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Meet Jason & Nikki

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Kid's Movie

Jason: Honey, I shrunk the kids
Nikki: The Little Mermaid

Favorite Holidays

Jason: National donut day
Nikki: Diwali

Can't Live Without

Jason: Coffee
Nikki: Chocolate

Childhood Activity

Jason: Building cool forts
Nikki: Playing make believe

I Like To Collect

Jason: Vinyl records
Nikki: Unique kitchen tools

Hello and thank you for taking a moment to learn about us as you look for a loving forever home for your child. We’re a Bay Area couple that’s excited to start building our family, as we’ve  dreamt of being parents and are excited to be on this journey of adoption. We’d like to share with you our vision of a fun and loving home. We love the life we have built, and would be grateful to share it with a child.

Hello we are Jason & Nikki

We are grateful you’ve taken a moment to learn about us as you look for a loving forever home for your child.

We have dreamt of being parents and are excited to be on the journey of adoption. We would love to build a lifelong relationship with you if you are open to that.

We met through an app called Coffee Meets Bagel and were immediately connected through our similar values. We strive to be environmentally friendly, love to cook and eat healthily. We enjoy the outdoors, hiking, camping, volunteering and traveling.

We love the life we have built, and would be grateful to share it with a child. THANK YOU for getting to know us better.

Our friends say...

They are such naturals at being around kids. They pay attention to the details that matter to them, what games they like or their favorite animal“ – Lifelong friend 

“Their true to the bone empathy will serve them well as parents. Not to mention their patience and joyful attitude towards life.“ – Lifelong friend 

“My 7 year old daughter makes special requests for playdates with Nikki. So cute.” – Lifelong friend 

Meet Jason

You’ll often find me sifting through vinyl records at a music store, reading a non-fiction book about business or self improvement, and maybe even re-watching an old Star Wars movie. I like to fix things and make things. I’m a life long learner, and can’t wait to share that constant curiosity with a child.

I love to interact, play and keep it lively with kids and pets (which they love). And let’s not forget the “dad jokes”, which are anxiously awaiting. I have the best partner in Nikki, and we are looking forward to raising a child together.


Jason owns and operates the baby & toddler brand Wildcubz. He works from home, which is a nice advantage for child care.

Meet Nikki

You might find me doing yoga on the beach, a paint-by-numbers project, growing vegetables, or trying out a new recipe. And always learning something new through historical fiction, documentaries, and travel. I am so excited to share these interests with a child and learn about the passions they develop. 

I’ve wanted to become a mom for as long as I can remember, because I am a caretaker at heart. I adore my nieces and cherish the memories we have made– from summer pool time, to singing nursery rhymes, to Bollywood dance parties before bed time. Our friends’ kids are excited to meet their new playmate!


Nikki is a Cardiology Physician Assistant, which is a perfect fit for her caring and empathetic nature. Healthcare runs in Nikki’s family–her sister is a Pediatrician.

Welcome to our home

Our home is in a lovely, sunny, and diverse community in the Bay Area of California. It’s a family oriented community full of residential streets, friendly neighbors, and a surprising number of toy stores. It has a low crime rate, and some of the best public schools in the area, which is really important to us. In addition, it’s known for its Halloween festivities among other holidays, parades, and events. Being that it’s central to the Bay Area, it’s a quick trip to outdoor activities around the Pacific coast or Sierra mountains.


Going to the weekend farmer’s market 

The beach near our house

Park Street for all the shops and restaurants

Walking past all the Victorian homes nearby

Bayside trails and the local sea lions 

Our Family

Our extended family is a direct reflection of our different ethnicities, so we naturally embrace building diversity in our own family.

Because of this, we have multicultural interests and celebrate both Hindu and Christian holidays. Nikki has a younger sister, and Jason an older brother. Our two nieces and three nephews will give a warm welcome to our new family member, as will all four grandparents–who are retired, eager to help and spoil a little one. We have life long friends on both coasts that will be part of our village in raising a child.

One last thank you

Thank you for reading our profile and getting to know us. We promise to: give a child a fun, healthy, and loving home, support for development, growth and opportunity, a loving community of family and friends. We will nurture and cherish them dearly.

We wish all the best for you and your child.