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Meet Courtney and Megan


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Courtney is from Bakersfield, CA and Megan is from Boston, MA.


Megan loves to play soccer and cook. Courtney likes to bake and dance.

Favorite Holidays

Megan's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Courtney's is Christmas.

Best Vacation

Visiting elephants in Thailand


Two amazing dogs, Bailey and Harley

Hi! We are Courtney and Megan from Oakland, CA. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about us. We respect that this is a challenging decision for you to make, and admire your strength and courage.

We are ready to start a family through an open adoption and are eager to share our family with you. We recognize that becoming parents is a big commitment and a lot of responsibility, but we have not come to this decision lightly. Adoption has always been part of our family planning discussions. We feel that we have had a tremendous opportunity to learn and grow together as a couple and are ready to open our lives and home to you and your baby.

About Us

In our free time we enjoy traveling, eating good food, camping and working in our yard. Megan likes to cook for Courtney, and teach her about football. Courtney enjoys baking delicious muffins and scones for Megan, pretending she likes football, and planning our adventures. We have been fortunate enough to travel together locally and globally, including Mexico, Thailand, and the California coast. We love to get out and support our local community by trying new coffee shops and restaurants.

We work together at a brain injury rehabilitation center. By trade, Megan is an Occupational Therapist and Courtney is a Speech Therapist; however, we have both moved into management positions with flexible schedules and the ability to work from home. Our job focuses on helping individuals and their families cope, understand, and manage a very difficult time in their lives and assist those individuals to returning home or to work. We take great pride in our jobs and love being able to help others in need.

Our most important family values are ones that support love, acceptance, and openness. We also both look forward to teaching our child independence and courage to try new things. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area has exposed us to lots of opportunity for outdoor activities, travel and cultural diversity. Being an LGBT couple, it is very important to us to expose our future child to vast opportunities for learning and development and, in turn, we hope for our child to encourage us to stay active, be fearless, trust our gut, and stay hip.

About Courtney by Megan

Courtney is my favorite person. She makes me smile more than I thought anyone ever could. She is strong willed and passionate about her family and career. She is a great listener and always sees the best in other people. Her sense for fashion and design is amazing as she can make any outfit look like it was made just for her. I love watching her interact with our niece and nephew; I can tell she is going to be a great parent. As a mother, Courtney looks forward to coordinating our child’s perfect outfit and continuing her holiday cookie baking tradition with a little helper. She also looks forward to teaching our child about art and dance.

About Megan by Courtney

Megan is very loving, independent, hard working and creative. I can promise you that our child will have the best Halloween costume, and have tons of fun making it. She is an amazing cook and loves to BBQ for friends and family, as well as try new things, like making her own pasta. She is an awesome teacher and will be able to pass on her skills and love of food to our child. Sports and outdoor activities such as going to baseball games and camping, are a big part of Megan’s identity; she is looking forward to sharing those experiences with our family.

Our Home and Community

Two years ago, we were lucky to purchase our first home together in Oakland, CA. We live in an up and coming, diverse neighborhood with lots of opportunities to get outside for hikes, and explore the community including supporting local businesses. We love living in Oakland because of the openness and acceptance of the community, diversity, opportunities to meet others that are different than us, and exposure to new things. We still have a lot of exploring and learning to do and look forward to sharing those experiences with our child.

We take great pride in the work we have put into our house to make it feel like a home, including transforming the kitchen, bathroom and backyard. We look forward to starting our own vegetable garden and spending time on the patio around the fire pit. After a long day of work we love to spend our evenings in the kitchen, cooking and talking.

Family, Friends, & Dogs

We have a yearly tradition of camping in Mammoth, CA with Courtney’s family. They can’t wait to share their love of the mountains, fishing, camp fires, and family game nights. Megan’s family lives in Vermont. Our trips back east are usually during the winter, when we can enjoy the snow and practice our ice skating skills with our niece.

Many traditions with our friends are centered around the kitchen. We love to cook and share food and conversation with great company. Some of our closest friends are also in the process of parenting for the first time. We are excited to share this experience and look forward to play groups and learning from each other.

We have two dogs, Bailey and Harley. Bailey is a Golden Retriever who is approximately nine years old. After finding her living behind our corporate office in Bakersfield, we happily took her into our home. Two weeks later, Bailey gave birth to six puppies. One dog quickly turned into seven, so we worked hard to find loving homes for the puppies, but couldn’t resist keeping Harley as our own. Harley is now six years old. He is a tri-colored Shepherd mix. Both dogs love people and enjoy going on walks and car rides.

Thank You

We appreciate the time you have taken to consider us as adoptive parents. We are ready and eager to open the next chapter of our lives, and hope that you feel that our personalities, lifestyle, and home would provide a stable and loving environment for your baby