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Meet Haim and Julia

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Where We Live

San Mateo, California

Favorite Holidays

New Year, 4th of July

Happy Places

On a white sand beach

Best Vacation

Paris, France

Fun Facts

When we were spontaneously accompanied by dolphins when we were swimming on the big island in Hawaii.

We are Julia and Haim, a happy young married couple (35), with a 4 year old Great Dane girl Paxi. We’ve been married for over 11 years now. We are thrilled to expand our family!

Both of us work in tech: Haim is a software engineer, and Julia is a User Interface/User Experience designer. We feel very lucky to offer a loving home to our adopted baby.

We appreciate the time you’re taking to learn about us!

Our Origins

We were born in Russia and raised in Israel. But since 2007 we have been living in beautiful sunny San Mateo, California, and we love it here! We are looking forward to becoming great parents, because we are emotionally and financially stable, mature people with curious minds and a great sense of humor. We want to give our child an opportunity for a stress-free life, great education and endless happiness.

How We Met

Haim and I met back when we were teenagers. We met in an online chatroom, when it was a new way to communicate and we became great friends. Years later we went out to a date and our friendship turned into love. We started to live together and got married a year later. Then we moved to California and have lived here since then!

Our Hopes & Dreams

We cannot wait to grow our family! We have dreamed of having a child, growing together with him or her and guiding him or her in this beautiful world, surrounded by warm loving people.

We would love to travel with our child, showing them the world. Haim had a tradition of traveling with his family to Europe at least once a year. We’d like to revive this tradition!

We speak three different languages: Russian, Hebrew, and English. We would love to teach our child these languages, so he or she could speak to his or her cousins in Russia and Israel! Knowing more languages will open doors and will enrich his or her life.

Our family celebrates life everywhere. We love our home, our family, and our work. We have the privilege of working jobs with flexible hours. Our workplaces provide excellent benefits for parents. We both have the flexibility to be work-from-home parents, with the ability to work part-time during our child’s growing years. In addition we will be able to take nearly the entire first year off of work to raise our newborn full-time.

Our Home

We own a beautiful three bedroom house with a living and a family room, two car garage and a huge backyard.

We have lots of fruit trees that produce amazingly good apples, plums and lemons. Our child will be able to play in our big backyard, where there is a lot of space for running and exploring!

We live on a hilly quiet street with friendly neighbors and smiling kids. It is a pretty tightly knit community of people who are ready to help and who are always up for a good chat!

Our child will have his or her own room full of toys, games, and other things they would love to have. We will decorate the walls with all of the artwork that our child creates, as Julia cannot wait to see what a beautiful creative mind he or she will be!

Our house is full of latest gadgets, whether it’s Alexa, iPads or Apple TV; We are passionate about technological advances and new fun things to experience. Haim would love to teach him or her how to ride a bike and eventually, writing programming code!


Family & Friends

Family and friends are very important for us. Our friends are always welcome to visit us for parties of just to chill out on our new patio in the backyard. We love hosting dinner parties or game nights–that’s when Julia has a chance to sharpen her cooking skills with traditional Russian recipes that her mother and grandmother taught her. Our friends bring their kids over all the time, so we have lots of fun together!

We would love to let our child try all kinds of different things in life, so he or she could find their passion.

We would encourage him or her to play sports and participate in all kinds of activities like dance and theatre. We would love coming to watch him or her practice, play or perform!

We will do everything to ensure our child is always loved, cared for, supported emotionally and financially, and able to pursue his or her dreams – no matter what. We believe that it is important for our child to know their family history and the past to be able to move into the future.

Our Wish for You

We are looking forward to building a relationship with you, if you are open to it. We would feel blessed to have you in our lives if you choose us to adopt your child. We will share our child’s growth and development with you as much as you would like so that you can always know that your child is thriving with us as his or her parents.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We would love to meet you and share more about ourselves if you would like.

We know that you are facing a difficult decision and set of circumstances in your life right now. If adoption feels like the best option for you and your baby, we would be honored to parent your child with all of the love, support, kindness, and opportunity that we have to offer.