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Meet Cynthia & Lora


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Where We Live

San Francisco, California
Duboce Triangle Neighborhood

Fun Facts

Cynthia is an avid knitter and illustrator.
Lora is a published science fiction and fantasy author.

Favorite Vacation Activities

Hiking, Snorkeling, and Visiting Historical Sites


Cynthia: Houston, Texas
Lora: Oakland, California

Favorite Holidays

Chinese New Year & Christmas

Hello!  We are Cynthia and Lora!

We live in San Francisco in a vibrant and diverse urban neighborhood with numerous parks and local shops. We have been together since 2011 and got married in 2013. Our relationship is about unconditional love, warmth, shared values, laughter, and supporting one another to be our best selves. We both have very close relationships with our families, who, just like us, can’t wait to welcome a new member into their hearts!

About Us

We spend a great deal of time with children, from infants to teenagers. We love to explore, go on walks and hikes with our dog, cook at home (sometimes successfully, sometimes not so much so), play board games with friends, attend musical performances, draw, paint, and travel.


About Cynthia, by Lora

Cynthia was born and raised in Texas and has made San Francisco her home. She is intelligent and quite playful with friends and family, and certainly with me. She’s adventurous and loves to be outside and in the world. Cynthia can be found at the rock climbing gym every week and is drawn to trying new athletics. She is also a creative person, with visual arts and textiles being her preferred mediums.

Cynthia is a successful Product Director at an eCommerce technology firm. She has a flexible schedule and works from home.

She is extremely sensitive and emphatic to others. She cares deeply for those around her and is committed to doing the right thing under all circumstances. Cynthia is patient, kind, and has an infectious laugh.

From the beginning, I knew Cynthia was a truly special person and that she possesses one of the most beautiful hearts I have ever encountered. I cannot wait to grow our family together and I know that as long as I am alive, every step of my future will be by her side.

About Lora, by Cynthia

Lora grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. She earned her graduate degree in history and teaches college and high school. She is also a published science fiction writer. As a Professor, Lora has a shorter workday and summers off.

Lora makes people feel seen and special when she meets them, even if it is just a simple good morning greeting. I feel fortunate to get to start each day with her hand-in-hand. She’s an “all-in” kind of person and commits wholeheartedly, whether it’s to empower her students or to give a hug, which are so wonderful that her hugs have a reputation of their own.

She has many hobbies, from reading books and DC Comics to collecting historical replicas of swords and action figures. Her love for ancient worlds and epic fantasy is evident in her excitement and animation when she talks about the characters, whether real or fictional.

When Lora shares and reads aloud using character voices, her enthusiasm is contagious. She will be a wonderful mother telling bedtime stories and inspiring interest and joy in learning about the world.

About Our Home

We live in a neighborhood called Duboce Triangle. It is a vibrant, diverse, and central urban environment with tree-lined streets and easy access to public transportation, as well as neighborhood restaurants, cafes, shops, and open public spaces.

We love that we’re surrounded by three major parks within walking distance. Our favorite is Golden Gate Park and on Sundays, you’ll find us taking our dog on the trails and stopping at the farmer’s market for our weekly fruit and produce.

Our home is a three-floor townhouse, complete with a garage. The many windows and skylights make it welcoming and bright. The interior walls are lined with full shelves of books, art, and keepsakes. We enjoy our private backyard deck on warm nights.

About our dog Juno, by Cynthia and Lora

Juno is our small dog that we adopted from the SPCA four years ago. We named her after the ancient Roman goddess of marriage and family. We adore Juno, and though shy around strangers, she is well-behaved and super sweet around people she knows. We think she is just as excited as we are to someday meet the newest member of our family!

Thank You

We wish you health and happiness in these upcoming days. We look forward to hopefully being able to talk with you about the dreams and life you want for your child. We feel so fortunate to have so much love to share now and all the days to come!

With love and respect, Lora and Cynthia