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Meet Jon and Kate

Where We Live

We live in Santa Rosa, CA. The city is large enough to offer options, but small enough to feel like home.

Favorite Holidays

Any time we're with family sharing stories, music or food, we're happy. Thanksgiving and Christmas are highlights.

Happy Places

Northern Michigan: where we met in high school, fell in love 17 years later, and were married in a cherry orchard.

Best Vacation

We decided that our trips to the National Parks are our lifetime honeymoon. Yellowstone in 2018 was breathtaking.

Fun Facts

Our teaching schedules let us flex our creative muscles: last summer Kate was in a production of Hair in Michigan.

We are both public school teachers and theatre artists, passionate about serving the community in which we live. Our marriage is five years young, and we are prepared and excited now to grow our family through open adoption.

About Kate

Born and raised in Oklahoma, my education and work experience moved me around the country from Michigan to Connecticut to New York to Chicago before I settled here in California with Jon. My parents were best friends who were happiest together. They taught me by example the value of education, and of a life lived in service to others. My favorite kid memories were made outdoors, asking questions about nature. My Dad answered my questions with questions, so that I could learn to be my own teacher.

I earned my Masters degree in drama therapy before returning to school to become a Special Education teacher. My work, which I see as carrying on my parents’ example, is focused on serving individuals who face obstacles others do not. The enormous reward of the work is in helping students learn to overcome those obstacles. I approach raising a child that way, too. Welcome challenges: they make us stronger, as long as we work together to face them.

“Kate is a highly creative person who believes in the power of making sure to play every day. We are an excellent team, and complement each other well.” – Jon

About Jon

I was born in Los Angeles, currently live in Northern California, and am a die hard Californian.  My father passed away when I was young, and my mom, sister and I formed an incredibly close bond that continues to this day.  I have always been blown away by the incredible resilience my mom showed as a single mother of two. I grew up performing in school plays and “gigging” with my high school band.  I consider achieving my master’s degree in Theatre Directing as my second greatest accomplishment. Marrying Kate is my first! I am a passionate, creative, and devoted person who values emotional honesty, and open communication. Serving my community through teaching is the most fulfilling endeavor of my life. I love inspiring teenagers to think critically, engage creatively and support each other with empathy and kindness.  I look forward to raising a child with those same values.


“Kate is a highly creative person who believes in the power of making sure to play every day. We are an excellent team, and complement each other well.” – Jon

Our Home

We live in Santa Rosa, CA in gorgeous West Sonoma County. We love that the city is large enough to offer many cultural (and culinary!) options while being small enough to maintain a strong sense of community. Our two-bedroom apartment is in a beautiful and safe residential neighborhood, blocks from downtown, where we enjoy connecting with our neighbors. We have two cats – Lucky Duck and Tambourine – whom we adore to an almost embarrassing degree. They are very sweet and amenable, and will surely take well to a new addition to the household!

Our Extended Family

Jon’s mother Cynthia lives with her husband Peter in New York City. Kate’s mother Carol is making plans to move in with her daughter and son-in-law in Santa Rosa.  Jon’s sister Catherine and her husband Dean live in New Zealand, which is always a spectacular visit! Kate’s cousin Emily lives in Chicago and is studying to be a music teacher. We enjoy being able to travel and share time with family all over the country and the world!

Our Hope for You

Our home is already full of creativity, empathy, learning and love – too much for just the two of us. Only the addition of a child could make it more beautiful. We hope something you’ve seen in our profile inspires you to reach out and get to know us better. We look forward to hearing about the life you envision for your child.