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Meet Harry, Mirjam & Oriana


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Where We Live

A couple of blocks from the beach in San Francisco

Fun Fact

Harry and Mirjam were married by Elvis in Las Vegas


Our cuddly cat, Levi

Best Vacation

Exploring Montana (riding horses, boating, camping, seeing bears!)

Favorite Time Of Day

Snuggling up together and reading before bed time

We are really excited to be on this adoption journey and bring a baby into our loving, caring family: Harry, Mirjam (pronounced just like the English version “Miriam”), and our daughter Oriana. We are grateful to have this chance to introduce ourselves to you. We would love to connect with you and learn about your hopes and dreams for your child’s future!

About Us

We live in San Francisco in a beautiful historic house a couple of blocks from the beach. We love all the fun adventures and activities that California has to offer!

Our relationship started with a chance meeting at a hostel when we were both traveling in England. Our love was strong and after 10 years on different continents, exchanging many handwritten letters and phone calls across the ocean, we met again in Montreal and we’ve been with each other ever since.

We have a relationship based on deep love, respect, openness, and much laughter. We were married by Elvis in a fun-filled wedding in Las Vegas and since then have been living in San Francisco with lots of family adventures. Our respect for each other, our deep emotional bond, and being silly together has kept us strong and brought us ever closer. It is within that space of deep love that we are bringing up our daughter and would love the chance to welcome another child. We promise that we would raise your child in a home filled with all the love we possess, create an environment where he or she can blossom, and encourage and support whatever path he or she may choose.

About Mirjam (by Harry)

Mirjam is the most fantastic mother to Oriana and she loves kids. She is always the adult to volunteer to look after the kids and organize games at the playground, school events, and other gatherings. Her birthday parties are legendary in our community, with treasure hunts, water balloon fights, and thematic art projects. She delights in making a warm and loving home for us. She also enjoys planning family vacations and making photo albums and photo calendars to keep and share our memories.

Mirjam’s creative spirit energizes our lives from dancing, playing musical instruments, and singing to crafts projects, sewing, and building sandcastles to decorations large and small. She loves cooking and experimenting with different cuisines in addition to the family’s favorites.

Mirjam is the kindest and caring person I have ever met. She loves to help other people and is amazing at understanding their feelings. She has a strong sense of justice and encourages Oriana to always speak up when something isn’t right.

I love and am impressed by how smart Mirjam is! She reads a lot, loves the library and browsing our local bookstores, and keeps needing more bookshelves for her collection. As a teenager, she left Germany to go to college on her own in England where she eventually earned her Ph.D. in musicology – how amazing to achieve that in her second language, English!

Now Mirjam is a college professor and teaches German to singers and musicians. Teaching is her happy place and spending time with and helping young students that are just starting in life has been truly fulfilling for her. She works part-time with flexible hours and has always been able to pick our daughter up from school and spend quality time with us.

About Harry (by Mirjam)

What I love most about Harry is his amazing sense of humor and ability to always cheer me up with a joke. The fun-loving side of him also shines through in his interactions with children. He loves to play and run around with the kids on the playground. He and Oriana love to play pranks on me!

Harry is also incredibly loving, supportive, and caring. As a parent, he is open, patient, and kind. He always has time to help Oriana with her schoolwork, never just giving her the answer but helping her discover the answer herself. I am so grateful to have him as my parenting partner! He works hard, but always has time for his family. My favorite time of the day is when we snuggle up for Oriana’s bedtime and Harry reads to us.

Harry’s caring nature also comes out in his work as a lawyer. He regularly takes on pro bono cases and enjoys helping someone with his expertise such as avoiding eviction, obtaining a visa, or getting disability benefits.

About Our Daughter, Oriana

Our daughter, Oriana, is ten. She loves to be silly and invent jokes. She is also very caring. When she was a toddler, she carried around band-aids and handed them out to any kid who looked sad. She continues to develop her sweet empathetic nature. She checks in with friends on how she might be able to help them and brings a sense of kindness to everything she does.

Oriana has always wanted to be a big sister! Younger children adore her. She is so sweet and patient with them! She loves reading to her younger friends, playing games with them, and hosting sleepovers.

As Parents

We were always supported by our parents and encouraged to find our own paths. We offer similar support to Oriana and will do the same for the child that we hope to adopt. Having raised a child already for ten years, we are confident parents and have come to understand what children need as they grow. We look forward to nurturing another little human being and teaching them that they can become and do whatever they desire.

Our Cat, Levi

Levi is truly the sweetest cat! We adopted him as a kitten from a shelter five years ago. He just crawled into our arms and has been in our hearts ever since. He is playful and funny as well as super snuggly, a very people-focused cat who loves attention. He loves cuddling up to Oriana and holding paws with her. He also likes to sneak up on his teddy bear and wrestle with it.

Our Home and Community

We live in a beautiful sunny part of San Francisco looking out onto the Golden Gate Bridge and Angel Island with fresh sea breezes. Our comfy home is filled with books, toys, games, stuffies, and love. Our community includes lots of diverse families, kids, and fun in the nearby parks, playgrounds, soccer and baseball fields, and community gardens. We met a lot of our friends at the local playgrounds and parks!

We love strolling down to the beach and digging holes, building castles, and splashing in the water, or looking at the sailboats, ferries, and ships going by. We enjoy getting outside to walk, scooter, or bike and like visiting the library, grabbing a smoothie or snack, exploring local shops and restaurants, getting fresh fruits and vegetables at the various farmers’ markets, wandering through the nearby Presidio forest, checking out the latest hands-on exhibits at the Exploratorium, or just setting out with no particular destination. We also love spending time in our backyard having lunch on our sunny deck or planting succulents and flowers.

All our friends and family are incredibly excited about our hopes to expand our family through adoption! They like to tell us that a child would be so lucky to join our family, but really we feel it would be the other way around.

Thank You

Thank you for reading about us and taking a little time to get to know our family. We promise that we would raise your child with all the love in our hearts and home. We would feel so honored to welcome a child, help them grow and thrive, and share all the love we have with him or her! We think of this as taking a journey together with you and are hopeful our relationship with you would grow over time.

With our warmest wishes,

Harry, Mirjam, and Oriana