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Meet Jeffrey and Clint

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Where We Live

O'Fallon, Missouri a suburb of St. Louis

Favorite Holidays

Jeff and Trevor call Christmas, while Clint likes Thanksgiving

Happy Places

On a beach, on our couch, anywhere family is around.

Best Vacation

Aruba. Wow, the water is just a brilliant blue!

Fun Facts

Clint's first job was delivering newspapers. Jeff became a dad at age 28!

Hi there! We are Jeffrey, Clint and Trevor and we have made our home in the St. Louis, Missouri area. Trevor is 8 and was adopted at birth, and being his parents has been the greatest privilege we’ve ever been given. Having walked the path of adoption with Trevor, we respect all the thoughts, questions, and feelings you may be having as you consider adoption for your baby. And, as believers in open adoption, we promise a home that will always recognize the important role of mom you play in your child’s life.

About Us

We met through an online dating site in 2014. Yes, you really can find love on the internet! Clint favorited Jeffrey and Jeffrey said hello to Clint, so we both like to squabble about who actually made the first move. Which really doesn’t matter, because once we got to talking, we both couldn’t stop. The Ice Bucket Challenge was all the rage at the time of our first date, so naturally it became relevant to learn that Jeffrey had an ice maker and Clint did not. Long story short; Clint ended up at Jeffrey’s house doing the ice bucket challenge. Despite initial jitters, our first date was spontaneous and fun, with an Ice Bucket Challenge on video for the world to see!

Getting to know one another better was easy, in part because we shared many similarities. We both grew up in rural parts of Missouri with close knit families, we both clogged as children, we even share the same middle name! Later, when we had the opportunity to meet one another’s families, it was as if we’d all been neighbors all along. Both of us were raised in the Christian tradition, which plays a meaningful part in our lives today.

We thoughtfully decided to wait several months after dating to introduce Clint to Jeffrey’s son from a previous relationship, Trevor. Clint and Trevor naturally took to one another! With Trevor as ring bearer, we married in 2016. We’ve all decided as family that we have a whole lot of love to give, which is why we are overjoyed to be adding to our family today.

Our Home and Community

We live in O’Fallon, a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. When we were looking to purchase a home, we wanted to make certain we could plant roots in a community that would be great to raise kids in. Today, we feel blessed to live in a neighborhood with so many other young and growing families.

If you visited our home, you’d find lots of photos of family and friends sprinkled between houseplants, and a smattering of toys and baseball cards courtesy of Trevor. Our baby’s room would be across the hall from his/her big brother, Trevor. Right around the corner is a room that we envision becoming the perfect playroom for the baby! Down the hall, the house opens up into a family room, dining room and open kitchen, so when Clint is whipping up a meal he can watch the little one from the kitchen. Most of our life inside the home happens in the family room; from family gatherings at holidays to special memories such as when Trevor lost his first tooth. When we close our eyes we can imagine your baby taking his/her first steps and speaking his/her first words there. Our back yard is adjacent to neighborhood green space and is a gated and safe place to play. The kiddos would make some great memories in the warm summer sun playing Frisbee while daddy Jeffrey mows the lawn and daddy Clint tends to the landscaping. Simply put, our home and community is custom made for families of four; like we aspire to be one day!

About Clint (written by Jeffrey)

Clint is both the heart and backbone of our family. No matter what the need is, he is always right there for Trevor and me, helping us along. I’m often amazed at his energy. Clint is always doing something around the house. The guy is Superman! Whether its cleaning, making supper, helping Trevor with his homework or reminding me that its PTO night at the school, he keeps our busy family organized and happy. I’m so grateful to him for this. I seriously don’t know how he does it with energy to spare!

Clint is a natural born nurturer. In college, he studied Social Work and has made a career today out of helping people as a Field Supervision Director at a brokerge firm. Basically, he makes sure clients are being treated fairly and getting the best service. He’s amazing at his day job, and we are so fortunate that his company will give him four months of new baby leave so he can be home to cuddle and nurture the baby to his heart’s content!

About Jeffrey (written by Clint)

Have you ever heard the phrase “just another face in the crowd”? This definitely doesn’t apply to Jeffrey! As the years have passed, I’m still in awe of the positive energy that Jeffrey exudes around his friends and family. Never one to shy away from an adventure, he taught me that life happens when you’re making memories together. Jeffrey has an infectious laugh. Sometimes its a hearty laugh, but most often its just a little giggle that’s unique to him. It always makes me smile when I hear it, reminding me of how much I love him.

Jeffrey is dedicated to being the best dad he can be. He acknowledges that he himself had a wonderful childhood growing up in the countryside of Missouri, and he works hard to provide a great family life for Trevor; too. He leads by example, helping Trevor to appreciate things, be open-minded and give unconditional love. I’ll never forget when Jeffrey and Trevor spent a weekend building a Pinewood Derby race care for Cub Scouts. They sanded and painted it, working on the perfect design to represent Trevor. It’s memories like this that we’ll treasure forever.

Trevor's Corner

We are forever humbled and grateful for this life-changing gift. Now 8 years old, Trevor is a ball of energy and ALL BOY. His favorite subject in school is “gym”, but if pressed he’d admit that he actually does like math a lot! In his free time, Trevor likes to play with friends, playing soccer and baseball. Trevor does Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and recently placed Gold in his first competition!

We have an open adoption with Trevor’s mom, whom we all see about 4 times per year in addition to staying connected through social media and texting. Trevor will be an awesome big brother, and we are comforted in knowing that our two children will share a special, everlasting bond of being adopted with one another!

Heidi's Corner (Trevor's birth mom)

Dear Expectant Birth Mother,

I believe that I have had the best birth mother experience anyone could have. I knew as soon as I looked at the adoptive parent profile that Jeffrey and his family would be the ones to raise my baby as their own. I chose to have an open adoption so that Trevor would be able to know me and his older brother. We get together several times a year, and every visit reaffirms how much Trevor’s family loves and adores him, and affords him opportunities I could not. Please know that I’m available to answer any questions you may have. Good luck on your journey!  -Heidi

Our Amazing Family

We are so grateful to be close to our families.

Both our families live in Missouri. Jeffrey’s mother, father, sister and nieces live about an hour away in rural central Missouri. His mom is famous for her fried chicken and his dad can whip up a mean breakfast! Jeffrey’s parents are retired and enjoy keeping an eye out for antique dishes to add to their collection. They LOVE spending time with their grandchildren! Their country home includes a lake that family and friends come to swim in. We spend lots of time here every summer, having weekend fun in the sun and making memories with our family!

Clint’s mom is a retired GYN Nurse Practitioner and lives five minutes away.  She is a devoted grandma to Trevor and our nephew, and she’s really looking forward to us adding a third grandbaby for her to dote on! Clint’s sister, along with her husband and young son, also live nearby, and she is the BEST aunt. She’s always thinking of fun and creative ways to spend time as a family, from going pumpkin picking at a pumpkin patch to Disney On Ice!

Our Promise to You

We can only imagine what has brought you to consider this decision for your baby; we pray that you have trusted support around you as you make it.

Our commitment to you is that as parents we’ll do better than our parents did and our hope is that our children do better than we have. There is a quote by the founder of the Methodist faith, John Wesley, that says, “Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.” This creed encapsulates the sense of purpose and faith that we strive every day to live by and to instill in Trevor. Should you choose us to raise and love your baby, from one parent to another, we promise to provide a home where your baby can always feel safe, loved, and ultimately happy.

With Appreciation and Trust,

Clint + Jeffrey