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Meet Eric and Andrea

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Where We Live

El Sobrante, California (east of San Francisco)

Favorite Food

Ramen, burritos, and anything breakfast

Best Vacation

Andrea thrives on Thailand, and Eric is a fan of France

Happy Places

Eric digs coffee shops in big cities, and Andrea loves the sunny outdoors

Fun Facts

Andrea is a Tetris master, and Eric can make amazing trumpet noises with his mouth!

Hello- nice to virtually meet you! Hola y muchisimo gusto!

We are a married couple in our early 30s who have always wanted to adopt. We had planned for a biological and an adopted child, but could not conceive. It has been hard, but we are so excited and ready to be parents, no matter how it happens!

We are honored you are taking the time to get to know us, and so much admire your strength and compassion in considering adoption for your child.

Our Love and Life

Like many people our age, we met online! Our lives are pretty busy, and we tend to be a little shy–so it was hard to find someone who shared the same values and life goals… but an OKCupid profile helps a lot! Even after the first date, we knew this was something real. Andrea fell in love with Eric for his sincerity, patience, and desire to be the best person he can be. Eric loves Andrea for her passion, commitment to helping others, and secret goofiness.

We both work hard, but know it is important to have fun, too. On weekends, we fix up the house and garden, go to the movies or to brunch with friends, take a long hike, or just snuggle up with Netflix. We also love to travel. We have been luckily enough to see parts of Asia, Europe, and South America, and cannot wait to see lots of new places and share new experiences with our child.

It has been an eventful relationship, full of compromises and growth, but we have only become closer and stronger in the process. Now, we are excited to begin our journey toward parenthood through open adoption. It is what we most look forward to experiencing together, and the only thing that is missing to make our lives feel truly fulfilled.

Andrea, by Eric

There are definitely two sides to Andrea. One is professional, hardworking, and organized–as a mental health therapist, Andrea helps kids and adults deal with all sorts of difficult life experiences. In our home, she keeps a whiteboard with our schedule written in the tiniest letters 🙂

On the other hand, Andrea is very silly. She is the woman who dances in the aisles in the grocery store, sings in the shower, and still loves cartoons and stuffed animals. In her free time, Andrea goes dancing, learns languages (she is working on Russian, Japanese, and ASL), plays the piano, and spends time enjoying nature.

I know Andrea will bring both sides of her personality into being a mom. She is not scared of having the hard conversations, and looks forward to giving guidance and support to our child when they are going through a difficult time. She will teach our child to be efficient and responsible, and how to speak Spanish. At the same time, Andrea will be there to start tickle fights, make ridiculous jokes, and play on the jungle gym with our child. She is going to be a great mom.

Eric, by Andrea

Eric is pure goodness. He only sees the positive in others, and is always there to be a listening ear (even when I talk too much!). If you ask him a question, it may take him a long time to answer because he wants to carefully consider what he thinks and how he feels- he never says anything he does not mean.

Eric also has lots of artistic talent and a vivid imagination. As a video game designer, he brings creativity both to his work and his personal life. Eric has designed one of Andrea’s tattoos, built a beautiful gate for the backyard, and painted our house with precision. Eric is a movie buff, loves art and video games, and plays Dungeons and Dragons with his friends.

I know Eric will have so much to offer our future child. He is handy around the house, and can show our child how to fix the dishwasher, toilet, and washing machine (all of which he has done for us!). Eric also loves to read, and cannot wait to snuggle up next to our child before bed with Green Eggs and Ham or The Giving Tree.

Finally, Eric will be the calm, stable presence that will keep our child feeling safe and protected. Our child will always be able to rely on Eric. He will be a wonderful father.

Our Home

We live in beautiful El Sobrante, CA, about thirty minutes east of San Francisco. Our house has a cozy family room where we play board games and watch movies. Our living room has a huge bookcase and a piano Andrea wants to teach our child to play. Upstairs, there is baby room with yellow walls and stencils of zoo animals, that glows with orange light in the mornings.

We also have a big backyard full of plants and fruit trees. There is a sunny deck perfect for BBQs, kicking a ball around, or just listening to the birds. Behind us is a view of Wildcat Canyon, and most nights you can hear wind roaring through the valley.

Our neighborhood is scattered with family-owned shops and restaurants, and beautiful hiking trails are a short drive away.

But the best part of our home are our fur babies! V is a 14 year-old, orange tabby cat. He may not like a lot of cuddling, but he does like hanging out next to us when we are upstairs. Eden is a 6 year-old, blue-grey pitbull, who is energetic, friendly, and jumps on our laps when we are watching TV. Eden will love having another little friend to cuddle and play with.

We cannot wait to share all our favorite things with our new baby.

Our Traditions

Our families have many traditions that we plan to pass down to our future child. We do not have any spiritual traditions- as we do not practice a particular religion- but those we follow have the same effect of bonding us through quality time together.

On Halloween, we love to carve intricate pumpkins and get dressed up. Andrea remembers loving the squishy insides of the pumpkin, and cannot wait to make a mess with our baby. Eric makes elaborate costumes, like Iron Man and the Dread Pirate Roberts, and is so excited to dress up our baby as a mini Yoda.

For Christmas, Eric makes Swedish meatballs with gravy, and for the New Year, we eat one grape for every month and make a wish, while keeping our feet off the ground (imagine lots of balancing on couches and chairs!). And after a big meal together, we always play card games or sing karaoke (Eric has a lovely voice).

We have more casual traditions as well, like eating Chilean crepes or Swedish baked pancake (pankaka) on lazy Sunday mornings and watching our favorite shows after dinner. We know that a child will only make these moments that much more meaningful.

Our Promise to You

It is impossible to fully express how excited we are to be parents, and just how much attention, joy, comfort, and unconditional support we will offer your baby.

Andrea’s aunt was adopted, and her mom always talks about how she adored her sister more than anyone. The fact that they were not related by blood made no difference at all. It did not matter how she joined the family- the love has been strong and never-ending.

We will encourage our future child to explore lives beyond their own bubbles and find a balance between giving back to the world and finding self-fulfillment. We have no expectations for who they will be or what they will do in their future, and will accept them no matter what they choose. As long as they are happy and good to others, we will have done our jobs.

The decision to consider adoption is one we cannot fully comprehend- it is selfless, compassionate, brave, and we imagine, very painful as well. You are someone we will always admire, regardless of whether or not you choose us as your adoptive parents. Thank you for considering this incredibly difficult decision, and for being the person you are. We will be forever grateful.