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Meet Erwan & Christina

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Where We Live

San Francisco, California

Where we grew up

Erwan: On the coast of Brittany (France)
Christina: Virginia (USA), Seoul (Korea) and Okinawa (Japan)


Christina loves dancing. Erwan likes rock Climbing. We both enjoy swimming and cooking

Best Vacation

Sicily, Italy

Fun Facts

We love taking city walks, picnicking in San Francisco parks, shopping for fresh vegetables, and British TV shows

Hello! Bonjour! from Erwan and Christina. We are a French-American couple living in San Francisco. We are very excited to start a family in our new home through open adoption. We value taking care of family, cooking and sharing meals, and spending time with our friends near and far. Thanks for taking a moment to get to know us and we look forward to hearing from you

Our Story

Bonjour from Christina and Erwan from the sunniest neighborhood of San Francisco!  Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about us.  We both moved to the Bay Area to continue our education as Scientists after finishing our Ph.D.s.  Despite being at rival schools, we managed to meet, fall in love, and have been married for 7 years.  Erwan is French and although Christina is American, she grew up in Asia.

Adoption has long been a part of our lives as Christina’s cousin is adopted and we have an adopted nephew and niece through Erwan’s brother.  We have always planned on trying to adopt and hope we are able to do so to become first time parents.  We would be thrilled to meet you and learn more about you and your hopes.

Erwan by Christina

Erwan and I meet when my salsa dance partner brought him to my house for a party. I was struck by how friendly he was and his lack of intimidation to join the party, which included dancing with professional dancers.  As a prior avid rock climber, Erwan was agile to keep in beat with the dancers even if improvising otherwise.  Erwan is loyal and devoted to his friends and family and comes from a supportive and close family.  Sharing well-cooked meals is important part of our lives and Erwan is an excellent cook who packs our lunches on most days.  Erwan is patient and likes to take care of others, for example, he excels at locating items I have lost in our house.  It’s these small, but important everyday things that give me confidence Erwan will be a wonderful partner to raise a child.

Christina by Erwan

Christina is a very open-minded, considerate, and the most thoughtful person I ever met. Every Christmas or to thank somebody, Christina will write a handwritten personal card. She is a conscientious and caring person.

Christina was born in Washington DC area, but moved to Asia when she was 7. She grew up experiencing different cultures, living with people from different backgrounds, and made friends all around the world. She moved to the US for college.

Christina works extremely hard and she has been successful in her career as a Scientist, but always puts family first. Christina is the guardian of her dad and calls him at least 4 times a week. If she travels to Europe for work, she will visit my family in France or Germany whenever possible.

I have no doubt Christina will be an amazing mother. She always lights up around our friend’s kids, nieces and nephews. She is always ready to dance, read a book, or bake. I am really looking forward to see her doing the same things with the child we will end up raising together.

Our Home

San Francisco has been our home for the past 8 years. We live in the Mission, which is a warm and sunny neighborhood, next to the oldest Mission in town. Our apartment is close to a great park with a playground. We are walking distance to grocery stores, restaurants, ice cream stores, schools and public transportation. Living in the neighborhood for 8 years, we have developed close relationships with neighbors, restaurant owners to create a great feeling of community.

On the weekend, we love to walk the city, have a picnic in a park, visit museums, go to the swimming pool, or watch a movie on the couch in the evening. We also enjoy grocery shopping at local markets to cook a meal for ourselves and to share with friends as enjoying a family meal is a central part of our life. We recently purchased our first home in San Francisco and can’t wait to grow our family there.

Our Family

Although our families live in others states or countries, family is a big part of our lives, and we enjoy visiting them.

Christina’s mother retired in Tennessee by the Smokies National Park and Christina’s dad lives in Northern Virginia by Shenandoah National Park. We love to visit them and enjoy the quiet pace of life in the parks. One of our family traditions is to visit Virginia at the of end winter for the Maple sugar season.

Erwan’s family lives in France and Germany. Every other year, for a full week, we get all together in France for Christmas with Erwan’s brothers, parents and nieces and nephews. With the family getting bigger, the house gets busy, full of joy, a celebration that everybody looks forward to.

We have also a group of close friends in San Francisco, who have been supportive and look forward to getting together once we have completed the adoption process.

Our Promise

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us.

We are excited about growing our family with a child. We have both traveled the world, learning about different cultures, and it is important to us that your child understands where he or she came from. Together, we promised to raise your child in a house fill with love, where we value education, family and learning about the world through travel, reading, and dance.


Erwan & Christina