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Meet Haley and Russ


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Favorite Animal

Haley: rabbit
Russ: raccoon

Favorite Author

Haley: Seanan McGuire, Neil Gaiman, and Terry Pratchett
Russ: Terry Pratchett

Favorite Dessert

Haley: Swedish princess cake
Russ: carrot cake

Favorite Movie

Haley: Arrival
Russ: Star Trek IV

Nursery Theme

Bunnies and Rainbows!

Hi, we’re Russ(36) and Haley(30)! We’re looking to adopt our first child because pregnancy would be especially high risk for Haley. We care deeply about making sure the process of adoption is fair and just to you, the birth parent. Your child will benefit from Haley’s degree in Child Development and 15 years of experience working professionally with children, and will be cared for by a village of close-by extended family.

About Russ, by Haley

Russ is a deeply loving, kind, and empathetic human being. One thing that’s important for understanding him is that he has a really strong moral code focused on social justice. Russ hasn’t had too much experience with kids, but I love seeing him get on the ground to wrestle with our puppy and sit quietly with the bunnies in the evenings, earning their trust. He’s very much a family man and a homebody. Russ is also a talented writer, and spends his free time running tabletop role-playing games similar to Dungeons and Dragons.


About Haley, by Russ

Haley is an incredibly kind, curious, and passionate person, with an amazing capability for finding what she wants in life and building a path to it. Her interest in kids and her intense care for them is woven into her education, work, and goals, and I always know I can count on her to find the energy, courage, or time to help a child in need. She’s outgoing and flexible in just about any social circumstance, and loves learning about other people’s interests, but finds time for herself taking walks to play Pokemon GO or to do one of her many crafts, including knitting, baking, embroidery, and jewelry making.

Careers and Pets


Haley currently works as a nanny for a family of two adopted boys, one of whom she taught previously as a preschool teacher before the pandemic. Haley plans to be a stay-at-home mom for about two years before returning to teaching preschool part-time. Haley has a Bachelor’s degree in Child Development.

Russ works as a court clerk at the courthouse. He’s Union, with excellent benefits, and a short commute. He works from home often, and is always home by 5pm with no overtime. Russ plans to take a 12 week paternity leave.


We have three pets: Nano (Keeshond dog, 3), Hazel (Lionhead rabbit, ~5), and Fiver (mixed breed rabbit, ~5). Nano especially loves kids, and her favorite game is “Chase me!”. Hazel is outgoing and Fiver is more shy, and they all three love bananas.

Our Home

We live in Menlo Park, California, which is South of San Francisco. We live in a suburban neighborhood filled with old growth trees, including a large heritage oak tree in our backyard that shades the whole house and once housed Russ’ childhood treehouse. We hope it will have another treehouse eventually! The local public schools are some of the best in the state.

Our Extended Family

Haley’s family: Haley is very close to her family and we see them often. Her mom, sister, and brother-in-law are close by and plan to help with child care for the little one. Her dad lives in New Mexico and visits often, and he’s been helping us get the nursery ready. Everyone is very excited for this first child of the new generation to arrive!

Russ’ family: We live with Russ’ parents in their large home in Menlo Park, where Russ grew up. This has been an intentional and happy long term arrangement where we all contribute. We are all excited to become a three generation home! His mom and dad are retired and eager to be grandparents, and plan to help with child care. Russ’ cousin is a transracial adoptee from Brazil, living in Indiana.

We Promise You

We will be gentle and kind parents, using discipline grounded in natural consequences.

We will teach your child empathy, compassion, how to take risks, how to stand up for themselves, how to understand their own feelings, and how to change the world.

We will make sure you play a part in your child’s life and that they know where they come from.

We hope to speak with you soon!