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Meet Desiree

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Seasonal Activity

Ice Skating

Languages I Speak

English and Spanish


Christmas Ornaments from Vacation Destinations

Can't Live Without


First off, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to learn about who I am!

Surfing. Skydiving. Snowboarding. I’ve experienced them all! My nieces and nephews would surely tell you, Tia Desiree has lots of adventures!

The one adventure, the one experience, I’m most excited about is becoming a parent and adoption has always been my plan for starting a family.

My eldest sister place her own newborn with an adoptive family that nurtured her into a strong young woman so I recognize how special it is to start a family through the honor of open adoption.

Get to Know Me

This is a beautiful world and I embrace life whole-heartedly. I love experiencing new things and exploring new places I’ve never visited whether it’s in my own backyard or across the country. Cue the music:

Hiking and beach trips and fun in the kitchen

Ballet and theater and talented musicians

Brilliant fine art and anyone that sings

These are a few of my favorite things

…clearly I also love musicals and Julie Andrews!

Over the years, adventures aside, what I’ve come to treasure most in life is genuine intimate emotional connection with others – be it with family or friends.

What I Do

I love my career! I manage global clinical trials for a pharmaceutical company.

It’s sort of like being the conductor of a symphony.

My career allows me to work from home and I’m usually done with work in the afternoon. My company provides 12 weeks of leave for baby bonding and in addition to our usual vacation time, we get a week off during each summer and winter.

My Home and Community

I live in a diverse neighborhood in South San Francisco. Within a 1-mile radius there are parks, a library, schools, and an excellent day care center.

My place is on the second floor and overlooks a lively street scene thanks to the Starbucks below me and a Trader Joe’s across the street. The living room is an excellent place for people watching. It’ll be the perfect location for the baby and I to perch and watch all sorts of cars and trucks go by along with people walking their dogs.

Meet My Amazing Family & Friends

My three siblings (sister-sister-brother) all live in Los Angeles and my eldest niece who has four kids of her own lives in Oregon. Although we don’t get to visit each other frequently in person whenever we do it’s always filled with fun and laughter.

Locally, my chosen family is essentially a village of swing dancers. We love spending afternoons in the park, having family style meals, and movie nights. We’ve even vacationed together!

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about me.

I plan to honor and respect your relationship to your child through open discussions and talking about you and your family. I’m comfortable with whatever level of openness you’d like to have, whether it be exchanging photos, phone calls, or emails. I’ll dedicate myself entirely to your baby’s safe, secure, and happy future. I look forward to getting to know each other further.