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Meet Isabella & Max

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Where We Live

San Jose, California

Favorite Holidays

Isabella: Christmas
Max: Halloween

Happy Places

Coastal hikes, Max's dad's orchard, dinners with family and trips anywhere!

Best Vacation

Cinque Terre, Italy (our honeymoon)

Where We Work

Isabella is a quality manager at a hospital and Max works in human resources at a vitamin company

We’re Isabella and Max, married 3 years, and excited about the possibility of adopting a child and raising them in an open, supportive, and caring environment. We strongly value family, honesty, and compassion for others, and these beliefs will serve as the foundation for the family we wish to build. It is very important to us that your child knows their roots from the beginning and has a lasting opportunity to have a connection with you.

About Isabella

Isabella was born in Arnhem, Holland, and moved to the U.S. when she was six. She started off her career as a registered nurse after getting her degree at USF. She is now a manager of transplant quality at the same hospital. Providing care and support to patients in need has always been her passion, and she is extremely grateful that she is able to make an even bigger impact in the treatment of others in her current role. Isabella enjoys hiking, playing with Neo, and baking stuffed squash from our garden and her famous Andes mint brownies. She has really wanted to experience parenthood for several years now, including the desire to expand our family unit and give a child the opportunities and experiences she always wished she had growing up. Isabella wants a child to be raised to strongly value integrity, confidence, self-love, and accept others for who they are. She is committed to ensuring your child is connected to his/her roots while also learning from Max’s and her diverse background.

About Max

Max was born and raised on his dad’s apple and pear orchard in the Santa Cruz mountains. His parents divorced when he was five, so he grew up spending half his time in town, skateboarding and making movies, and the other half roaming redwood forests and searching for critters. Max’s dad’s side is Jewish and his mom’s side is Catholic, so he got to celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas with family every year. After high school, he spent some time in Eureka, CA, came back after a few years, and got his degree in Environmental Studies with Politics at UCSC. He worked various office jobs at a drug treatment non-profit and that is where he began his career in HR, which is what he currently does at a vitamin manufacturing company in Santa Cruz. Max is fascinated by the interconnectedness of all things, including people, animals, and the planet, and believes that we all have the ability and responsibility to improve the lives of others and our environment through deliberate action and meaningful communication. He has wanted to adopt even before meeting Isabella and can’t wait to share his perspective and boundless love with your little one.

Our Home

We live in our house in West San Jose with Isabella’s mom. We recently completed a home renovation in 2019 that allows for Isabella’s mom and us to have both common areas and distinctly separated areas of the house. In 2020, we renovated the backyard and we spend a lot of time barbecuing, gardening, and relaxing there. We frequently take advantage of the diverse, delicious restaurants in our area and enjoy going to the farmer’s market in Campbell, as well as hiking in the forests near Saratoga. We have a loving, supportive family nearby in almost every direction and Max is particularly grateful that we remain close enough to Santa Cruz so he can stay connected with his roots.

Our Family

We have a large, supportive family network nearby, all of whom are eagerly awaiting a new addition to the family. Isabella is an only child while Max is very close to his sister and three brothers.

After Isabella’s mom and she experienced the loss of her father during her last year of college, they have become closer than ever. It was through this that she formed a deeper appreciation for the support and strength that family can provide.

Isabella and Max live with Isabella’s mom, who is most notable for her happy, bubbly personality as well as the endless love and energy she pours into those she cares about, not to mention her amazing cooking and mad hair-styling skills!

Max’s mom lives in Oakland with his brother and his partner. She is a warm, caring person who has dedicated her career to addiction treatment. Max’s dad is a retired attorney living on an organic apple orchard in Santa Cruz. He enjoys spending his retirement on the property Max grew up on and is who Max got his corny sense of humor from.

Thank You

Thank you again for taking the time to learn about us and consider us in this extremely difficult decision. Above all else, we promise to love your child unconditionally. We will support, protect, cherish, and nurture your child and they will know and have a chance to connect deeply with their heritage. We would love the chance to share more with you.


Isabella & Max