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Meet Joel and Hermann


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Where We Live

We live in a spacious house in El Sobrante, CA.


Joel likes to go running, sailing and tending to the garden.
Hermann enjoys reading, baking and playing board games

Happy Places

Joel loves to be outside and in nature. Hermann likes spending time in the kitchen baking or cooking.


Hermann and Joel are both from small towns. Joel grew up in Toano, Virginia, and Hermann in Hemmelte, Germany.

Where We Work

Joel helps people as an immigration attorney and Hermann tries to make the world a better place as a scientist.

Hello, we are Joel & Hermann from the San Francisco Bay Area. We are excited about open adoption, as one of our best friends was openly adopted.

Our Life Together

We fell in love as housemates ten years ago. In fact, we are so in love that we celebrated our wedding three times (in Germany where Hermann is originally from, in Virginia where Joel is originally from and in San Francisco near where we live today). We have a stable and loving relationship and a supportive network of friends and family.

We love hosting friends and love getting outdoors. We can’t wait to share these loves with our future child and to develop new ones based on their passions.

Our Home

We live in a cozy house in El Sobrante, California. Hermann occasionally bikes to his work as a scientist. Joel works from home as an attorney, who helps immigrants. After work, we relax by gardening and cooking a nice meal together. On special occasions, we also bake treats to share with our family and friends, who in turn fill our home with love and laughter.

We also enjoy hanging out in our family room or on our porch playing music, reading a good book or watching a captivating movie. Joel also has a green thumb – earlier this year we already had a plentiful harvest of delicious vegetables that we shared with the neighborhood.

We are so excited to play on the ground in our family room on one of grandma’s handmade quilts or on the huge lawn in our backyard. We are also looking forward to getting cozy in our ginormous bed while reading our child a bedtime story. We live within walking distance to a great school and close to lots of fun activities for children. We are looking forward to taking our future child to the playground, library, park, and pool.

About Joel - in Hermann’s words

As a boy, Joel grew up on the Virginia countryside playing in the forest and lake behind his house. He still loves to get outside by running and sailing. Joel has always been intensely curious about the world around him. He is gentle with his nieces and sensitive, as he cares how his words and actions make the people around him feel. He is a strong person, physically and mentally, but at the same time loving and empathetic, as he has dedicated his life to helping others. Currently he gives immigrants a voice as an attorney.

I cannot wait to parent with Joel! I see Joel putting our baby to sleep while singing a lullaby or softly playing the guitar.

He is eager to take our baby for walks in a baby carrier around the neighborhood. He loves using his Spanish and looks forward to reading kids’ books in Spanish with our future child.

About Hermann - in Joel’s words

My family calls Hermann the “baby whisperer” because he is so good with babies. He is tender and fun – kids love to play with him. He also has a great sense of humor and when playing charades will have everyone rolling in laughter. Hermann is also a brilliant scientist but you might not know at first because he is so humble and easy going. He was a ballroom dancer in college and at family gatherings can be seen twirling our nieces around.

I can almost already hear the laughter of them playing on the ground and being silly together.

Hermann fondly remembers playing “The very hungry caterpillar” in a school play so he cannot wait to read the German kid’s book version to our daughter or son.

And, I admit, I am looking forward to all the amazing birthday cakes he is going to bake our child.

I cannot wait to see Hermann taking care of our child, holding them in his arms, feeding them and rocking them to sleep.

Our Family

We have large families and together we have 8 siblings! We have lots of extended family all over the country and in Europe, which makes for exciting family gatherings. One brother and his wife live in San Diego and just had their first baby. We love spending time with our nieces and our nephew ranging from 6 months to age 16. In fact, one of Hermann’s sisters and her husband in Germany are currently adopting a 1-year-old girl. We imagine it will be a special adoption bond between these two cousins.

We look forward to getting together with our families and our friends for summer barbeques, trips to Hermann’s family’s farm in Germany on Easter or Christmas and Joel’s family’s house on a lake in Virginia for Passover and lots of outings throughout the Bay Area and northern California, from the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco to Yosemite National Park. Our big families will shower our future child with love and support.


Our Hope

We are so incredibly lucky that we found each other from across two different continents. We have large and loving families, steady jobs that we also happen to be passionate about and a strong support network of friends, including a best friend that was adopted at birth and has always had an open and positive adoption with her birth family. Nothing would make us happier than sharing our love and fortune with a child. Thanks for considering us, as you make this important decision.

Take care, Joel & Hermann