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Meet Jim and Ben


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Where We Live

We live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA

Favorite Holidays

Being in the city where it all began, Independence Day (4th of July) is one of our favorites - a BBQ & fireworks!

Happy Places

We love being outdoors and exploring new places. We have been to almost all of the 50 states.

Best Vacation

We very much enjoy visiting California, Florida and Utah. We love national parks and roadtrips!

Fun Facts

On one of our trips to California, Ben was chosen to be a contestant on the Price is Right

Hi!  We are Jim & Ben, a married couple in our early thirties.  We have long dreamed of becoming first-time dads (we literally talked about it on our first date, about a decade ago!), and we know that open adoption would be an amazing gift in our lives.

We currently live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, and are lucky enough to frequently travel to California and all over the country for both work and fun. We live just down the street from our extended family in a family-oriented neighborhood, which boasts plenty of kids and one of the best school districts in the state.  We look forward to showing the world to our future child, whether through trips to local beach or across the globe, cooking out in our backyard, riding bikes as a family, or just spending time together with family and friends.  We’re also very lucky to work at a great company that has a parental leave program that will allow one of us to be at home for a full year with our future child – and to work remotely/flexibly thereafter.   We can’t wait to share our unconditional love with our future child, while we grow together as a family.

We’re so grateful that you’re taking the time to read about us, and we truly admire your strength and courage.  We would love to tell you more about our family – and – please feel free to check out our facebook page to learn more about our family.

– Ben & Jim

Our Story (There Were Fireworks!)

We met about 10 years ago, and we like to tell people there were fireworks when we met.  Since it was the 4th of July – this actually happened!

That particular July 4th, we both happened to be attending the a free concert in downtown Philadelphia with friends.  Despite the large crowd, we recognized our school’s T-shirts on each other (we are alumni of the same college), instantly struck up a conversation, watched the fireworks, and we’ve quite literally never left each other’s side since!

After several years together, we were married in 2015, celebrating with about 200 of our closest family and friends.

For Us, Home is About Being Together

Our home is truly about family.  We live very close to Jim’s extended family and visit Ben’s family often. We make it a point to eat dinner together every single night and share the adventures of our day (a tradition that we look forward to sharing with our future child), and we also head to Jim’s parents’ house every Sunday afternoon for a weekly extended family dinner.  We love hosting holidays and get-togethers in our big family room, decorating for Christmas, and growing flowers and vegetables in our garden. We look forward to making memories in our large attic playroom.  In 2018, we welcomed our first niece to the family, so our future son or daughter will have a cousin as well!

Our home is located in a very family-friendly neighborhood, with a big backyard to play in. Our neighborhood is full of kids – riding bikes, playing catch, and having fun. We chose our home location so that we would be in one of the best school districts in the state, and so that our future child would have countless opportunities available to them (whether they’re interested in sports, school, art, music, outdoors, or anything else!)

What I Love About Ben (as told by Jim)

Ben always has the biggest smile on his face, which is one of the reasons I fell in love with him.  Ben is my best friend I’ve never imagined being so inseparable from someone.  One of the things I love about Ben is his sense of adventure.  Since I’ve met Ben, we’ve gone on numerous road trips, explored national parks and visited over 20 states and 5 countries together.  Each of these trips has been special to us and we can’t wait to share this with our son or daughter.

Ben has a passion for learning.  After years of beng an architect, Ben wanted to compliment his skillset by getting a masters degree in business.  Ben is smart, kind, gentle, and full of love.  I’ve witnessed him for years treat our cat, Marbles, as if she was a little person in our lives already – taking care of her, playing with her, and treating her as one the family.

Ben talks all the time about how he can’t wait to bring our son or daughter to sporting practices or sit at the dining room table and do homework with them. I can’t wait for the day our family will be complete and Ben can share the love he has shared with me with our child.

What I Love About Jim (as told by Ben)

I love how Jim appreciates the little things in life.  Jim loves cooking dinner for us, gardening, attending musicals and plays, and just spending time together.  He makes our house feel like a home, whether it is decorating for Christmas at home, baking cookies, or planning something extra special for a birthday dinner.  He loves hosting friends for a game or movie night or just a quiet night at home.  Jim always makes sure that we never forget important moments, and always makes sure everyone else’s needs are taken care of before his own.

I love how hard working & passionate Jim is.  Jim excelled at academics & has been a mentor at work, volunteering his time to teach new employees and organizing social events.  I don’t know anyone who is more of a natural at parenting than Jim.  He talks all the time about how he cannot wait to share his many hobbies with our child, from picking apples in our backyard, to travelling and exploring the world.

I’ve seen Jim interact with our new little niece in such a compassionate and caring way; he’s always there to help out in any way that he can.  Jim has so much love, patience, and kindness that he is waiting to share with our future child.

Our Promise for Our Future Family

We are very blessed to work at a very flexible company that provides excellent benefits for parents to raise a child.  We both have the flexibility to be work-from-home dads, with the ability to work part-time during our child’s growing years.  In addition we will be able to take nearly the entire first year off of work to raise our newborn full-time.

Our families are so excited for the chance to be first-time grandparents, aunts & uncles.  Our parents have been happily married for 30 years each, and they cannot wait to form that bond with their new grandchild.  Our brothers and sisters are thrilled about the chance to spoil and love their new niece or nephew. Jim is one of 3 and Ben is one of 4, so this new child will be joining a large, loving family.

We will do whatever is needed to ensure that our child is always loved, cared for, supported emotionally and financially, and able to pursue their dreams – no matter what.  Our family has always been our most important priority, and we can’t wait to share that with our future child.