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Meet David & Vicky

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Where We Live

San Mateo, CA

Favorite Holidays

Vicky: Halloween
David: Thanksgiving

Happy Places

Vicky: Monterey Bay Aquarium
David: Colorado


Vicky: Scuba Diving
David: Video Games


Vicky: Journalist & Artist
David: Software Engineer

Hi, we’re Vicky and David! We’re an adventurous pair with a fondness for nature, board games, puzzles, crafts, and music. We’d love to raise a child in our supportive, multi-cultural home. Adoption was always our first choice for starting a family and we appreciate you considering us to care for your little one.

Our Life

We’ve been together since 2014, when we bonded over our shared love of board games and big trees. When Vicky moved to Santa Cruz for grad school, and then to Washington D.C. for a job, David tagged along; when David wanted to travel the country in a converted cargo van, Vicky was in for the ride. We decided that if we could be happy together in that tiny space, we could be happy together forever. David proposed to Vicky at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and she was thrilled to say yes. Now, we’re settled in one place and ready to share our love with a new family member.

About Vicky, by David

Each day with Vicky is an adventure. Her favorite morning hangout spot is knee-deep in the ocean, inspecting colorful sea slugs. In the afternoon, you’ll find her binding a book or painting little murals on our house. As evening falls, we’ll make a splendid dinner before we curl up for a movie. She’s always working to make the world a better place. She volunteers at a local food bank, cooking meals for our community. She has taught many years at a science summer camp, providing a fun, nurturing, educational environment for kids of all ages. Vicky approaches life with unparalleled enthusiasm for the world around her. I can’t wait to watch her instill that same sense of wonder in a child.

About David, by Vicky

David makes a room cozy and comfortable just by existing in it. I’ve never felt safer than I do with him, and kids respond the same way. But despite his mellow nature and chill hobbies (video games, puzzles, and board games with many rules), he’s no homebody. It was his idea for us to take off on a six-month cross-country road trip in an adorable converted van. The trip gave me a look at David’s real values: friends and family, beautiful natural places, and experiences outside of our own. Living in such close quarters together, I realized there’s no one in the world who can roll with the punches and keep me laughing like David can. He’s going to be the greatest dad in the world.

Our Home

In 2021, we moved in to a cute house on a charming cul-de-sac in San Mateo. We’re walking distance to restaurants, three neighborhood parks and schools for every age group. Best of all, we know every neighbor on the block — it’s a sweet community of young families and retirees. On warm evenings, we all hang out at the end of the street, chatting and collectively watching the kids run around. Our sunny home is full of books, craft projects, homemade quilts, and a big shelf of games.

Our Extended Family

We’re lucky to be surrounded by amazing friends and family. We can’t imagine a more supportive, funny, creative village in which to raise a child. Vicky’s multiracial family likes to make things (elaborate meals, robots, glass mosaic sculptures) and David’s Jewish family shares a lifetime of silly jokes and heartfelt stories. Our incredible friends are scientists, artists, doctors, teachers, and engineers. Every one of them is excited to help us raise a happy, healthy child.

Our Hopes

We want to raise a curious, happy child in a diverse and encouraging environment. We would welcome a birth family as a cherished part of that community! We know that in any case, we’ll give our unconditional love and support to any kid in our care. Thanks for reading our profile, and please accept our best wishes for you and your baby no matter what you decide.