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Meet Jackie and Charis

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Languages We Speak

English, Mandarin (Chinese), and Tagalog (Filipino)

Our Favorite Holidays

Christmas and Chinese New Year

Sports We Love

Baseball, Basketball, and Golf

Food We Enjoy

Charis loves Italian cuisine; Jackie loves all kinds of food

Places We Would Like To Visit

Alaska for Northern Lights; England for Royal Tour


Hello! We are Jackie and Charis from Central Valley California.  Becoming parents has been our lifelong dream and we look forward to the days of learning and growing together alongside our child.  We would like to acknowledge your courage and generosity for entrusting us to build a family through open adoption.  We appreciate you for considering us and we want to take this opportunity to share a glimpse of our life with you….

About Us

We met in college during a basketball game. We started hanging out as friends and have been together since then. We can be outgoing and we can also be homebodies. Some of the activities we like to do are watching movies or catching up on our TV shows, taking weekend trips to nearby places or traveling overseas, dining out at one of our favorite restaurants and spending quality time with family and friends.

Jackie is a Nursing Department Manager and Charis is a Nursing Support Coordinator. Our work schedules give us the flexibility to provide around the clock care as first-time parents.

Home Sweet Home

Our home is located in the valley on southeast of San Francisco.  It’s situated in a quaint college town and has everything we need within reach.  The neighborhood we live in is surrounded by an Elementary, Middle School and High School.  There’s also Sports Complex a couple of blocks away.  Sometimes we take our fur kids, Maxx and Macy, on a stroll to the nearby park or along the walking trail.  Maxx is our 8-year old Puggle (Pug and Beagle) and Macy is our 2-year old mix-Chihuahua rescue dog.

About Charis (From Jackie)

My wife Charis is a very selfless, thoughtful, and lovable soul in my life. She grew up in a minister’s family which has a strong faith in life and always cares and helps all people. She makes sure everyone feels at home each time we have guests over at our house. One of the things I love about her is the gentleness in which she treats others around her and how she always brings the goodness out of everyone. Seeing her playing and caring for our godchildren, I know she will be a great mom and that this child will be well taken cared for under her endless love and patience.

About Jackie (From Charis)

Jackie is the most considerate person I know. She jumps at the chance to lend a helping hand and offers wise advice to anybody who seeks it. This caring personality is what I especially love about her and I am sure she would be the best doting mother. Her quick wit and sense of humor also charmed its way into my heart. Along with these qualities, Jackie has a passion for food – both cooking and eating it. I can picture her in the kitchen showing this kid how to prepare course meals.

Our Loved Ones

The support and encouragement of our family and friends serve as the backbone to our journey of becoming adoptive parents. Charis has a couple of cousins with adopted children and a few co-workers of Jackie also went through the adoption process. Our closely-knit group is beaming with anticipation for the arrival of a new baby. All of them are looking forward to the gatherings of celebrating special occasions such as birthdays and holidays, yearly vacations, or exploring new things that leads to kindred memories. This unique family unit molded in open communication, understanding, and acceptance is something we strive for in our relationships with everybody. The special bond that our family has is truly rooted in unconditional love.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little bit. We hope this brief encounter puts your mind at ease with our family. We recognize you have a tough decision to make and respect whatever is best for you. One of life’s greatest blessing is to raise a child and we welcome the opportunity with open hearts and minds.

Wishing you much strength and happiness throughout your pregnancy… Jackie and Charis