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Meet Jim & Scott

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Where We Live

San Ramon, California

Favorite Hobbies

Hiking, Baking, Bowling, Reading, Traveling, Watching Football, and Spending Time with Family

Best Vacation

Our honeymoon in Paris!

Favorite Foods

Fajitas, Sushi, Pie (any and all kinds!), and of course – Pizza!

Fun Facts

Our first date was at a Starbucks across the street from another Starbucks. So glad we found each other!


Hi!  Our names are Scott and Jim and we live in San Ramon, California.  After 15 years together and 7 years of marriage, we are excited about growing our family and welcoming a child into our lives.

We are so grateful that you are taking a moment to consider our family for an open adoption, and appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us.

About Us

While we’ve lived in California for about 10 years, Scott grew up in Houston and Jim hails from Baltimore.  We spent our twenties together in Houston and New Orleans, completing our education and establishing our careers.  We are now in our thirties and having a blast in the Bay Area!

We have built a warm, loving home, and hope to share that with a child.  We are both family-oriented, and surrounded by supportive grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings.  We both come from families that celebrate difference, and it is important to us to teach a child to be proud of who they are and where they come from.  We value education and learning, curiosity, imagination and being full of joy.

We enjoy having friends and family over to the house for dinner.  Often, Jim will pull a favorite recipe out of a cookbook, using herbs and vegetables from our garden, and Scott will bake a delicious dessert.  We love to explore, whether we are hiking, taking a road trip, or trying a new cuisine.  It’s our dream to share our love for life with a child.

A Little About Jim (by Scott)

Jim is kind, thoughtful, and intelligent.  He is focused on doing the right thing and has a deep love for all of his family and friends. He is very sentimental, keeping tokens from important and everyday moments.  To put it simply, he is the personification of a warm hug.

Jim is hardworking and has a thirst for knowledge. As a child, he dreamed of being a scientist and pursued that through graduate school into Biotechnology.  He loves nature and is always teaching me new things about science and animals.  He enjoys spending time in the yard tending to the vegetables or reading in the butterfly garden.  Jim enjoys staying active and trying new things, like finding a new trail to hike, attempting a new recipe, or being our resident handyman.

Jim will be a loving father.  He is caring and patient, especially with the little ones in our lives.  Uncle Jim is often found playing house, reading books, or doing whatever it takes to make our nieces and nephews giggle.  He is so excited for the opportunity to bring a baby into our home and nurture and love him or her.

How I See Scott (by Jim)

When Scott and I met in Houston in 2007, he was the established local, and I was the new guy in town.  As we started getting to know each other, what struck me about him was how earnestly he worked to make me feel at home in Texas, and how he welcomed me into his life and his family so sincerely and without hesitation.  Looking back on this today, I think it is actually a perfect metaphor for the love, kindness, and respect that he shows everyone.  We’ve been inseparable ever since.

I admire Scott deeply and love our life together!  He is compassionate and fair-minded, rational and kind, with a cool head and a steady hand.  Scott lives out these values not just in his personal life, but also in his professional life:  as an attorney, his passion for promoting fairness and equity is clear to see.

Another thing I admire about Scott is his strong sense of self, and how that ties into his strong sense of family and community.  This is a big reason he is able to connect to others in such a genuine way.  It’s also key to his love of life, and his passion for experiencing everything it has to offer.

Scott will be an amazing father.  I am excited to start a family with him built on our shared beliefs: the importance of loving and respecting yourself (while not taking yourself too seriously!); the importance of loving and respecting others; and the importance of loving your life and living it to the fullest, while leaving the world a better place than you found it.

Our Home

We live in the San Francisco Bay Area in vibrant San Ramon. Our house sits in a valley, with a view of beautiful rolling hills. We love to take advantage of the sunny weather and grill for family and friends in our backyard. Since moving in, we’ve planted apple, pear, fig, and lemon trees, as well as our own butterfly garden.

Whenever we are in the mood, there is so much to see and do nearby. Whether we are exploring a new park in San Ramon, trying a new restaurant in Oakland, shopping in San Francisco, bundling up at the beach, or hiking through the mountains, it’s all close by.

Our Cat - Ricky

Our cat Ricky is super cuddly and wants nothing more than to be held.  He enjoys chasing lasers, napping in the sun, and sitting in our laps.  He will love watching over a little one in our home!

Thank You!

We appreciate you.  Thank you for getting to know us and considering us in your adoption decision.  Most importantly, know that we are committed to building a stable and happy home for a child, where love is unconditional.

Please reach out if there is any additional information that we can share with you, or if you would like to get to know us better.  We look forward to getting to know you and hearing about your hopes for the future!  We hope to hear from you!