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Meet Cristina and Anthony (Cristy and Tony)


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Where We Live

Napa, California

Favorite Holidays

Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas

Happy Places

Our home, a beach and anywhere with family and friends.

Best Vacation

Rome, Italy

Fun Facts

Cristina is an elementary school teacher. Anthony loves to play golf. We love to travel together.

Hello!  We are Anthony and Cristina, but to our family and friends we are Tony and Cristy. For over a decade, we tried but were unsuccessful in having biological children. We have chosen adoption because we have always wanted to be parents and have a family of our own. Everything that goes into providing a loving home for this addition to our family is in place. We would love the opportunity to raise a child within our loving family.

All About Us

Tony and I were college sweethearts. We met 17 and a half years ago at St. Mary’s College in Moraga, California.  We were both in a community service organization on campus that provided outreach at non-profit organizations around the East Bay.  After a month of meeting up, we found that in addition to our passion for helping others, we had many things in common. We both come from a very tight knit family, are only children, and love to travel.  Then we soon fell in love. Six years later, we were married at the chapel on campus.

Tony is passionate about the outdoors and enjoys spending time golfing, walking with the dogs, and gardening. Most weekends, Tony will barbecue. He puts love into every dish, including, my favorite, pizza!

Cristy loves crafts, and is often found doing some sort of project around the house that involves paint or paper. She also loves to cook authentic Mexican meals for family and friends. Most of all, she enjoys spending time with our fur babies, two lovable and very spoiled chihuahua mixes.

Our Home and Community

We live in a beautiful community of people in Napa, California, about an hour north of San Francisco.  Napa Valley is known for both wine and beautiful landscapes. We love it here because of the bike trails by our house, as well as, parks and open spaces for hiking.  The downtown area, by the river, has many delicious restaurants and activities happening all year round.  We love living here because even though it is a tourist destination, Napa has held onto its small town charm. Napa is filled with lovely people and we believe it will be a great place to raise a family.

Our home is our sanctuary and we love spending time here. Often we are doing some sort of home improvement project.  Our favorite part of the house is our backyard where we enjoy gardening, barbecuing, and catching up with family.  We have a vegetable garden where we grow crops like tomatoes, squash, and peppers. We also have several rose bushes growing along the perimeter of our back fence. It is our dream that one day we can build a small play structure in our backyard, teach our children to swing, play soccer or baseball on the lawn, and create memories.

Our Extended Family

For holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions both sides of our families get together and spend time making and eating lovingly prepared meals.  For Christmas, Cristy’s mom usually leads a tamale assembly line (which everyone takes part in) or makes the most magical pozole.  For birthdays, Tony’s mom enjoys baking cakes and other sweet treats.  We have been fortunate that both our families have been very involved and visit us frequently. Our parents have been very supportive of our decision to pursue adoption and are eager to become grandparents.

We have been raised as only children and are close to our extended family. We both have over 20 cousins who live around the US, Mexico, and Chile who we see often. We are godparents to three of our nieces and nephews (kids of one of Cristy’s cousins).

We have a group of friends we are very close to.  Two of them in particular have been Tony’s long-time friends.  One he met in preschool and the other in high school.  We often connect after a busy week, attending concerts or festivals or simply meeting up for dinner with each other’s families.

About Our Work

We both have always enjoyed our careers.

Cristy is a school teacher. She currently teaches 2nd grade and has been a teacher for sixteen years. She has taught many grade levels, ranging from 1st grade all the way to high school. Being a positive impact in young people’s lives and striving to bring out her students’ full potential is her passion. Cristy’s school is only five minutes from home and gives her a great schedule to be a mom.

Tony works from home as a consultant, assisting federal contractors with government compliance.  He has been a consultant for over 12 years and enjoys math and being able to explain things in an easy to understand way.  His work schedule is very flexible and the owner of the company is very supportive of Tony in taking time off for family.

About Our Pets

We have two sweet little chihuahua mixes named Coco who is fourteen and Bailey who is four.  They are full of energy and can’t get enough walks, but love to spend time on the couch and snuggle.  Coco was a gift from Cristina’s coworkers and Bailey was a gift from one of her student’s family.  Both pups are shy at first, but once they get to know someone, they are very faithful and loving.

Fun Facts and Favorites

We both love cooking and learning about new food and recipes.  Together, we have traveled extensively in the US and abroad.  Some of our favorite places to visit have been Barcelona, Rome, Paris, and Cancun.  We enjoy watching sports, especially in-person, and try to attend at least two baseball games a year.  We often go to St. Mary’s college basketball games to cheer on our alma mater. Also, we like to attend the celebrity golf tournament in Pebble Beach for Tony’s birthday each year.  We enjoy random drives to explore new places or walking around Napa Valley to find new cool spots to hang out.

During college Anthony worked as an assistant PE teacher in elementary schools for two years and worked as a tutor for two years for middle and high school students, both in Oakland, California.

In Closing

We hope this information has given you a glimpse into who we are. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you, as you consider open adoption. Open adoption is a wonderful opportunity. It would be a true blessing for us if you would consider us as possible parents for your child. We would be honored to get to know you further.