these things in our life. During the pandemic I discovered gardening, which is amazing; I also love traveling and spending time with friends – around a campfire if possible!

I have always wanted to be a parent! I love weekly dinners with our older nephews, going to their baseball games, wrestling and laughing with our younger nephew, and dancing with our niece. We hope to create a home full of love, structure, support, and laughter for years to come.

About Cory

I’m the oldest of three kids (which means I’m definitely the responsible one – I love checking things off a to-do list!) – both of my siblings are married and have kids of their own; and I’m one of 30 cousins! I have a big family on both sides. I didn’t always work on the farm – after college, I coached rowing for several years in Boston, taking athletes to NCAA Championships and to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, before I decided to change gears and return to help out the family farm as it moves into the next generation of leadership.

Other tidbits about me: I love reading (reading bedtime stories is my favorite thing to daydream about when I think of becoming a parent) and musicals. I almost always have a song in my head as I go thru my day! I enjoy rowing, swimming, baking, or getting creative with a project around the house. We enjoy traveling together, but in the end, home on the farm with Abby is my favorite place.

Part of why I left coaching rowing and returned to the farm was to both be near family and to be able to have my own family, which I couldn’t easily do in my past career.  Adopting would be a dream come true for both of us.


Our Home

We are very close to Silicon Valley and 45 minutes from Santa Cruz and the Pacific Ocean. Cory’s family has been here on this farm for five generations; we live in the farmhouse her grandparents built, complete with a vegetable garden and tree house.

Our neighborhood feels rural, with hiking trails and parks nearby; but actually we are only 10 minutes from town, with stores and excellent public schools, and only 25 minutes from San Jose. It’s a wonderful place to grow up!

Our Extended Family

Cory’s family mostly lives around us here on the farm or nearby – your little one will have doting grandparents right next door, and cousins only minutes away. Abby’s family is mostly 2-3 hours away; and we see them about once a month. Abby has three cousins who were adopted; and we cannot imagine our lives without these wonderful people. We feel lucky to have support from both our families to adopt!

Our Promise to You

We are so honored to be considered, and we understand the importance of the decision you will make. We promise that we will do whatever is necessary to give your child a solid, loving, healthy, joyful life. We both were raised by a village of family and friends, and your child will be as well.