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Meet Greg and SueZann

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Where We Live

Aldie, Virginia

Favorite Holidays

Christmas is a special time for us. A time to be with family and a time to share with those in need.

Where We Work

Greg is a federal law enforcement agent and Suezann is a stay-at-home mom.

Best Vacation

Disneyland - the happiest place on Earth.

Fun Facts

We love scooters, pools, beaches, camping, and having friends over for dinner and playing games.

Hi, we are Greg, Suezann, and, Alexa from Aldie, Virginia.
We are excited to expand our family once again through adoption! We are honored and very thankful to have you read our letter. We respect and admire your courage and willingness to consider adoption for your child. Thank you for considering us as potential parents for your baby. You are doing something for us that we cannot do for ourselves. The grace in that act is so beautiful!

Why Adoption For Us

We are not able to naturally conceive our own children, but we are incredibly grateful to be given the opportunity to adopt. Being chosen to parent Alexa through open adoption has meant the world to us! We loved her from the second we saw her, and we felt a primal desire to protect her, to give her the best life possible, and to do whatever it takes to help her succeed.  We feel that becoming parents through adoption is a very special and unique calling. We know that we can be a strong, nurturing presence in a child’s life. We would love to be able to help, guide, and support your child in becoming the person they want to be.

About Us

We met on Valentine’s Day in 2007 through an online dating service. Greg was living in Washington, D.C., and Suezann was living in Florida. While dating, we were able to take advantage of the areas we lived in. We enjoyed our dates to the monuments, museums and parks in D.C., as well as the beautiful beaches and natural springs in Florida. Our relationship developed quickly and we were married in May of 2008. Our love and passion for travel, movies, sports, religion and laughter brought us together and continues to strengthen our marriage.

We were both raised Christian as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We are very active in our church and enjoy the peace and joy it brings into our lives. We study the life of Jesus Christ and try to love and serve as he did. When Greg was nineteen years old, he served a two-year mission in Moscow, Russia.

In 2013, we were privileged to have Alexa join our family. She has been the biggest blessing in our lives. She has brought so much love and happiness into our hearts and home and we are incredibly grateful we’ve been entrusted to raise her.

Our Home and Family Time

As a family, we spend as much time together as possible. Greg usually works during the day, Monday through Friday. Suezann is a stay-at-home mom. Some of our favorite activities include: riding our scooters around the neighborhood and to parks, playing games, having dance parties, watching movies, camping, swimming, and hanging out with our friends.

We live in a Craftsman style house in northern Virginia. There are several parks within a short walk from our home, a large swimming pool and clubhouse, as well as beautiful walking/biking trails. Our neighborhood is full of young families and there are many fun community events to attend.

We are also fortunate to live close to Washington DC, to visit the many monument, museums, and national zoo.

About Suezann (by Greg)

I fully admit that I fell head over heels for Suezann from the start. I can remember being nervous because she was so beautiful, and I felt like she was out of my league. With every passing day, I realized more and more how amazing this woman really is. She is kind, honest, sincere, funny, and caring. My love for her deepens immensely as I watch her interact with Alexa—she is so nurturing and patient with her.

Suezann was born into a large family in Pocatello, Idaho. She has a close bond with her sisters and she FaceTimes with them weekly. Suezann’s mother taught her how to bake (mmm, her homemade bread), and through delivering newspapers and babysitting, she learned at a young age how to budget money. Although I never had the privilege of meeting her father (he unfortunately passed away before we met), it is clear to me that she adored him. At the age of 16, Suezann was admitted into the hospital for an appendectomy. Complications arose and she ended up having to stay for 30 days. Suezann was scared, so her mother stayed by her side practically the entire duration. This experience has left a deep impression on her heart and the desire to be equally as loving and devoted with her own children.

Suezann has a great work ethic and fully dedicates herself to everything she does. When we lived in Washington, D.C., she worked a block away from the White House as an administrative assistant for several prominent lobbyists in the oil industry. Her employers constantly praised her for her work, and they were sad to see her leave upon us moving to California.

Suezann is fun and easy to get along with. She loves game nights, is naturally athletic and is an incredible cook. She is a fantastic mother. She is kind, loving, selfless, responsible and loves unconditionally. She is my dream come true.

About Greg (By Suezann)

Greg is the happiest person I have ever met. He lives life to the fullest and is always looking for the best in everyone.  His most endearing quality is his ability to love unconditionally. He never says an unkind word about anyone. I feel blessed to have him as my best friend and husband.

As soon as Alexa was born, Greg felt an instant bond with her and he has loved being a dad ever since. Being a father is the most rewarding part of his life. His favorite part of the day is when he gets to come home and play with Lexi.

Greg grew up in a large family in the beautiful state of Colorado. He is very close with his parents, four brothers, and one sister. Although they all live in Colorado we make it a priority to visit them as often as possible. Our get-togethers are always fun and consist of delicious food, games, and lots of laughter. Greg’s parents often treat us to a day at a museum, or tickets to a play or a musical. We always look forward to our time with Greg’s family.

Greg is great at setting and accomplishing goals. He received a bachelor’s degree in political science and Russian studies, and a master’s degree in criminal justice, graduating with honors. He now has his dream job of working as a federal law enforcement agent and is held in very high esteem. He enjoys going to work every day and loves knowing he is making a difference in the world. His jobs have enabled him to travel around the world and have given him the training and ability to protect us and keep us safe. Because of his passion and work ethic, I am able to be there to play, teach and care for our children as a stay-at-home mom.

I feel so lucky and blessed to be married to someone who loves me unconditionally and never fails to tell me and show me this each and every day. He is an amazing father and shows Alexa the same love and support that he shows me and she totally adores him!

About Alexa

Alexa is her full name, but we like to call her Lexi. She is full of adventure, loves to laugh, and is pretty fearless too. She typically has two modes, fast and super fast. She is an active, happy, loving little girl that has a lot of personality.

She loves to have friends over for play dates and is pretty good with sharing her toys. She loves going to school, she is a great reader but enjoys doing math the most. Her current favorite things are Legos, Play-Doh, riding her scooter, jumping on the trampoline, and playing any sport that includes a ball. She is super imaginative and creative and loves to draw. She is currently taking a ballet, jazz, and tap dance class.

Lexi can be shy when first meeting someone, but quickly opens up and becomes her usual playful self. She would rather play with a friend than by herself and is always asking when she will get a brother or a sister to play with. She is excited to help take care of a baby and is already acts like a big sister to the younger kids she plays with, very gentle and helpful.

Lexi really is a joy in our home. Our favorite is when she initiates family hugs. She yells “family hug” with her arms wide open—then we all hug! She is such a sweet little love bug and we think she is going to be a fantastic big sister.

How We Feel About Adoption

We love open adoption, but understand and respect whatever decision you make. We hope that together we can teach our child about their beginnings—about where they were born and who you are. We hope that you can be there to answer their questions and by chance you are not available, we promise to answer them as truthfully and lovingly as we can. We also want you to know that we will teach respect to your child by showing respect for you in all of our discussions.

We have such a high regard for birth parents and we are happy to talk more about the future openess between us all.


Our Promise

We want you to know that we are open to sharing pictures, sending letters, creating a blog, visits, and just talking together to help you before and after the adoption.  We promise to raise your child in a home filled with all of the love we possess and create an environment where they can blossom.  We will help them learn with both their heart and mind.  We hope you feel our love, support, and prayers.  We are excited to get to know you and share this experience with you.

We would love to talk to you about your plans and desires.

Please contact us anytime through Adoption Connection’s Phone/Text line at 415-355-4636

Warmest Wishes,

Greg and SueZann