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Meet Jen and Tony


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Where We Live

Oakland, California

Happy Place

💙 Tahoe 🏔

Favorite Movies

Jen: Amelie
Tony: Black Panther


Jen: Sewing her own clothes 💃🏽
Tony: Skiing ⛷

Best vacation

Sightseeing and eating in Japan

Hi, we’re Jen & Tony. We live in Oakland, California, where we love to be outside, running and drinking coffee in the sunshine on our deck. We spend most weekends at our second home in Lake Tahoe, skiing and hiking in the mountains. Tony will be a stay-at-home dad.

Adoption runs in our family — Tony’s mom was adopted — and should you decide adoption is best for you and your baby, we’d love to welcome you both into our family.

About us

How we met

We met in Alta, a ski town in the mountains in Utah. We both moved there to ski. Jen got a job as a waitress at the same restaurant where Tony was a pastry chef.

Our first date was memorable to us both, but for different reasons: Tony asked Jen out to dinner, and Jen was embarrassingly under-dressed for the fancy restaurant Tony chose for the occasion! Our second date was ice climbing, and thankfully Jen chose the perfect outfit.

After two ski seasons, Jen moved to Berkeley for grad school, and Tony followed shortly thereafter. We got married 7 years ago — and of course we got married in the mountains!

Our values

The outdoors

We both love to be outside. Fresh air, sunshine, scenery… nature makes us relaxed and happy. Jen wanted to understand how everything in nature is connected, so she studied ecology & marine biology in graduate school. Tony’s free-time pursuits — climbing and running — bring him outside every day. Our child will play outside, learn to ski, and learn to swim. They’ll learn about the plants and animals that surround us, both in Oakland and at our second home in the Sierra Nevada mountains.


We believe that seeing new landscapes and experiencing new cultures helps us learn how we are all part of a larger world. Jen went on many family vacations as a kid, while Tony didn’t travel much until he finished high school. With our child, we’ll travel to all our favorite places (Barcelona, Stockholm, Vancouver, Yosemite National Park) as well as places none of us have visited before.


We both love learning. Jen is the nerd in the family — she went to an Ivy League school and earned a PhD. We’ll encourage our child to pursue his or her passions, inside and outside the classroom. As parents, we’ll make sure that homework is finished every night, we’ll be hands-on with science fair projects, and we’ll be so proud on the day when our child graduates from college.

Meet Jen

“I look forward to reading books, visiting museums, and doing crafts with our child.”

Jen works in operations at a tech company in San Francisco. This suits her because she is the master planner. She is always the one organizing picnics, parties, and adventures with friends and family.

Jen has a passion for science and sharing it with children. While working on her PhD at Berkeley (Marine Biology), she volunteered at local schools, encouraging kids to pursue their curiosity about science and tech. She then worked at a children’s science museum. San Francisco has many museums, and Jen wants to get family memberships to all of them!

Jen’s mother is from China. Growing up biracial, Jen learned the importance of maintaining a connection to her roots. She feels it is important to help our child develop a connection to their own racial and ethnic background.

Jen looks forward to reading books with our child, and her mom saved all her favorite childhood books. She enjoys music and hopes our child will have a better singing voice than she does (it is quite terrible!). Jen wants to share her love of creating handmade things with our child. She already has craft projects in mind: Halloween costumes, pajamas, and hats for ski trips to the mountains.

Meet Tony

“I look forward to exploring the outdoors with our child and being a stay-at-home dad.”

Tony is never sitting still. He was an avid rock climber and triathlete for many years. He traveled all over the United States and Europe on climbing trips with friends. His proudest accomplishment is the Ironman World Championship triathlon in Kona, Hawaii — a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and 26 mile run. He runs almost every day in the Oakland hills near our home.

Tony is a pastry chef at a small restaurant in San Francisco. He enjoys cooking for friends and family. At any dinner party, you can find him in the kitchen — even if the party is at someone else’s house! He’ll make sure our child celebrates each birthday with a special cake.

Tony will be a stay-at-home dad. He can’t wait to share his love of the outdoors with our child. He’s looking forward to swimming lessons at the pool, running on trails with a jogging stroller, visits to the climbing gym — all followed by homemade cookies!

Our home and neighborhood

Home sweet home!

We live in a quiet, tree-filled neighborhood in the Oakland hills. We own our home, and we recently renovated the kitchen so Tony can cook feasts for friends. There is nothing better than having our family and friends gathered around our big dining table and lounging on our back deck for a brunch or barbecue!

Our child will have his or her own room, with windows that look out over big trees, a wall of bookshelves, and a cozy chair for reading all those books.

We’re a short walk to the Sunday farmers market, the public library (as a stay-at-home dad, Tony will attend weekly story-time with our child!) and several spots for ice cream on summer evenings.

Our tiny mountain home

We have a second home in Truckee, California. It is our basecamp for skiing, snowshoeing, trail running, and hiking. Our tiny mountain home is at the base of a ski area that is perfect for learning to ski!

Our family

We are lucky to have loving families who are excited that we’re going to adopt a baby. Here’s who will welcome you and your child:

Tony’s family

Tony is from Lexington, Kentucky, where his mom lives today. His brother Rusty lives in Austin, Texas. Tony has a daughter, Danielle, who is a nurse in Stockholm, Sweden. She was born when Tony was 18. We visit each other every year.

Tony’s mom, Ruth, was adopted when she was a baby. Ruth met her birth family when she was an adult, and became close with her brothers. She wishes she had known them growing up. Her experience as an adoptee encouraged us to pursue open adoption — we want our child to have the opportunity to know his or her birth family from the beginning. Ruth looks forward to talking with our child about their shared experience as adoptees.

Jen’s family

Jen is originally from Ottawa, Canada and her extended family lives in Ottawa and Vancouver.  She has dual Canadian/American citizenship. Jen’s brother and his wife live in Baltimore and have two little boys; Jen’s parents live a few blocks away and are active grandparents. When we adopt, they plan to spend half the year in California so they can be involved in our child’s life.

Becoming a family & thank you

As parents — with Tony as a stay-at-home dad — we can’t wait to:

– Help a child grow and learn and become ready for the world

– Share all the things we love: thin-crust pizza, our favorite books, the redwood grove in the park nearby

– Teach our child all the things we’ve learned: how to ride a bike, read a map, and be a good friend

– Support our child as he or she explores whatever captures their interest: soccer or school plays or hip hop dance

– Have new adventures together as a family: travel to new places, try new foods, and learn new things

We look forward to being loving, active parents, and we are humbled by the gift you are considering giving us. Tony’s mom was adopted, so we fully appreciate the hopes you have for your child’s future. Should you entrust us to be parents to your child, we and our family will welcome you both with open arms.

With love and respect,

Jen & Tony