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Meet Joe & Michelle

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Where We Live

San Francisco, CA

Favorite Holidays


Happy Places

Russian River, CA

Best Vacation

Santa Barbara, CA

Fun Facts

we love riding bikes and hikes with our dogs!

We are Michelle & Joe, and we’ve been married 11 years. We live in our single-family home in San Francisco with our two small dogs, Leo & Illy!

Our Life

Our home is just a few blocks from the ocean. We love to take walks with our dogs to the beach and around the lake, or ride bicycles to Golden State Park. We volunteer at our local parish and school, St. Cecilia, as we are active members of our community. Joe coaches basketball and Michelle assists. As 4th & 5th generation San Franciscan’s, we are deeply rooted in family, and live within walking distance to both sides. Your child will truly know what it’s like to be a part of a big family!

We are adopting because we have lots of love to give a child. 

We have the full support of our community, our large family, and an abundance of friends. We have a robust, active life and we want to share that with a child. We will provide the best opportunities for a little one in a loving and caring home. We love to visit our family cabin, which is on the Russian River in Northern California, where we swim and BBQ on the deck with our family all summer long. We appreciate your consideration and for taking the time to get to know us.

About Michelle, By Michelle

I’m Michelle and I love my family more than anything! I am a sensitive soul. I am a loyal wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and Godmother.

I live for being around my close family and friends. I love bike rides and long walks around the lake with my dogs and friends, and my guilty pleasure is Netflix.

I enjoy making time for my loved ones, and I especially love cooking and hosting big family meals.

In my downtime, I like reading a good book. I also love cuddling up on the couch with my two puppies watching Bravo.

I work for an iconic retail brand in the corporate offices. I am extremely excited that I have a new hybrid work schedule, which is super family friendly post Covid-19.


About Joe, by Joe

I’m Joe and I love to live life to the fullest! I am a dedicated husband, son, brother, uncle, and Godfather. I love sports and my family!

I am active person and love playing golf, baseball, and basketball. I enjoy bicycling and swimming too. Most of all, I love coaching sports at my parish St. Cecilia! I find mentoring young men and women to be the most rewarding gift I can give. I really love giving back to my community and young impressionable minds. I enjoy spending time on long walks and rides with my wife and the dogs, and I absolutely love the outdoors. I am eclectic lover of music.

I spend a lot of quality time with my grandfather, my dad, and my brother on the golf course!

I am a sports radio host and also work outside sales. I love my job, waking up the city I love, talking about the sports I love. My career affords me a very flexible schedule.

Our Home

We live in San Francisco, California, the city we grew up in and the city we made our home. We live right near a lake and the ocean. Living in SF provides tremendous weather year-round. Since we have so many parks within walking distance, there’s always something to do.

We have a 3 bedroom home with a large backyard, with a big wood fence and large patio deck.

We play fetch with dogs or BBQ when friends and family are over.

Our Extended Family

Our family is very large on both sides!

Michelle’s family all reside in San Francisco and she is especially close to her aunt and her 3 children, as Michelle had a string hand in helping raise them. Most if Michelle’s family live within 15-20 minutes from us.

Joe’s Family resides primarily in San Francisco, and we are Godparents to our nephew, his brother’s son.

We are very close to Joe’s cousins and his grandfather and parents. They routinely have family outings, playing golf and softball.

Furry Family

Leo is our cute 9 year old French Bulldog who loves babies and toddlers, and going to the park and playing fetch.

Illy is a fluffy 1 year old Pomeranian who adores our niece and nephews and loves to snuggle with anyone.

We Promise

-to always LOVE your child unconditionally

-to always put your child’s needs first

-that our family and friends are 100% supportive and they will be forever treated as family

-to give every best opportunity available to your child

-to show your child love and acceptance

-to be the best teacher, parent, provider, and listener to your child that we can be

Thank you for your consideration, and we will always share with your child the love and care that went into your choice of adoption.