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Meet Dwaine & Nakeena


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Weekend Fun

Picnics at the Park
Day Trips along Highway 1
Trying New Restaurants

Favorite Holidays

Easter Reflection and Fun
Thanksgiving / Friendsgiving
The Entire Christmas Season

Happy Places

Disney World with Family
Jamaican Beaches near Dwaine's Hometown
Local Trails along the San Francisco Bay

Best Family Vacation

Christmas in San Diego - Zoo Lights, Holidays at The Del, and Walks on the Beach


Dwaine - Photography and Running
Nakeena - Dancing, Discovering New Music and Reading

Hi, we are The Taylors – Dwaine, Nakeena & Micah! We’re excited to expand our family through a second adoption. We have been together for eight years and married for five years. We value kindness, serving others, and caring for family, and promise to provide a loving and nurturing home.

Our Life

Our family is a blend of cultures and experiences that we want to share with our children. Dwaine was born and raised in Jamaica before moving to California. Nakeena grew up in Texas and Florida and has lived in New York and Chicago. Our marriage is founded on mutual respect and support for each other.

Our greatest joy comes from being parents. Our son, Micah, is a sweet and energetic little person who likes tickle time, music, jumping on the trampoline, and exploring outside. He will be a fun big brother and looks forward to leading adventures with a sibling.

We believe in keeping a positive outlook on life and staying true to our values. Our core values include being kind, serving others, and striving for excellence in our everyday lives. We will encourage a child to treat others respectfully and to believe that they are capable of achieving their dreams.

Our home is one full of love and nurturing and we promise to provide a loving home for any little one in our care.

About Nakeena, by Dwaine

Nakeena is smart and always seeks new things to learn through reading and podcasts. She is an attorney at a philanthropic organization and has a flexible work schedule. She enjoys cooking healthy versions of southern and Caribbean food she grew up eating. She loves all types of music and dance. She keeps me laughing with her witty humor. Nakeena dedicates time to serve in the community and mentor others, especially youth, and younger professionals. Her love of travel began at a young age and we enjoy building memories through family vacations.

Nakeena is a patient and nurturing mom and hopes to be a role model to her children like her parents’ were for her. She looks forward to sharing her love of learning and adventure with another little one and to nurture their own passions and talents.

About Dwaine, by Nakeena

Dwaine is one of the most supportive and thoughtful people I know. He has a big heart and is very generous. His selfless spirit makes him a great dad. He grew up in Jamaica and chose the US as his new home in his twenties. Dwaine believes in healthy eating habits and likes to run and play basketball. He loves taking pictures to capture special moments with family and friends. Dwaine works as a technician at a local utility company and sometimes puts his maintenance and handy skills to use around the house.

I love watching Dwaine make our son giggle as he plays with him. He is excited to make another child laugh as well as give the best hugs to support them as they grow up. He’s ready to capture their first steps, first day of school, Disney World trips, and so many other memories on camera.

Our Home & Community

We live in a three-bedroom home in South San Francisco within a family-centered community where neighbors regularly say “hi” to each other and families gather at the nearby playgrounds within walking distance from our house.

We frequently venture out to nearby beaches, trails, and national parks that are only a 20 minutes or less drive away. We enjoy watching our son jump on the trampoline, picking fresh plums, and eating dinner on sunny days in our backyard.

Our Wish for You

We respect your great strength and compassion to consider open adoption for your child. We hope our profile eases some of the emotions you may be experiencing at this time by showing how much we care for each other as well as our excitement to expand our family.

You are an essential part of your child’s adoption story and we look forward to developing a thoughtful and open relationship with you.