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Meet Emily & John


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Emily: Albany, Oregon, John: Portland, Oregon


Cats: Layla and Jones

Favorite Food

Emily: Pizza, John: Lasagna

Favorite Movie

Emily: Ever After, John: Nightmare Before Christmas

Best Vacation


Hi! We’re Emily and John, a healthy, active couple in our 30’s living in Dublin, CA. Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us.  We hope our profile gives you an idea of what it’s like to be a part of our family. We have lots more to share and would love to get to know you too! Should you entrust us with the extraordinary gift of parenthood, we are committed to providing a safe and happy home full of love, laughter, and encouragement. If we seem like a good fit to you, we’d love to connect!

About Our Family

Our family activities are perfect for including children. Most of our free time is spent hanging out with family and friends, wandering through the local year-round farmers market, playing at the park, checking out local restaurants, building sand castles at the beach, or attending football, basketball, and baseball games. We love to be silly and laugh.

We are especially excited to share our love of family, friends, travel, and learning with our child.

We both come from families of five and consider our close friends as family too. We’re both originally from Oregon and are thankful to be able to visit our family in Oregon multiple times each year. Most of John’s family now lives nearby in California and Emily has cousins here as well, so we are surrounded by people we love in both states! Our families are incredibly loving, supportive, and fun!

John’s parents are retired and live locally and Emily’s parents visit regularly from Oregon. Grandparents will play an active role in our child’s life and will have a Nana, Papa, Yaya, and Zeidy who adore them!

We both have close relationships with our nieces, nephews, and friends’ children. We love our visits with them, spending time playing and making memories together.

Meet Emily...written by John

Are you looking at these pictures? Do you see that smile?!? Well, once I saw that smile, Emily had me!

Emily loves to explore and travel to new cities, dine at hip restaurants, watch all of the Harry Potter movies (again!), and is a total bookworm. Emily is just as comfortable going for walks and hikes as she is to make a cup of tea and watch movies all day.

Emily works for a major garbage hauler, primarily on the recycling side. She has a passion for teaching others how to help preserve our environment. You could say she’s kind of an Earth-loving hippie.

Emily is definitely a mother waiting to happen. She loves all children and will gladly hold any newborn that comes her way. Watching her with her nephew, Reese, is a testament to how she can and will love a child unconditionally. All of her hometown friends in Oregon who have children just love it when “Auntie Em” comes to visit.

I know that Emily is really excited to experience all the “first time parent” moments as a new mom. Comforting our baby when they’re upset and crying with delight when they say their first word. I can’t wait to listen to Emily sing Disney songs to our baby!  That first trip to Disneyland with our son or daughter is going to be epic!

Meet John...written by Emily

John is the most likable, fun-loving person I’ve ever met. He has an infectious smile and loves his family and friends dearly. There isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for someone he cares for and I know that all of these traits will make him an excellent dad!

Most importantly we have fun together and are true partners in life. John is very nurturing to me and I know he will do the same for our child.

John’s hobbies include playing basketball, detailing cars, spending time with family and friends, listening to music, and being active outdoors. He has tons of energy!

John works in loss prevention for a large retailer, which basically means that he catches shoplifters and prevents loss for the store. He has worked in his field for about nine years and really enjoys what he does. He is currently on track to promote within his company!

Kids are drawn to John because he is kind and gentle. It’s so fun to watch John play with our friends’ children. I know that John is super excited to introduce our son or daughter to the wide world of sports and can’t wait to take them to their first game. He’ll be a hands-on dad who supports our child in whatever they choose to do. I’m excited to see him cuddle his sweet little boy or girl.

Our Home

We live in a cozy apartment in a quiet community 40 miles east of San Francisco. We are located within walking distance to a brand new park, the city library, and a really great paved walking trail.

Our complex has a pool, outdoor BBQs, and a hot tub.  We spend the majority of our free time at the pool when the weather is nice…which is most of the time! We love where we live and plan to enjoy all that our community has to offer even more once our child arrives.

Our Stay at Home Parenting Plan

Having the ability to stay at home with our baby is really important to us and something that we’re planning for. Once we are blessed to have a baby in our family, we will both take time off from our jobs to bond as a family. After that we both plan to adjust our work schedules in order to stay at home and avoid the need for daycare.

Our Hope for You

We recognize that in order for us to become parents an expectant woman will be making a tremendous sacrifice.  Our hope for you is that you become an integral part of our family and that this child knows that they are being raised by a village of people who love them dearly. Our hope for you is peace.  Our hope for you is well-being.  Our hope for you is love.  Welcome to the family.