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Meet Jessica & Cheeto


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Where We Live

Gilroy California: Garlic Capitol of the World!

Favorite Holidays

Christmas and New Years! And opening day of the San Francisco Giant's season each year.

Happy Places

Going to the beach, being with good friends and family, plus Mendocino County where we visit each year to get away.

Best Vacation

Our favorite trips have been to the United Kingdom. We've visited London, Bath, Stratford, Liverpool and Edinburgh.

Fun Facts

We love detective shows, watching movies and getting outside to enjoy a sunny day

We are Jessica and Clodoaldo “Cheeto” and would be thrilled to meet you. We want you you to know that we deeply respect your courage and strength as you plan for your child’s future. We are both so excited to become parents and start our family. We would love to get to know you and hear about your dreams for the future.

How We Met and Things We Value

We met while we were both working as reporters at the same small-town newspaper, The Daily Independent, in Jessica’s hometown of Ridgecrest, California. We spent several years working together and in our early relationship. Soon we knew was meant to be, so we got married and moved to the South Bay Area. Cheeto is a middle school history teacher. He worked in newspapers until the end of 2017 – most recently as the Sports Editor for his local paper. Jessica works in high school outreach at San Jose State University. We love our peaceful community of Gilroy, a small piece of the dynamic San Francisco Bay and Silicon Valley areas.

We spend much of our free time with our families. We both love to laugh and travel together, explore new restaurants and go to movies as well as visit the beach. We look forward to summers playing on the beach, going to San Francisco Giants games or catching a play in San Jose with our child. We both value education and want to give our child as many opportunities as possible to experience new people, places and ideas.

About Jessica, by Cheeto

Jessica is, as I lovingly put it, a goof. She is a fun-loving woman who is at once a deep thinker and a woman who enjoys the spontaneity of life. Jessica is highly influenced by her father and works hard because he worked hard for her. Jessica has a nose for adventure, a love for the little things in life and always fights for those she loves. Some of her favorite memories come from her interactions with her dad and I know she can’t wait to share the same traditions and experiences.

She has a remarkable heart for education and, as an academic advisor for a college, regularly goes the extra mile for her students. That is how I know she will be a great mother.

Jessica will tirelessly give our child the best that we can give them but will not miss a chance to smell the roses. Every moment is a chance for a new memory for Jessica. I know our child will enjoy the little things with mom and have adventures to tell his or her friend. With Jessica, our child will not have a stronger advocate. She has made my life special in large and small ways and I can’t wait to see those little gestures turn into big memories.

About Cheeto, by Jessica

I feel so lucky to have Cheeto beside me as my partner in life. Raised primarily by his dad, Cheeto has his father’s intelligence, kindness, generosity, patience, humility and love of cooking. From his mom, Cheeto inherited his sense of fun, humor, and incredible work ethic.

Cheeto is the kindest, most patient person I know. He is great at doing the little things that make me feel so loved – whether it is cooking dinner at the end of a long day so I don’t have to, or sending me a sweet text message to let me know he is thinking about me.

Cheeto is also amazing at understanding and supporting my larger dreams – whether they be traveling or pursuing additional educational programs. I will never forget that for our first anniversary, Cheeto gave me a beautiful glass cabinet as a gift with a number of hooks inside. I was confused until he explained that this was to display a magnet from each location we traveled to on future anniversaries. This clearly communicated that he understood my desire to travel and truly hoped to give me the world.

I can’t wait to watch Cheeto sing our baby to sleep. I know he will tell him or her silly Dad jokes when they are old enough too.

Our Home

We live in Gilroy, California – known as the Garlic Capitol of the world and home to the famous Gilroy Garlic Festival. Gilroy is a stone’s throw from Cheeto’s hometown of Morgan Hill, where his family still lives.

We love our home in Gilroy, where we are close to beautiful parks as well as within walking distance of the best schools in the city. Our home is a place of love and peace. In a stressful world, our home is the place we come at the end of the day to relax, recharge and connect with one another.

While our sleepy suburb is a safe place for a child to grow up, we are close to everything that Santa Cruz, San Jose and even San Francisco has to offer.


Our Extended Family

Our families are so excited to welcome a new baby into our lives! Jessica’s parents love to explore the great outdoors. They look forward to taking their new grandchild camping and hiking in the mountains near their home. Growing up, her family loved to travel to Tahoe and are eager to create new memories by the lake. Jessica’s nephews will love to have a new cousin to swim and share adventures with them.

Cheeto’s parents are looking forward to their first grandchild. Cheeto’s dad and his partner Linda can’t wait to take a grandchild to an annual Christmas play held at Mission San Juan Bautista and share family history on Dia De Los Muertos. Cheeto’s dad loves to travel to new locations and can’t wait to take a grandchild along. Cheeto’s mom is looking forward to having a child scamper about her house again. She loves traveling to the Santa Cruz beaches and can’t wait to take her grandchild with her.

How Open Adoption Has Touched Our Lives

We truly believe that open adoption is the best way for us to start our family. In fact adoption has already touched our lives! During a very difficult period in her life, Cheeto’s mother, Brooke, made the choice to place her other son (Cheeto’s Brother), Robbie, in an open adoption. While Robbie didn’t grow up with Brooke, she and her children were always a significant and positive part of Robbie’s life. Cheeto and Robbie truly are brothers who know and support one another – a beautiful relationship that was made possible by open adoption.

Our hope as we move into this process is that we can create a similar dynamic that supports our child and allows them to have an understanding of where and who they come from.

Jessica also has two cousins through adoption who she adores.