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Meet Jeff & Jennifer


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Jeff - Santa Cruz, CA
Jennifer - Milpitas, CA

Favorite Holidays

We both love Christmas but Jennifer loves any holiday that she can decorate for!


Jeff - House, computer, and electrical projects
Jennifer - Cooking, baking, gardening and cross-stitching

Best Vacation

We both love Hawaii and Disneyland!

Dream Vacations

Drive across country and stop at places along the way, New York, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand

Greetings from Jeff and Jennifer of San Jose, California! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us! We are so looking forward to starting a family and feel so blessed for people like YOU out there who can make this happen for us! We hope our love of children and family show through, as you learn more about us.

Our Story

Greetings! We are Jeff and Jennifer from Thank you for taking the time to consider us, as we are so grateful to you for this opportunity!

We met on an online dating site in August 2013. We hit it off and got engaged on Christmas morning 2015 and married in October 2016, with about 150 of our family and close friends.  This is Jennifer’s second marriage (married first in her early 20’s and it only lasted a few years) and Jeff’s first marriage (he was too focused on his career in his early adulthood!).

We have both dreamed of being parents one day. Jennifer has longed to adopt since she was a child, not because of anyone she knew who was adopted, but because of her love for children. And Jeff has always been open to it because of his love of children, probably because he’s a big child himself!

We decided to try and start a family as soon as we were married, both naturally and through adoption. While researching and applying for adoption, we had two failed pregnancies. We both come from Christian backgrounds and know God has a plan for our future, and are comforted knowing we will be parents one day through adoption!

About Jennifer

I was born on a navy base in the state of Washington. My Dad was stationed there in the Navy.  We moved back to California when I was almost one, and I’ve been here ever since!

I am the oldest of four kids and one of the oldest of all my cousins, which means I was the babysitter most of the time. I really enjoyed it and always looked forward to watching the kids. My mom did daycare in our home growing up, which was also fun for me, because there were always little ones running around!

During my senior year of high school, I applied for an internship at a police department and was hired by them after I graduated. I have been a full-time Police Records Clerk for over 20 years now. It is a lot of paperwork and data entry, but I really enjoy what I do!

Growing up, my Dad was an auto mechanic. He had a love of classic cars, primarily Mustangs. I have had quite a few over the years myself, and still own one today.  Luckily, Jeff has become interested in them too since we’ve been together, so we can both enjoy going for drives and going to car shows all over.

I have always longed to be a mother and want nothing more than to share my love with a child. I cannot wait to raise a child with Jeff, and to pass down both of our interests and family traits to them.

About Jeff

I was born in Santa Cruz, California. My mom and dad got divorced when I was about five. My mom moved back to Ohio and my dad and I stayed in Santa Cruz until 1989 when we moved to the San Jose area. Once we were settled in our new city, we found a new church with some really nice people. I got involved in a lot of the youth group activities and made some good friends (some of which I still have now). As a kid, church was very important to me.

Growing up, I always did well in school and started playing with computers (my dad was a bit of a computer nut). I even helped my teachers with some of the computer stuff they could not figure out. In high school, I got involved in theater, I was interested in the sound and lighting. From that, I have been able to make a good career. I now own my own AV Company and am very proud of the success of the business!

Becoming a father has always been a dream of mine. I truly believe that adoption will be the best thing that ever happened to our family. I have always liked and gotten along with kids,  and people like to say that I’m just a big kid, myself. No real good reason to grow up completely!

Our Home

Our home was built in the 1940’s and was completely gutted and remodeled in 2015, right before we purchased it.  We have a nice sized kitchen with an open floor plan.  With Jennifer’s love for cooking, it is nice that she has so much space to work in the kitchen and also be able to socialize while people are in the family room.

We added some nice touches and upgrades once we moved in as well, like a fully landscaped, fenced-in front and backyard. Our niece and nephew love to play out back because they can ride their scooters around, as well as play ball or run through the sprinklers.

Even though the San Jose area is very big and busy, our home is located in a quiet, older neighborhood. There are lots of kids around here, so a child will always have a playmate nearby. In fact, we ran out of candy our first Halloween here because we had no idea there were so many kids in our neighborhood!

Since we’ve both lived here for many years, we know all the fun places our area has to offer.  We live at the base of a huge park, full of trails and places to explore. We also enjoy going to local minor league baseball games. The stadium has the best churros you can ask for! We are 45 minutes to the beach of Santa Cruz, or 45 minutes the other way to spend the day in San Francisco.  So much to do and see and always so little time!

Our Extended Family

Both of our families, as well as our close friends, can’t wait for us to adopt! Everyone is very supportive of this decision and look forward to playing a special role in a child’s life.

Jennifer grew up in a large Italian family with a ton of cousins. They all lived close by.  There were several birthday parties each month, and of course all the holiday gatherings together.  For a while there, at least two kids were born each year, making Jennifer one of the oldest grandchildren of 20 of them!

Being the oldest, Jennifer was the one who was taught about all of the family traditions – such as special recipes and certain games they would play when getting together.  To this day, she is primarily the one who has carried on these traditions in her family.  Although Jennifer’s family recently moved a couple hours away, they still come to our home for all the big holidays. Jennifer loves hosting and especially loves family being together. After all, that was how she was raised!

Jeff’s family lives across the country, but we get to see them at least a couple times a year. Every year, we join his cousins for an annual lake house visit in Upstate New York. It’s a fun weekend full of boating, fishing and late-night boardgames. We can’t wait to share this tradition with a child!

Our Wish for You

Thank you for taking the time to look at our family. We imagine that this cannot be an easy thing for you to consider, but please know that we have so much respect for you and your loving heart. We are so ready to bring a loving and caring home to a child.

We promise to give a child everything we have to give. We will make sure they have a happy and loving childhood, get a good education, and learn good values. We will even make sure they eat their veggies (something maybe Jeff will learn to do more often as well)!

Our hearts ready and waiting for a child we can love and share our lives with.