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Meet Dimitrios and Travis

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Where We Live

San Francisco, CA, in a quiet family-friendly neighborhood

Favorite Holidays

France, Bora Bora, Cattle ranch in Colorado (Travis's family), Greece (Dimitrios's family)

Happy Places

Home, Libraries, Museums, Seaside, Mountains

Best Vacation

India with our friends from there

Fun Facts

Travis loves to bake, trivia games, and architecture; Dimitrios enjoys road trips, sailing, snowboarding, and books

We have been together for 14 years, during which time we have traveled the world, made friends, and have grown deeply in love with each other. We would really love to share this love with a little girl or boy, and bring them alongside this crazy journey called life.

Our Life

We’re so eager to share our life and happiness with a child of our own. We started sharing our lives with each other 13 years ago in Boston when we were grad students. Since then we’ve moved to San Francisco, settled into our careers, and surrounded ourselves with a great group of friends. We enjoy indoor activities at home, but we love road trips, sailing, and traveling all over the world. Dimitrios works for a big tech company, where he manages a team of engineers developing technologies for health research, but he makes plenty of time for reading and enjoying the company of others.

We promise you is that we will love your baby unconditionally. We will show them the world; teach them to love everything that is good and beautiful; and hopefully raise them up to be a happy human being that spreads good and joy in this world.

About Dimitrios, by Travis

Dimitrios is a kind, loving, and easy-going husband. He’s got an adventurous spirit and is never afraid of going new places or trying new things. He’s the life of the party, loves to laugh, meet new people, and have a good time

He’s also one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. He’s constantly reading and sharing what he learns. Our child will grow up speaking several languages at home, so they can spend quality time with grandparents in Greece during the summer! He’s taught me to forgive and let go of anger. Life is for happiness and adventure!

About Travis, by Dimitrios

Travis demonstrates this remarkable and rare enthusiasm for life. Very much like a child experiencing the world for the first time. Watch him with his nephews on a craggy shore looking for critters. See him admiring a beautiful building. His eyes tear up while  listening to a piece at the opera.

Throughout the years, he’s helped me see the beauty in the world by sharing his limitless enthusiasm for seemingly mundane things. Which is what will make him a great father—he will be “one of the kids,” sharing in their games and in their joy. He’s also got this amazing sense of right and wrong, mixed with compassion and empathy. Nothing animates him more than everyone in this world being allowed to have a stable, happy life in the way they choose to, just like we do.

Our Home

Our neighborhood in San Francisco is filled with playgrounds, parks, and schools. Lots of young families live nearby and the street we live on is now a ‘slow street’ dedicated for families to use for play, learning to ride bikes, chalk art, and all other sorts of fun.

It’s a lively, safe, and sunny place with lots of small cafes and stores.  In the evenings there’s a cool ocean breeze. Our house is a 2 bedroom condo with great neighbors. We love to throw dinner parties and host board game nights with friends. The sunny kitchen  is always used since we’re constantly cooking or baking something.  We’ve also got a cozy library filled with books.

Our Extended Family

Travis I grew up on a cattle ranch in Colorado and have a

giant group of cowboy relatives. Thanksgiving, Christmas, or our big

gathering on Memorial Day always see at least 100 family members

showing up for some horse-riding, gardening, four-wheelers, or just

chilling out at the ranch.

Dimitrios I was raised in Greece where most of my family still lives. We are very relaxed people, enjoying a good family meal, road trips, and the beach.

My/Our Wish for You

You’re going through a pretty amazing and probably also difficult experience right now. We are so grateful that you’re even considering gifting the little one growing inside you to fulfill our dreams. We promise you that we will do everything to provide for them a loving, safe, happy home, and you will always be welcome to have a relationship with them in whatever way you feel comfortable.