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Meet Jay and Ryan

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Where We Live

Beautiful San Francisco, CA

Favorite Holidays

Easter and Christmas

Happy Places

Laguna Beach, CA where we got married.

Best Vacation

Positano, Italy

Fun Facts

Jay is the Fun Dad. Ryan is the Safety Dad


We are Jay and Ryan and we believe that love makes a family. We live in beautiful San Francisco, and we are excited to start our own family through an open adoption. Ryan’s grandma was adopted and Jay’s best friends adopted two little ones. We feel humbled to keep this tradition going.

We both come from loving parents that taught us the values of support, trust, love, service, diversity, hard work and respect. We want to pass those values down to our child in a nurturing environment. And, we want to have lots of fun growing together as a family!

The “Fun Dad”- A Little About Jay (by Ryan)

Jay is the most generous and loyal person I know. He always shows up when a friend or family member is in need. When the going gets tough, he stands strong and never leaves your side. He makes phone calls, sends flowers and makes people feel loved.

Jay is full of passion. I see it when he is helping others, and I also see it in his work. Jay loves fitness, including surfing in Hawaii. He works at Apple and inspires people to be healthy and fit with the help of technology. He motivates individuals to be the best person they can be. Jay’s company will help him be the best dad he can be, letting him take some time off when our baby is born.

Jay makes me smile every time he walks in the door to our home. Whenever he’s around, people have a ton of fun. I endearingly say that Jay will be the “fun dad” in our family. Jay will spend hours entertaining and amazing our child with peek-a-boo, funny farm animal noises and magic tricks that include finding hidden coins behind ears and jokingly pulling off the end of his thumb! I have no doubt that our toddler will have one of the happiest childhoods ever.

The “Safety Dad”- A Little About Ryan (by Jay)

Ryan has always wanted to be a father. During a parent teacher conference in 4th grade, while other boys told the class they wanted to be astronauts, firemen and carpenters, Ryan said he wanted to be a dad! He has a lifelong passion to create a family.

Ryan works at Google where he manages architects and designers to create inspiring places to work. Ryan has a degree in Urban Planning and glows with happiness when he is wandering around his favorite place in the world- New York City. I can imagine Ryan smiling with our baby on the carousel in Central Park when we visit.

Ryan is a great listener and people feel his empathy and warm heart when they meet him. I say that Ryan will be the “safety dad” in our family because he always watches out for the well being of others. Ryan will make sure that our child is protected. In fact, he is already baby-proofing our home and is Child CPR Certified! More importantly, Ryan is a nurturer who will hold and calm our baby if it is crying. I can imagine Ryan singing to our child every night since that is one of his favorite activities.

Ryan’s company will let him take a full 3 months off of work to be with our baby when we bring it home from the hospital. He plans to be an at-home dad and work part time to make sure that our child is safe and nurtured. I am so excited to raise our child with him!

How We Met

Our relationship started when we met at a local café in Laguna Beach, California about 9 years ago. We happened to be in the same line waiting to order food and started chatting. By the end of the conversation, we had exchanged phone numbers and made arrangements to meet again soon for our first coffee date!

Eight years later, back in Laguna Beach, we were married with the support of 300 of our family and closest friends, overlooking the ocean during sunset. We know those same beautiful and loving family and friends will also provide a huge amount of support to us and our child.

Things We Like To Do

Sometimes, we love being adventurous by traveling the world together. We watched baby turtles hatch in Australia, we spent time in France with Ryan’s family, and we even celebrated Jay’s parents’ 50th wedding anniversary by helicoptering to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Other times, we love to be simple. We enjoy playing cards and games with our families, nieces and nephews. We set up local adventures with our friends, including river rafting, trampoline jumping, pajama parties, and movie nights at home. We love taking walks in our San Francisco neighborhood, eating ice cream and spending time in Dolores Park. We can’t wait for family picnicking and riding down the slide in the park! It’s only a few short blocks walk from our home and packed with lots of other children and families.

Our Home and Our Neighborhood

We live in a beautiful new apartment with lots of windows overlooking the San Francisco skyline. When Ryan’s little nephew visits, he loves pointing out the cable cars, fire trucks, taxis, dogs and people that he sees on the streets below.  Whole Foods is on the ground level of our building and we feel very lucky to have close access to healthy food for our child.

Our home is the perfect place to raise our child. The baby’s room is spacious and has lots of windows and sunlight. We have a crib and are ready to quickly welcome a baby with loving care! We have an outdoor patio where we can play. There are other children that live in our building, and we are excited to set up play dates with them!

We plan to have a fun birthday party for our child every year in our home. We imagine lots of gifts, balloons, streamers, friends, family and love! We plan to fly the grandparents in from Colorado and Oregon for these special celebrations.

Our Friends and Our Family

Both of our families come from large, simple and humble backgrounds. They are eager to provide a network of love for our child. Most of Jay’s family lives in Oregon and some of them live in Mexico. Ryan’s family lives in Colorado.

Ryan and Jay’s siblings have amazing children. One of them is a newborn so we imagine our child growing up with and playing with the cousins. Even though they live in different states, we usually visit family about four times a year. One of the most exciting holidays in Ryan’s family is Easter. The night before Easter, the parents create clues for a scavenger hunt. In the morning, the kids follow the clues that eventually lead to their Easter baskets that are packed with treats. We are excited to continue this tradition with our child.

Many of our friends have their own families, and we are excited to experience the wonder of raising kids together. A number of our close friends have adopted or surrogated one or more children to build their family, and we know they will provide us guidance, direction and advice on raising our child.

Why You and Adoption Are Special to Us

We waited a long time to find each other, and we waited until it was possible to get legally married. We know our relationship will last forever.  We have both always wanted a family, and we are patiently waiting for an amazing woman like you to choose us to be parents.

We could create our family in a number of ways. But, because adoption is a beautiful story in our own family and community, we have a heart to adopt your child through an open adoption. We hope you will help us write the next chapter.

Where are you from? What do you like to do? What do you care about most for your child? What dreams do you have for your beautiful baby? If your dream for your son or daughter involves two stable and loving parents that can provide both a safe and fun home with a good balance of every day real life experience and extraordinarily fun moments, then we would be honored to get to know you better and hear more about your dreams.

We want to hear from you. Please contact us through Adoption Connection. Their text and phone number is (415) 355-4636 and their email is [email protected]. Thank you.